North America, Europe · 24 Days · 197 Moments · July 2018

3 August 2018

Ce matin; nuage mais beaucoup de tomates.content d’être à la maison.

2 August 2018

À Dorval se fut long pour débarquer de l’avion et de récupérer nos bagages. Nous avons pris le bus 747 jusqu’au métro Lionel Groulx. Nous avons du marcher 15 minutes jusqu’à l’auto. Après avoir parler à JS pour une couples de minutes, nous sommes partis pour la maison. Nous sommes arrivés vers 21:30 soit 3 heures après l’atterrissage.
Nous avons atterri! Un long voyage aujourd’hui et nous sommes pas encore à la maison. J’ai regardé 3 films aujourd’hui.
Funky and functional furniture in the Munich Airport. Also to note how shinny the floor is. Please note that for 30 euros you can take a nap for 2 hours.
Lunch at the Vienna Airport. We went to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. Good food!
Arrivés à Vienne. Aucun problème a date! Nous avons facilement passé la sécurité.
Leaving Bratislava for the Vienna Airport by bus. While travelling the SMP bridge we saw two touring dragon boats travelling down the Danube River . I hope to paddle this river one day!

1 August 2018

Back to Vienna to meet Carole’s friend Julie Fréchette for supper.
We took the Twin City Liner boat from Bratislava to Vienna. It takes about 90 minutes. The boat goes 50-70km an hour. We travel on the Danube River. It is a distance of about 60 km.
Along the Danube... we saw some people in kayaks as even a rowing skull.
Leaving Bratislava by boat. Seeing some familiar sites from another point of you.
Bratislava had a nice feel to it even if it’s not as renovated as Prague. The old city is not too large and has interesting sights. The remnants of the communist state, the newness of this independent state( only since 1993), the renovations and even the non renovated areas all make for a stimulating and enjoyable stay. My one concern is the lack of diversity in the population but I imagine that this will change in the future. We will come again!
A few more sculptures and scenes...
A memorial for a jewish family.
Large poofs available for kids while adults eat calmly in restaurants; could be great for outdoor reading.
This fountain is essential for survival due to the heat. In June there is a special weekend where wine comes out for free!!

31 July 2018

Other key information regarding the communist era. The communist were voted in 1946; more from the support of the Czech than the Slovaks. 1946-1968 period called soviet period characterized by nationalization of all the land and property as well as decrease of people rights and lack of access to goods; free education; free health care; 100% employment, etc. 1969-1989 was known as the Normalization period- some rights to to travel outside the country to the west, more access to goods from West, etc
It is 28 degrees out at 9:00 pm! It was 36 degrees ‘today.
Some Slovakia goodies tonight. The beer is 10%! The product in the toothpaste container is the Communist version of Nutella . The chip bag is the communist version of cheetoes. Karfola is the communist version of coke. Even though communism is dead since 1988, some products have survived.
Carole and I participated in two tours today. We did over 21000 steps. We are both tired tonight.
Freedom square is one of four recognized communist relics in Bratislava. It is finally being renovated ( since 1989). It had been created by the communist. The benches were purposely created to be very uncomfortable; to hot in summer; to cold in Winter so people would not meet there to plan uprisings. The rows were made wide enough so a tank can roll in and block the ailes. It has classic communist style buildings around it. Presently nothing is working there and it is full of graffiti. In 1989 there was a huge statue of a communist politician which was destroyed with dynamite once the Velvet Revolution successfully ended communism in Czechoslovakia.
This a more modern and interesting building to look at.
This is the second recognized relic from the communist era. It was and still is the radio/tv building. It had been named by a British newspaper as one of the 20 most ugly buildings in the world.
The two other relics from the communist era; the x surburb and the UFO bridge. The suburb was built up of grey communist style buildings. These building were built up to accommodate all the people who had been kicked off their land/farms etc when the communist nationalized all farms and businesses in the 50’s. The walls between the apartment were deliberately made thin to allow neighbors to listen in on their next door neighbor and to encourage them to report any suspicious discussions or behaviour. If people did report their neighbors to the official they could get extra$$ or holidays in return from the government. Once communist were gone, the buildings were privately bought and renovated. Today close to 200000 people live there.
During the communist tour that we did, we went to the castle at the top of Bratislava
Memorial to the Jewish people who disappeared during WW2. Close to 80000 were killed or went missing. The communist also destroyed the Jewish synagogue so that it cold build the UFO bridge.
The largest gothic church and building in Bratislava. During communist era people were discouraged to go to church. If you went to church you could be blacklisted for promotions or worst. This brought so out the creation of secret churches in the countryside. Over 100 priests were killed by the government while many others found their way to jail or work camps. The communist also started to plant trees to hide churches where they could.
So hot today (36) the fountains were a popular spot. Some cyclists even decided to put there legs in the fountain.
The beginnings of our city tour. The small crown on roads relates to the road that the procession for crowning the kings actually followed. The half ball that is seen coming out of the wall of the building refers to a canon ball that Napoleons had fired from across the Danube river. Lots of people in the streets! The large statue of a man standing is of Christian Anderson, author of many fairytales. People rub the finger of the man because they say it is good luck. The statue of the man sitting is a Slovakia poet.
Different sights as we are walking towards the meet for the city tour.

