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Europe 2018

6 days ago

Today was the Sheffield activities fair. There were over 300 societies to join including pole fitness, the tea society, croquet, etc. In order to really get involved here, Violet, Liecke, Kristoffer and I have joined the real ale and cider society, as well as the salsa and kizumba society. Tonight was our first ever salsa dancing class and it was SO FUN. We treated ourselves to some cocktails with umbrellas after, and are planning on making it a weekly tradition

7 days ago

Made my first meal with one of my house mates Violet and her friend Liecke! It was so nice to sit around and chat for hours whilst all of the other house mates came and left. It was a really nice night to hang out. Unlike the other night with Jacob and his rugby team where we downing triple shot vodkas... Tonight was actually a chance to make friends instead of getting wasted with them

9 days ago

First night in Sheffield!! And I am without a pillow or doona... but my puffer jacket and towel are not bad substitutes

15 September 2018

The last brady bunch shot as our incredible day on the boat comes to an end :(
No complaints here.. Drinking prosecco whilst being on a boat cruising around Capris Island..
Limoncello shots all round!!! This photo perfectly sums up our time in Italy.
Stopped in Nerano (also known by David and Dad as Negroni) for one of the best pastas i’ve ever consumed. It was really authentic and delicious, and we sat upon the most crystal clear water.
The water Inside the grotto that we initially attempted to swim in until David and I learnt that we were surrounded by jelly fish... instantly aborted mission. I got stung on my toes which was really sore but sadly no battle scar ever emerged
BTS of Ally’s photo shoot with Jack, and some other pretty adorable photos of our fam
The best view of Positano so far
This beautiful super boat is ours for the day! Along with a captain, free drinks, snorkels and plenty of space to sun bake!!

14 September 2018

Today was a big day for the demons, and being on the other side of the world didn’t stop us from watching the game. Ruby and her boyfriend Lachie (both hawks supporters) joined us and left feeling pretty defeated as dees dominated (obviously). That night we walked up to a great restaurant that the kids shouted and I had the best tomato mussel soup I have ever had.

13 September 2018

Today we went on a day trip to Sorrento, which was more than enough time... Though it was a location to tick off our lists, it wasn’t anything special. They had great leather and linen shops but the beach was a tiny strip of black sand/rocks covered in cigarettes. We were all happy to return back to Positano for the afternoon and prepare for dinner. We went to La Tagliata up in the hills for what felt like a 12 course degustation with unlimited wine and an insane amount of food. It started with antipasto (which was easily an entire meal in itself) then a whole course of pasta (huge servings of ravioli, cannelloni, and 2 pastas), then the biggest platter of meat (t-bone, rabbit, lamb skewers, sausages, chicken, etc) and french fries. But it didn’t stop there. Desert was chocolate mousse, fruit tart, ricotta/vanilla slice and some strange alcoholic sponge cake. And then ofcourse LIMONCELLO!!!! The view, the waiters, the food all made the experience the most memorable and amazing night

12 September 2018

This morning was very sad because it was our last morning in Minuta :( We had nearly 16 bags that needed to be transported up the hill by donkeys. At the start we thought it was so sad that they had to carry our ridiculously heavy bags. Then we realised that they build houses and if it’s not them lugging the bags up, it’s us... So our mindset quickly changed to allow them to take them. The drive to Positano was a steep and winding road along the Amalfi Coast. The roads were made for carriages back in the day, not the enormous buses and vans that we were in. I unfortunately felt very uneasy. As soon as we arrived, all of the Pearces jumped straight on a boat to take us around to a small tucked away beach for an incredible lunch (mussel soup, squid pasta, etc). It was easily one of the best meals and views so far.

10 September 2018

Today we explored the 1000 year old Basilica ruins that used to be the private church connected to the building that we’re staying in. They were absolutely fascinating, with incredible views. We then walked our way into Ravello ( where we originally thought we were staying) and went to Villa Cimbrone to see the infinity garden and magnificent views over the coast line. Though it was difficult to get the money shot with the family as mum and Al were too scared to stand at the edge (weak).
Today we walked what we thought was a short easy stroll down to Amalfi... though the walk was absolutely beautiful, it was agreed by the mums and daughters that there was no way in hell we were walking back up those steps. So after some exploring of Amalfi we decided to take what we thought was the best and fastest route back home, the bus. How wrong we were. After waiting over 45 minutes in the heat for a bus that was 5 minutes away, and spending over an hour sitting on the bus going off around to every bus stop possible, excluding ours... Luckily the amazing pool was waiting for us (as well as smug comments from the Dads who walked the steps) and we proceeded to have the lazy afternoon by the pool as we originally intended. That night we had a pizzaiolo come to our villa and make us wood fired pizza in our own oven (epic). We don’t know the total number of pizzas that were consumed, but there was enough for lunch for 8 of us the next day..

