North America, Europe · 8 Days · 9 Moments · March 2019

Europe 2019

15 March 2019

Last day before leaving Europe, we saw the leaning tower of Pisa, it was much shorter and smaller than I thought. the church was beautiful inside and out. And the done structure had the best sounding acoustics I have ever heard. David got a guy to sing inside and the echo was just marvelous.

13 March 2019

Day 8 spent the day in Florence. Quite a lovely city. Everyone smokes in Europe I would smell cancer as I walk. If you through a coin into the well left over right shoulder backwards then you will visit again. Once again it was all paved or stone with no grass or bushes except in private courtyards or gardens.
Day 7 was all day in Rome. We Walked 12 or so miles. We saw the colosseum, toured the vadican, and saw many other Roman ruins dating back to BC Ryan and I decided to one up the Italian guy who gave Emilie a flower. We both picked flowers from the ground for about 2 hours in between walking, we gave them greenage and tied them together into a bouquet. Then I gave sam her flowers, Ryan gave Emilie her flowers.

11 March 2019

Day 6. We stopped on the way to Rome at a little Italian town called Assisi. My group and I walked to the top of the mountain which was about 41 flights of stairs. Sam was hurting half way through, so I carried her up about 100 meters. The view at the top was so beautiful. I didn’t get to go into the castle tho cuz we had to pay and we didn’t have time as it was kinda rushed. Also an Italian citizen gave Emile a flower and that was hilarious.
Day 5. I saw the clock tower, city hall, and a massive palace. The paintings were incredible. I loved the gondola ride I sat in the love seat with my gf. Plus the view of Venice from a gondola is breathtaking. Truly a once in a lifetime moment. The water weaving in and out of the buildings I’ve only seen on photographs and documentaries but this time I was there.

9 March 2019

Day 4. Spent the day in Verona Italy. And the evening in Venice. I never saw inside the city massive parking lots, or Walmarts/ giant conscience stores, I never saw a gas station. It seems as though all the gas stations are located outside the city. I never saw a pressure washer machine. I did not see a single building that was clearly a school. I never saw any colleges. the streets were narrow, and there wasn’t 6 or 8 lane highways like i-95 and the turnpike. All the streets in the city were stoned and it appears that only private gardens and court yards had grass or bushes that needed to be trimmed. I got to see Juliet’s balcony which was awesome. And everyone touched her boob on the metal statue except me cuz I’m in a relationship 😂
Day 3. We climbed to the top of mt Pilatus, and I got to touch snow for the first time in my life it was also extremely cold and windy. My gf and I took our first photo together today. The lion was carved out in the 1500s as a memorial place for fallen soldiers.

8 March 2019

First day in Europe, walked around Zürich and saw a lot of buildings dating back to 1500s and 1700s, including several churches and a bridge destroyed by a fire in ?1990? but reconstructed. I am failing to remember names. I forgot to Journi blog this day.

7 March 2019

First day of travel, straight flight to Zürich Switzerland. It’s about 10 hours or so. very long day, I can not fall asleep on anything moving so the plane ride was exciting, I sat next to Julia and we made memes or funny pictures. The plane food was good too. We had pasta for dinner then a breakfast of serval 🥐🥐🥐 and bread