30 July 2018

Late evening walk back to apartment.
Down by the Danube River. The bridge is called the SMP ( Slovakia Mobilization People?). I saw a kayaker speeding between the ward and the parked boats .
Statues and fountains!
Walking towards the river from the apartment.
Corn with supper!
Notre appartement à Bratislava. Nous avons l’air climatisé. Nous sommes au 6e étage.
We are travelling to Bratislava for the next 3 days. Hanna and Nino dropped us off at the train Station. Unfortunately they dropped us off in a non parking area so the good byes needed to be done quickly. I missed having the time to give Hannah a good hug! We got on the train and we did not feel the air conditioning so, after a German lady checked, we changed wagons and found a much cooler wagon for the remainder of the 70 min trip.

29 July 2018

The castle was built to hold the many treasures of the Hartsburg. We did a tour but we were not allowed to take photos.
We visited the summer/ hunting domain of the Hartsburg Dynasty. There is a fairytale like castle on it( see next moment)
I helped Robert, Hannah and Nino make the Apple Strudel. I will try it now at home with Carole ! Robert had picked the apples off the tree and he was directing us through the process. He would take the items such as the grated nuts or the vanilla sugar from the kitchen cabinets and tell us to pour into the mix.

28 July 2018

Using the subway to get back from fireworks.
Les feux d’artifice a Vienne pour le festival de lumière.
Toilet différente au Restaurant du Campus Universitaire de Hannah.
Des surfaces pour permettre les gens de s’assoir dehors. Des idées pour ma cours d’école.
L’université de Hannah! Vienna University of Economics. Très nouveau et très beau!
Went walking with Hannah, her parents and Carole near by in some nature park. There was a bird sanctuary where they raise rare birds.
Playing Carcassone; for once Hannah lost! Carole won!!
Relaxing morning at Hannah’s
Hannah likes her present!

27 July 2018

Robert bbq us a great piece of meat along with bbq vegies. Great meal and conversation.
Hannah est venue nous chercher à la station de train! Ce plaisant de se faire conduire par Hannah.
Boarded on the Flixibus 2 story bus 25 minutes late but wifi, access to electricity and extra leg room as advertised. We just had our baguettes sandwiches and now we are on our 4 ++ hours bus ride to Vienna.
Checked out at 10:45 from apartment. Walked 15 minutes to major train station/ metro station. We have 45 mins to wait still.will be traveling on a Flix bus to Vienna. A 4.30 bus ride awaits us. Hanna will come and get us.