9 September 2018

Travelling to our villa in “Ravello” (which wasn’t actually in ravelllo) proved to be a lot more difficult than anticipated. With a delayed flight and a broken down taxi, a scared of heights mumma, and no donkeys to take our suitcases... we were feeling very sceptical about what this next couple of days held in store. Though the 400m lugging suitcases downstairs in the dark was a challenge, the villa was an absolute treat.

7 September 2018

Barcelona was a lot of fun to explore. We rented bikes and rode along the beach through mobs of tourists to make sure we covered all of the sights. The Sagrada Familia was the most notable of them all... it’s beautiful architecture (still under construction) and religious meaning behind all architectural choices. We attempted to see some beautiful sculptures but found that it was unfortunately one giant construction sight. Though after that realisation we stumbled upon the incredible art museum. After a long day of riding in the heat, we rewarded ourselves with yet another bottle of Sangria and a phenomenal dinner

5 September 2018

First couple of days in Barcelona: good company, even better food.

4 September 2018

We experienced the other end of the spectrum of British country side with Alex and Michael in Tring. We swapped cruising around in the Porsche, for walking/catching the train. And swapped day drinking fancy wine for educational exploration at Bletchley Park. BP was incredible as we got to see a model of the Bombe machine (known as Christopher in The Imitation Game), a real German enigma machine, Alan Turings office, and all of the rooms where the codebreaking took place. We learnt about all of the different roles that everyone working at BP played in the war, and their lack of recognition.

2 September 2018

A big thank you to my last night in the Copenhagen Backpackers Hostel for giving me bed bugs... With approx 60+ bites on my legs, back, hair, arms and face!!!! Truly unforgettable.

31 August 2018

Mum and Dads first couple of days in the UK are quite the juxtaposition from my travel over the last 6 weeks... An incredible 4 course degustation including caviar and soufflé started us off nicely. Then a “late summer party” drinking prosecco out of straws under the giant oak tree before moving inside to the wedding- like sit down dinner. The couch that I slept on at Guys was easily comfier than every other accomodation on this trip so far.

28 August 2018

Today was my first day of solo travel! I started off with a great breakfast in my hostel, turns out to be the only good thing about this hostel... I then headed to Glyptoket which was a really cool art gallery. I personally thought the indoor winter garden was better than the art itself but still worth seeing! I then went exploring through the botanical gardens and the Kongens Have which was a beautiful garden right in the middle of the city.

26 August 2018

26/8 Part 2: After lunch we explored the beautiful buildings of Nyhavn and tried a traditional “flødeboller”. We then climbed up the tower of the ‘Chuch of our Saviour’. It was a very amusing experience watching Ally’s face grow with fear as we climbed higher and higher up the tower. Unfortunately it became too much for her and she hurriedly made her way back down so Jack and I were the only ones able to make it to the top. It was an incredible 360 degree view of Copenhagen and I was able to see the famous bridge to Sweden (that I had funnily enough been on without realising). After that we proceeded to go to Freetown Christiana and met up with Cdubs. It was a very unique and weird community that make their own rules without the involvement of the Danish government. There were strict rules against photos as everyone in there was either selling weed or high (except us obviously). There were some very rare people there and it really doesn’t compare to anything I’ve ever seen before.
26/8 Part 1: It’s not raining!! Despite our hangovers, we took the Carpe Diem approach and rode our bikes all through Vesterbro and København V.

25 August 2018

We got off to a great start in Copenhagen.... After our flight was delayed a couple of hours, and our very tired minds attempted the Danish train system, we found ourselves in Sweden at 1am, instead of Copenhagen Central station. With a hangry and anxious Ally, our trip back over the bridge was an experience. On our first full day in Copenhagen we attempted to seize the day and get up early to sight see. We managed to see Frederiksberg Castle & Gardens, and explore some of the famous streets of Copenhagen before we were completely drenched. Ally and I were not dressed for the occasion (me in particular, as the white too i chose to wear became see through) and we both ended up buying rain jackets from h&m to survive the rest of the day. At this point we met up with C Dubs who took us to some great bars/pubs around Vesterbro and the Meat Packers District. One of the bars seemed to only attract stunning Danish girls (and us drowned rats). The toilets were another interesting experience

23 August 2018

First day back in London started off with first class treatment - free coffee and crisps on the train. Too good to be true. When Al finished work we met up at 02 Forum to see Rufus!!!!! They played all of our favourite old tracks and didn’t bother with their new ones (thank god). Ally almost cried out of excitement when they played Innerbloom (even though she’s listened to it at least 10000 times before). We then went out for a big (huge) one in Shoreditch with her friend Paige and some others, which was a lottttt of fun. Almost worth how hungover I was the next day...

22 August 2018

The last couple of days with Sandi were so much fun. We spent most of our time assuring each other that 12pm is indeed an appropriate time for a cocktail, and finishing a bottle of wine by 3pm is harmless. We ate great food and drank very tasty gin/wine/cocktails. We stayed up one night chatting until 2am because we were so consumed in conversation we didn’t even realise the time. I really loved my time in Norwich with Sandi, and we’re already planning her visit to Sheffield in October.

17 August 2018

My couple of days in London with Ally was quite a contrast to my time with Em and Julia.... It was much more concentrated on the best markets for food, and chilling out on the couch. We met up with her friends for a drink at a rooftop bar in London Fields where we ended up having way too much to drink and ordering an obscene amount of curry (worth it). The next day we had another couple of drinks with her big boss from work and his 1 year old daughter Paisley. It didn’t take Ally long to make that poor baby cry, and it is safe to say she still does not have a maternal bone in her body.

15 August 2018

Today was unfortunately Em’s last full day in London so we had to quickly tick off the last of her tourist list. Which included the underwhelming Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford St and a meal from Marks and Spencer. I then met up with Ally and her friend Rosie and went to the Spice Girls exhibition where they showcased all of their costumes (excluding the real union jack dress - not impressed). Though apart from that disappointing omission, the exhibition was a real blast from the past. It was so much fun seeing the costumes and being able to recognise what movie scene or music video they wore it. I then returned back to Em and Julia at our local (The Cow) for the 4th but unfortunately the last time. RSA’s clearly are not enforced over here as the pour of wine that she was getting from the bartender was insane. We then had drunk giggles until the early hours of the morning in our matching ‘friends’ jama’s.

14 August 2018

Today we caught the water taxi along the Thames to Greenwich Village. Along the way, little touristy Em was very excited to see all of the sights in London in one go, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Castle Hill and of course, the Eye. In Greenwich we saw the Cutty Sark and ventured right up to the top of the hill to the Royal Observatory. Here, we saw the Prime Meridian Line and learnt all about Greenwich Mean Time. After Greenwich we heading back into the city to see Kinky Boots which was a massive highlight for me. The performers were incredible, the storyline was unexpectedly amusing, and the set was brilliantly done. It was so heart warming and funny, I already want to see it again....

13 August 2018

Today was quite the food journey, starting with an avo (and strawberries?) in the Camden Markets food scones and coffee on the pork belly (x 2), ceviche and calamari etc with Ally in the city... to the final stop “The Cow” where we had late night Banoffee pie.

11 August 2018

Our first couple of days in London, and Ems first days in London ever, we’re a lot of fun. We explored the beautiful area of Nottinghill, and walked down the Portobello markets where each of us came away with some great purchases. Gervase then took us out for dinner and drinks at Soho House White City, where it was so fancy they didn’t even allow us to take photos.... It had an incredible rooftop pool/ bar where we drank and ate some fantastic food. From there we made our way to the other side of town (Shoreditch) to see Ally, Jack, Claudia and Charlotte and head out on the town. It was a huge night and we managed to get home after Jack had already left for work... Though I didn’t waste my first day in Shoreditch as we still had a very nice hung breaky and went to the Columbia Road Market. I then met Em and Julia to continue on the tourist path of Buckingham Palace and rowing in Hyde Park. We then went to Pergola Paddington for a yummy chill dinner and a quiet night.

10 August 2018

Had a great start to the day with a cup of freshly plunged coffee and a bowl of Jordan’s Country Crisp, before heading off to Bath. Very lovely town to walk around, but their range of pubs were even better. We had a classic pub meal at “The Raven” that thankfully had a vegetarian option for Em and a vegan option for Kallie. When we got home we took Nellie for another big walk and attempted to find the rope swing on our own... and failed. Ended up walking much further than anticipated...