26 July 2018

Prague at night!
Neat and simple benches. Could be a great idea for an outdoor classroom.
Long walk up to the Castle area in ´Castle town’.
Nous avons mangé un lunch traditionnel Czech. De la goulash et dumpling et un plat de bœuf avec du porc et encore des dumpling. Super bon!
En débarquant du pont... nous sommes à la recherche pour un restaurant.
Le pont Charles.
A repetitive theme in high tourist areas in Europe.
Close to opera house.
This city is full of old and beautiful buildings.
The Pinkas synagogue and the Jewish cemetery area of the city. They consider that 86000 Jews disappeared during WW2. To honour theses people they wrote the names of all of them on walls of the synagogue.
More beautiful buildings!!
A blooming tree along with an interesting sculpture.
Another series of beautiful buildings. It is not for nothing that Prague is a UNESCO protected city. The look of most buildings really stands out.
Tower cake...very sweet!
Many of the players that make up this Russian doll are either traded or will be traded soon!
The market where every day the merchants fill there stands with merchandise and repack them every night.
We discovered a garden nearby.

25 July 2018

Cathédrale St Vita a pris plus de 1000 ans à être complété.
Goofy windows!
Self Echo Point. When you stand in middle looking in the right direction and you scream, you will hear your echo but no one else will hear it. It is due to the curvature of the stairs.
The changing of the guards! It was warm out there!
The actual castle which has meeting rooms and offices related to the function of the President.
Carole facing the castle.
En marchant vers le Château...
The Czech version of the Eiffel Tower. It is 20% of the size as the one in Paris.
Using the Funiculaire to go up the hill in the Petrinské Park.
Inside the church call in our lady victorious.
Pictures from our boat cruise.
Pictures of some of the bridges we passed under while in the boat.
A synagogue found in the old Jewish town. We were told that a decision by the pope and the Catholic Church in around 1215 had set the stage for hundred years of misery for the Jewish people. The decision was that Semites( non Christians- Jewish and Muslin faith) were not considered humans. They could not sell what they produced to Christians and the needed to be identifiable immediately. They could not live with Christians, etc. This was done by having them live in ghettos, making them have to wear a yellow hat or hood,etc at all times they were with Christians. The only business that they could partake in was to lend money. These different conditions have led the Jewish people to be hated and at times killed. It also allowed the Jewish people to become rich which further cause negative feeling of the Christians towards them.
The Old Town square!
In the old town were found out that Mozart lived in Prague for 3 years and write at least two operas including Don Giovanni and the Night of Figaro. The 1 picture is where he lived. The second is the theatre where these operas were first seen in stage. The 3rd picture relates to a building which is part of the Charles University and was one of the first building in the the University back in the 1300s.
The Market! It has been a Market since 1232.
Kafka was a famous author who wrote Transformation. The statue is the image of his face. The face of the statue is made of diffère ´slices’ in metal and each slice turns at a slightly different speed which can leave the face quite disfigured at times.
Charles the 4th who founded the town of Prague, toge Charles University and many other improvements in the area in the 1300s.
Church of our lady of Snow.
Much reconstruction is occurring as in most cities. Here the raids, for the most part, are still made of little square stones (cobble streets).

24 July 2018

Très beau et chaud aujourd’hui!
Les trolley- bus fonctionnent super bien ici. Il y en a des vieux et des plus nouveaux.
Nous avons visité la Gallery National aujourd’hui. Des fois c’était très interessant et des fois moins.
Des bâtiments et un cimetière que nous avons vu en route pour la gallery Nationale.

23 July 2018

Au bord de la rivière Vltava. Belle soirée!
Nice old buildings!
The first picture is a statue of Charles the 4. A hero for the Czech people. The three other photos are of a satirical statue related to the first one.
Wenceslas Plaza and the x museum
Ça fait peur à la caisse de payer 765 dollars Tchèque . Cela fait environ 48$ Canadien.
Carole and I going to find some groceries.
Front Entrance from street
We have access to our apartment. There was a little confusion on the part of the renter and no one was here to meet us. We had to turn on the data to our iPhone to phone someone. A lady came by 10 mins later to let us in. In all it cost is 20 mins and 10$. The appartement is clean and seems as advertised.
Bus and Metro to go from Airport to city Center. Very easy!
Dans l’avion. Tous se passe bien. Carole et moi lisons...
Boarding soon for Prague. Left Lausanne at 6:15 by train.