9 August 2018

After a 4am start and a 6 hour journey from Amsterdam to Wilstshire/Warminster - we made it. Em’s uncle and aunty are artists and live with their teenage children on an estate filled with little cottages and studios. We are sleeping on swags in one of their studios where they usually host yoga classes and art exhibitions. Their family are so friendly, free spirited and a bit crazy but very fun. They are vegan and have don’t have a shower... so it is certainly an experience. The property they live on has a really beautiful creek running through it and a big rope swing at the top of the woods. We had a lot of fun with their adorable dog Nellie (golden retriever x border collie) throwing and chasing sticks into the water. It’s all very luscious, green and lovely. We also headed into shaftesbury to see the famous Gold Hill and admire the view of the lush countryside

8 August 2018

Our first (and only) day in Amsterdam was absolutely jam packed. We started the day by renting bikes and attempting to navigate our way through the strips of canals without being hit by other cyclists... very difficult. We managed to get our way to Vondelpark where we sat and had a picnic by the water (and tried out the local delicacies that Amsterdam had to offer). We then made our way to the Heineken Experience and toured their very first brewery. We learnt all about the history of Heineken and the process of making their beer (with tasters along the way). I was the only one out of the 3 of us that appreciates beer so I was able to get my money’s worth by drinking their free beers too! We then headed to our nearest canal and did a boat cruise with unlimited alcohol and hot Dutch boys. By this point of the night we only had 1 more thing on our list that was unique to Amsterdam: the red light district. We decided to attend a peep show, and I saw things i can’t unsee - an experience

4 August 2018

Today was the day of my blind date day trip to Malaga (courtesy of Granny Annie). Malaga as a city was beautiful and exciting to explore, and I wish I could say the same about the company... Though all differences aside, it was a fun day trip hopping on and off the tourist bus and sightseeing what Malaga had to offer. El Pimpi was a main highlight with its €2.50 (very alcoholic) sangria and inside vertical gardens. The low light was the surprise lunch that Jack insisted I tried which was tuna, potato and olives mashed into a so-called Spanish delicacy that lovers are meant to share... gross on so many levels. Luckily the company I went out with tonight made up for the day drinking pink gin and rose and dancing with all of Granny Annies friends. The music being played seemed the perfect mix of the great hits from their era, that were recycled into party tunes for the granddaughters too.

31 July 2018

First couple of days in La Casa have been very nice and relaxing. Feels like i’m on my own retirement from crazy busy travelling. I’ve spent most of my time so far either eating spanish food on the beach with Granny Annie, at a fundraiser for the Lions, or at her singing group singing some absolute bangers. I could definitely get used to this lifestyle...

30 July 2018

Last day in Budapest :( Attempted to tick off more activities from our list such as the Grand Central Market, Buda Castle, Buda Gardens, Danube Promenade, the Buda Hills, etc. Although it was a jam packed day of sight seeing, I was still unable to do the House of Terror or any thermal baths... Just means I’ll have to come back at some point hehe.

29 July 2018

Had a very late start this morning (2.30pm) but went to the best cafe that did a very classic Australian smashed avocado breakfast and drinkable coffee - beat hangover cure. We then walked over 15km in 34 degree humid heat to find the famous swimming pool on Margaret Island. It was slightly refreshing but difficult to get past the strong urine smells and bacteria... Safe to say we all wanted to have a bath in dettol afterwards. We then continued to explore Margaret Island and listened to music in the botanical gardens and wondered back home as the sun was setting. We decided to go out and head to a club called ‘instant’ which was another ruin bar only 700m from us that was a giant labyrinth of different rooms and music. It was an epic night, that turned out to be pretty huge as we walked home around 6am - worth it.

28 July 2018

Budapest is the BudaBEST. Our airbnb is epic, the location is perfect and the company is even better. Fez made us scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast to help us recover from our first night out at the ruin bars (great night). We all finally felt human again by 3 and finally ventured outside home to do a big walking tour of Budapest: the Castle, Parliament Building, the Jewish shoes along the Danube river bank, Heroes Square and other very impressive buildings (that we had no clue what they were but still pretty). We walked through a very luscious park and stopped at a beer garden to get ourselves excited for the booze cruise down the river that night. Safe to say it was a huge highlight of the trip. We purchased the unlimited alcohol ticket and it’s safe to say we made the most of it.... The view was incredible from all angles and seeing Budapest completely lit up was surreal.

26 July 2018

Today was a great day (because I started the day with an iced latte that tasted like home). We got to tick off everything we wanted to do in Prague - Charles Bridge, John Lennon Wall, Prague Castle, Malá Strana, Letna Park, Letna Beer Garden and the Metronome. All of which exceeded our expectations. The majority of the sights we visited today were very steep inclines and provided us with an incredible view of Prague. The views from Prague castle and the Metronome in particular were surreal. Prague castle is the largest medieval castle in the world and was fascinating to walk through. It is almost impossible to capture it all in one photo unless you are on Charles Bridge. The Metronome was also really interesting as it occupies a hill where the largest statue of Stalin once stood. The Czech put a metronome there to symbolise a new era and how far Prague has come since communism. Letna park also provided an incredible view of Prague, and was an opportunity to drink a cold cider.

24 July 2018

First couple of days in Prague have been great. We have done a walking tour of the old town and new town (even though it was built in the 14th century so not much about it is new) and learnt a lot about the Czech’s history. The architecture is particularly beautiful with its detail and gothic elements. My favourite building is the church in the old town square that has many imperfections, such as the uneven height of the two towers, that one is thicker than the other, and the overall accidental asymmetry of it. The tour guide explained it as the drunk Czech mans church. We tried out what we thought were local czech delicacies such as the hotdog, schnitzel and trdelink. Until we were told that hotdogs are actually German, Schnitzels are from Austria and the trdelink has only been sold in Prague for the last 4 years as it is actually Hungarian.... Either way what we ate was great and we’re struggling to find what Czech cuisine actually is...

23 July 2018

Unfortunately, today was our last day in Nice :( So as per usual, croissant -> beach -> baguette -> beach -> happy hour My poor English skin suffered some trauma again but this time i’m sure it will turn to tan (at least I hope it will). We sat and drank red wine sangrias until we decided to try out what can only be described as the best crepe in the world - a kinder crepe (white chocolate & nutella). Was definitely the best send off from Nice I could’ve asked for. The goodbyes became a bit teary as it was going to be the last time I see those girls until Feb, but we’ve agreed to have a Nice reunion as soon as i’m back and i’m already excited for it.
After our day trip, we met up with he other girls for dinner - wood fired pizzas on the beach with a bottle of rosé each. The water was a stunning crystal blue and it was so warm sitting on the beach laughing. To top the night off, we went back to Wayne’s Bar for another boogie to the live band and yet again we were not disappointed...

22 July 2018

Final stop - Saint- Paul de Vance Another medieval village.... it was very beautiful and full of art galleries and jewellery shops. I could imagine myself living in the cobblestone house with the blue shutters and vines, as it looked over the Mediterranean and was perfection - let’s see how that works out.
5th and by far favourite stop - Antibes Antibes has had the largest harbour in the côte d’azur and one of the cutest little towns. All the little shops were so sweet and the food smelt amazing. Cary and I couldn’t resist getting a raspberry & mango gelato... as always.
4th stop - Cannes We got to see the famous red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival and wonder along the long line of high end stores and fancy hotels. Definitely can’t afford to visit Cannes again... maybe if I become a celebrity.
3rd stop - Monte Carlo
2nd stop on the tour - Monaco Absolutely stunning. We visited the palace and witnessed the soldier march and walked along the palace gardens on the cliff.
First stop on the tour - Èze An incredible medieval town where only 15 families live. It was 400m above sea level so the views of the Mediterranean were amazing.
The beginning of our French Riviera trip - Villefranche-sur-mer

21 July 2018

Finally had my very first (well deserved) r&r day of the trip. Started with croissants for breakfast (classic), and consisted of swimming and sun baking all day. We only left the beach to try out the local delicacies (baguettes and gelato). I applied sunscreen constantly throughout the day, but still ended the day with very shocked and burnt english skin :( I didn’t let the burn stop me from going out with the girls though.... We had €5 cocktails on the beach before we went out for an incredibl(y expensive) French meal. It was pretty amazing and came with free bread and limoncello so I felt it was worth it. After dinner we headed to a pub that can only be described as The Swan Hotel on steroids - the dream. There was a live band making their way through a list of the best classic songs in the world. Only problem was that it was at least 30 degrees and we were dripping (literally) with sweat. It was so worth it, and was easily the best night out France (so far)

20 July 2018

Today was very hard to leave the girls behind in Paris and embark on our 6 hour train journey to Nice.... We went from Julia’s incredible spacious apartment to our tiny little 35 degree hotbox. Safe to say the airbnb does not match the pictures online. Despite our terrible choice in accomodation, Nice itself is stunning. We are staying in the Old town which is full of traditional French architecture and cobblestones. The water is beautiful to swim in, but the beach isn’t so great to lie on because of the stones (hopefully we’ll get used to it). Finished the day off with a great wine and cheese night with Soph, Liv, Anna, Cesca and Nat in their apartment. I have really enjoyed spending time with those girls, safe to say I will really miss them after Nice.