22 July 2018

Getting a bit of fresh air after some dancing.

21 July 2018

First dance for bride and groom.
During cocktails.
A sneak peak in the dinning room shows a very nicely decorated table.
Exchanging vows and rings! They are now officially married.
Pendant la cérémonie!
The arrival of Serge and Clotilde, Alban, his mother in law, and of course Caroline and her father.
La fontaine des éléphants ou comme les gens du coin dit: les 4 sans cul! Voici une vraie photo de la fontaine.
Des images de Chambéry, ville médiévale , qui est bâtie comme Venise, sur des pieux en mélèzes sur de marais et des affluents de la rivière Leysse. La place et rue large dans la première photo fut un canal originalement. Il y a plus de 5 km de ruelle dans la vielle ville. Pour que l’eau ne remonte pas, ils ont utilisé des blocs de calcaire sur les fondations des bâtiments et pour avoir une construction moins lourde et plus abordable ils ont utilisé la pierre de molasse pour construire en hauteur.
Ma belle Carole prenant des photos!
Une des tours qui reste du château.
The chapel in the castle.
A castle tower with historical information.
The castle gate and yard.

20 July 2018

Carole et Clotilde.
Le Domain Les Saints - Pères . Cette ici que le mariage va avoir lieu. Vue de la terrasse. L’hôtel et le restaurant on l’air correcte de l’extérieur, la piscine et belle, et finalement, Alban et ces potes en préparation pour le mariage. Alban dans la voiture et non sur le toit.
Chambéry where we will be staying for next 2 nights. Looks like a really interesting city.

19 July 2018

Vue du train à crémaillère en descendant vers Montreux.
Rocher de Naye 2082 mètres
See how close the road the goes to the edge!
Un beau sommet pour Carole et moi!

18 July 2018

La familia! Alain et moi, les cousins et Gladys, Gladys et moi, France et André Clerc, Alain et moi encore!
En revenant de Genève avec Alain et Carole nous sommes arrêtés à Morges au bord du lac.
Early morning walk from Pully to meet Alain. We will go and get Carole at the Airport in Geneva .

17 July 2018

Pictures from last Friday that Clotilde took.
Finally have the pictures from the SUP paddling that I did with my cousin Nathalie. What a glorious paddle it was with the background and the flatness of the water
More pics to come. Second paddling paddling SUP in 2 days! I went with Nathalie Clerc ( cousine x Time removed). She is a good paddler! She took the action shots.
Suite à la visite chez Cerval je me suis promenée dans Lausanne.
Une très belle visite chez Cerval aujourd’hui. J’ai rencontré sa sœur pour la première fois. Il avait aussi Florence et Christine (famille de Marc).

16 July 2018

Late afternoon from Serge’s balcony. Visibility super clear.
Belle marche entre Montreux et Clarens. De belles maison sur le bord de l’eau.
Hier j’ai fait du ‘paddle’ comme disent les Suisses sur le lac à Clarens. Je n’ai pas de photos à montrer malheureusement.
Fancy-pants hotels in Montreux!!
A bear playing the accordion.
Cruising boats on Lake Geneva or Lake Léman.
Un employé travaille à tailler les vignes.
Le Château de Chillon de loin et de proche! Il semble que le Château date 1585.
Il y a de belles fleurs tout au long de cette belle promenade.
Il y a toujours beaucoup de fleurs chez Serge et la vue ce matin est intéressante avec les nuages. Nous voyons la cours de Serge de puis le balcon.

15 July 2018

Visit chez Alain pour regarder le match de Football. La France gagner! Les Suisse sont pas trop heureux!
Mon retour en train de Sierre à Lausanne. Le lac est magnifiques! J’ai presque loupé le Château de Chillon. Raisin et abricot dans les champs.
Crans - Montana prochaine fois!
Il faudrait marcher environ 5 heures pour arriver à Chandolin de Sierre. Merci pour les autobus!
Nous arrivons à Sierre.
J’ai vu des motorisés entre Sierre et les villages de montagne. Cela me fait penser à un future voyage en motorisé en Europe. Avec les routes sinueuses la conduite serai intéressante!
Des vues de montagne de Grimentz.
Grimentz part 1
Grimentz part 2
Encore des photos de Grimentz. Comme vous pouvez voir, j’ai bien aimé le petit village! J’adore le bois !
L’hiver cela doit très plaisant de pouvoir skier dans le coins.
Encore des belles petites fleurs. J’ai pris cela à l’arrêt autobus du Glacier Moiry.
Des personnes en motorisé ont passé la nuit proche du Glacier. Je m’ennuie de notre motorisé en ce moment.
Quel beau glacier! C’est le Glacier Moiry. L’eau du Glacier s’écoule vers le lac Moiry.
En allant vers le barrage Moiry et le lac Moiry.
En quittant St Luc pour aller à Vissoie. Vissoie est le village terminus pour les autobus de la région. Un autre beau petit village! Je dois débarquer ici pour prendre le bus pour le lac Moiry et Grimentz.
La vue vers les hautes montagnes et le bas de la vallée depuis la route en face de l’appartement à St Luc. Vue sur la bâtisse de l’appartement et le balcon. Au revoir St Luc! J’espère y revenir avec Carole la prochaine fois. Merci au Clerc pour m’avoir prêté l’appartement!

14 July 2018

Thunder storms tonight
Saint-Luc est un très beau village. J’ai commencé ma marche aujourd’hui ici et je la termine ici. J’ai marché un autre 14-16km. Mon téléphone ne fonctionnait plus pour le dernier bout(30- 45 minutes) donc mes données sont pas exactes. Tous ce que je sais est que je mes jambes sont fatigué.
J’ai aussi passé à travers le village de Chandolin. Des ennuis techniques m’ont empêché de prendre plus de photos. Le village de Chandolin est beaucoup plus petit que Saint-Luc.
J’ai pris le chemin Historique entré Chandolin et Saint-Luc.
En descendant du restaurant x, j’ai passé deux différents troupeaux, une station pour traire les vaches(mobile)et plusieurs enclos temporaires. Les paysans créés des enclos temporaires avec des bâtons de plastique et un fil qui intègre un fil électrique . Ce fil électrique permet au courant électrique de passer pour rendre l’enclos étanche.
En descendant vers Chandolin.
Au Chalet Tsapé (2480 m) j’ai mangé un linguini aux Chanterelles. Le plats était très bon. Mon père aurait aimé! Le soleil était chaud sur la terrasse. Un bon repas!
Petit sommet!! J’ai pu intégré un petit sommet dans ma marche. Première photo si vous regardez bien vous voyez La Croix au sommet.J’ai pas l’élévation exacte mais l’élévation se situe en 2625 et 2500 m. Faire se petit sommet ma fait penser au voyage que j’avait fait avec mon père et sa gang dans les rocheuses Canadian il y a près de 20 ans. J’avais eu de la difficulté à gérer ma peur des hauteurs. Aujourd’hui sur quelque segment de la piste, la peur a refait surface. J’ai quand même fait le sommet!!
Some different flowers. The purple flower is called jeanseanne (French) according to a passing couple. spelling??
Première partie de la marche. En quittant le funiculaire, je me suis dirigé vers le lac Noir. Il y avait encore un peu de neige proche du lac. Un peu plus loins, j’ai aussi photographié le barrage Illsee.