19 July 2018

Today was dedicated to the art and history of France... The girls went to The Louvre in the morning, and I met them at Le Musee D’Orangerie, for a pretty incredible Monet exhibition, where we were able to appreciate the famous water lillie’s. We walked further into the city and saw the Opera House and Paris’ most famous shopping centre (within the golden dome). As it was our last night together, we bought a couple of bottles of gin and sat around Julia’s apartment playing cards and laughing. At 2.30am we decided to walk the 5km to the Eiffel Tower to see it lit up... Though none of us bothered to double check whether the lights stayed lit all night. We hen learnt the hard way that the light show finishes at 2am....It was a very funny adventure and I wouldn’t have changed any part of it.

18 July 2018

Following yesterday’s exhausting amount of walking, we stayed close to home today and focused our adventures on food and shopping. To start the day, we went to a very Parisien shopping area called “Le Marais”. The stores were all little French boutiques that sold amazing handmade jewellery and clothing. For lunch we tried the classic European ‘felafel wrap’ and ‘kafta wrap’ that have been appearing everywhere in Berlin and Paris, and it is safe to say they did not disappoint. After lunch we ventured out to the Luxembourg Castle and gardens. They were absolutely beautiful, but more importantly, they were close to “Galleries Lafayette”. A shopping centre that we had all been talking about visiting. From here we headed to the infamous “Le Relais d’Entrecôte”. Where we waited patiently in a line with at least 100 others to get a seat and taste the steak and frites. It was everyone’s highlight of the trip. The special sauce and the constant top up of steak and chips was unforgettable.

17 July 2018

The rest of my birthday was a very dusty long transit day from Berlin to Paris. this included a 3 hour bus at 9-‘ from MELT to the hostel. Then a 1 hour bus to Berlin airport, where we arrived 2 hours early and had to wait through another 2 hour delay. It was a pretty dusty journey to Paris, but as soon as we arrived we were greeted by Em CB and Julia who had made us an amazing homemade dinner. Julia’s apartment in Paris is incredible, it is less than 500m from the notre dame which means we can walk just about everywhere we want to go. Staying here is the best post MELT- recovery i could’ve ever asked for.
Today was a very touristy/Parisien adventure that included a picnic in front of the the Eiffel Tower and photos in front of the Arc De Triomphe and shopping down the Champs Élysées. We walked over 22km around Paris... not intentionally but we kept getting lost.... The architecture here is stunning and every single one of us kept stopping to capture amazing photos. Such a great first day in Paris, i’m very excited for what tomorrow holds.

13 July 2018

13-16/07/18 MELT festival was the most epic/exhausting 3 days. The days were hot and consisted of drinking at the camp site with everyone and swimming in the waterholes and napping in the shade on the banks. The musicians were incredible - stand outs include The xx, Jon Hopkins (the hunter), Florence and the Machine, Mura Masa, Honey Dijon, Odesza, badbadnotgood etc. Spent the majority of the weekend with Al and Ol, and with Cesca, Cary and the rest of the girls/xavier boys. Loved watching the sunrise every morning at 4am with Al, but most of all loved our beach hangout on the Saturday night. It was my birthday on the Sunday night and Mitch Price put me on his shoulders for the count down while everyone jumped around me smiling wishing me a happy birthday to my favourite song (loud places). Seriously one of the best birthdays I have ever had - will never forget it.

12 July 2018

Had a touristy day in Berlin with Nina, Tess and Izzie: Started off at the Berlin Wall Memorial - Brandenburg Gate - Holocaust Mueseum - Tier Garten - Riechstag Building - Alexanderplatz - East Side Gallery

11 July 2018

Arrived in Berlin! Staying at the Circus Hostel with Cary & Will etc. Wondered the city in the afternoon and went over to Kreuzberg to watch the soccer and have drinks with everyone.

10 July 2018

Heading off from Melbourne - Singapore - Heathrow - Berlin