13 July 2018

Night sky is clearing
Arriving into Saint Luc after a very tiring hike. 26000 steps or over 18km of walking today. 95% of that was during the hike! Great to hear and see the cows in the field.
Hiking trails become snow shoe trails in the winter.
Le poteau démontre le centre du Valais.
Coming down towards Saint-Luc from the Hotel WeissHorn. A strange sculpture in the middle of the woods.
Le Hôtel Weisshorn fut construit pour la clientèle Anglaise au fin des années 1800. Il y a un beau petit jardin alpin.
Chemin des planètes 2ème partie. Nous voyons au lions l’hôtel Weisshorn.
La Marche des planètes 3e partie.
J’ai vu plusieurs ruisseaux en marchant.
Chemins des Planètes 1e partie
Lots of nice little mountain flowers. Makes me think of my mom.
Le funiculaire à Saint-Luc, une photo de Serge et Clothilde et la vue du restaurant en sortant du funiculaire. Nous voyons le crevons au loin...
Des vues pris en auto en montant à Saint -Luc. La route est typique des hautes montagnes suisses. J’étais heureux de ne pas conduire. Carole aurait trouvé cela un peu stressant par moment.
Another beautiful day! Going up to the mountains today!

12 July 2018

Went to see my mom’s cousine, France Clerc, at her house. On the way there I passed a few huge fields filled sunflowers ( bad pic). At France’s house I noticed that she had a battery operated grass cutting robot. It will cuts the grass a little every day and always comes back to charge before it stops working. We had pork fricassée, beef stew and Swiss style roasted potatoes. The dessert was cream and Ice cream cover meringues. Very healthy I am sure!! Great night of conversation. She is also letting me use their mountain appartement for the weekend. I will be going up on Friday (tomorrow). I am very fortunate. Thank you life!
J’ai marcher le long du lac de Pully au début de Lutry. Je me suis arrêter à Paudet pour me me tremper dans le lac Leman. L’eau était rafraîchissante mais très bien pour contrer la chaleur.

11 July 2018

Belle petite promenade à Lutry et au lac Lemans. La météo parfaite.
Saw a really neat kayak made in the U S. could be the type of boat I am looking for the camper.
Slow since landing. Waiting for transport from plane to terminal. Then waiting for luggage. Then waiting for train ticket info then finally on the train...but the train is not leaving on time. This is very rare. This means trouble. They ask us to get off the train. Everyone rushes to track 3 and then same thing happens. There is a technical issue at the Geneva (city) train station. They tell us that they are not sure how long this may take. I decide to go back up to main floor to find a sandwich panini and some wifi. I download my phone numbers so that I will have Serge’s number for when I get to Lausanne. Finally after the food I am able to get back to a train and this one left. It will be slow because it will stop in most towns between Geneva and Lausanne.
Not a good picture but we are getting ready to land. Can see smaller and some larger mountains from my seat in the middle aile seat.
Saw three very good movies. The Blockbuster Black Panther movie and then two aboriginal related movies. Black panther is a super hero comic style movie with real people rather than animation. It shows us a world where an Africain Nation would show itself to the world as a 3rd world country when actually is was the most advance society on earth. Not your typical Hollywood story line. The Aboriginal related movies show us, in the Indian Horse movie, the effects of racisms and the residential schools on a young talented First Nation hockey player who probably had the skills to be a pro. The main character has to lose almost everything including his health before he begins to heal himself. The last movie was about the life of the Cree people in Northern Manitoba around the town of Norway House. It shows the strength of the community in spite of past hardships as well as their love of music (fiddle), the canoe trips, the large rowing boat races, the ceremonies such as Sundance.

10 July 2018

I was able to be moved to the front! There were 8 babies in the back!
Back of the bus or should I say back of the plane! Second to last seat; just beside the washroom!! Air Canada really reminds you that they they want you to pay to have a Good seat. I thought that I would be alone but no, someone else is also sitting beside me. At least I am aile side.
Leaving Montreal for Geneva, Switzerland. Carole will join me in a week. Enjoyed a meal and a beer at Archibald Restaurant at the airport in Dorval.