Europe · 17 Days · 99 Moments · April 2018

Little Big Towns

13 May 2018

Where’s the good in goodbyes?

12 May 2018

Szechenyi Thermal Pools // Too many humans and too confusing for my liking😅 but at least it’s something checked off the bucket list!
Heroes Square

11 May 2018

Budapest // or is Budabest?
I would like to give thanks to whoever created Hungarian Goulash AKA Gulyas...YOURE A GENIUS AND GREAT COOK!!! This soup is definitely one of my favourite dishes of the trip and I super love it. Tasty soup, soft beef chunks and vegetables - THIS IS GREAT STUFF. This Gulyas is from Tihany, introduced by our OnDayTrip driver.
Bought this baby NMD at an outlet store in Croatia ♥️♥️♥️ chanced upon it outlets while driving towards Dubrovnik!

10 May 2018

Restaurant Feniks // Lunch after shopping; My kebab was great!!😊

9 May 2018

Panorama Restaurant and Bar // This is me enjoying my iced coffee at Panorama Restaurant. Amazing view, amazing food and extraordinary service😍
Srd // Hello Old Dubrovnik!
Beautiful pastel sunset feels
Fort Lovrijenac // Another Game of Thrones filming location
📍King’s Landing

7 May 2018

Visiting the slaps before the biggest slap in Croatia 🤣🤣🤣
Veliki Slap // The largest slap in Plitvice and Croatia! We actually re-hiked the trail to visit this and #noregrets
Dancer Pose // Mermaid Variation at Plitvice Lakes National Park

6 May 2018

Natural bar at Rastoke😌
We’re stoked to be in Rastoke village😍 beautiful mills and waterfalls

5 May 2018

Rovinj // This romantic town reminds me a lot of #puichaischasingthesun at Cinque Terre, Italy!

4 May 2018

Ptuj // Overlooking Slovenia’s oldest city

3 May 2018

Triglav National Park // Literally slapped by water at Savica Slap
Park Restaurant and Cafe, Lake Bled // When you’re in Bled, you must eat Kremsnita aka Bled Cream Cake! We got the original and chocolate. Park Restaurant and Cafe was the originator of this Bled cake☺️
Ojstrica // The mountains are calling and I must go~ Although the Climb may be treacherous!
Once a yogi, always a yogi😌

2 May 2018

🚂Obertraun -> Stainach Irdning -> Bishofshofen -> Ljubljana🚂 Took the OEBB train connection to get from Austria to Slovenia today. We only had a 6mins connection and was worried we couldn’t make it. Thank goodness the platforms were the same, and our previous train made it in time for us to catch the next one☺️ Slovenia, here we come!
We had about an hour in between our connecting trains from Hallstatt to Ljubljana. Turns out the only Restaurant available at Stainach Irdning Station was good, with discounted business lunch (soup and main) and spinach ravioli!
Where’s the good in goodbye? Will miss you Hallstatt🙆🏻‍♀️
We had a great time, see you soon Austria!
Us against the mountains😌
Such beauty😍
Probably the hotel owner’s daughter, she’s so cute! Picking flowers to form a butterfly
Flowerfield within our accommodation grounds at Seehotel am Hallstattersee☀️
Seehotel am Hallstattersee // would recommend people staying in this very comfortable bed and breakfast hotel!
Breakfast is served:)

1 May 2018

Pizzeria Kegelbahn // seems like the only restaurant available in Obertraun. Had a filling dinner of huge Texas burger, mixed grill and Carbonara
Postcards from Hallstatt for memory-sake
Ferrying away from Hallstatt😭
Hallstatt, a dream place to be. Mom bought some salts for cooking and I bought some soaps for showering🤪
Hallstatt Town // Pretty tiny, and bustling with life
Hallstatt is so beautiful
The first scenic view of Hallstatt
These houses are so secluded🌚
Boating into Hallstatt from Obertraun!
Kofola // Czech’s version of Coca-Cola and Pepsi🌚 I still prefer Coke or Pepsi LOL
On our way to Hallstatt which is about 3.5hours away via CKShuttle // Taking a toilet break😌
Having breakfast at our Airbnb accommodation, super comfortable and spacious with castle view! We’re also waiting for an arranged shuttle to pick us up to go to Hallstatt:)

30 April 2018

Cesky Krumlov Castle in the blue hour😍
Dining with a view at Restaurace Parkan // Probably our last beef tartare, served the traditional way with raw egg, onion, garlic and sauce. Salmon with dill was great and we enjoyed it.
Cesky Street Shots
The best bridge in Cesky Krumlov // Family
Cafe Wine Bar // Chilling with funky lemonade (basil and mint vs forest fruits) and coffee along Vltava River and a beautiful view🌝
Coffee Break // Iced Cappuccino with honey and white chocolate flakes😌
Say Rodina!
To get the best views of Cesky Krumlov:)
Bird’ eye view of cute little Cesky Krumlov
BlackBerry x Vanilla Ice Cream on Black cone. So good I can have seconds!!
Hospoda 99 // Tex Mex Restaurant recommended by our Airbnb host, Tomas. The beef, bacon and caramelised onion burger was sooo good (and I’m not a fan of burger at all but I loved it), Tacos were delish and Pork Schnitzel was juicy but so-so. Would recommended this place for meals in Cesky as it’s very reasonably priced/ cheap eat but the quality of the food is top notch!

29 April 2018

Regiojet | Great bus service connecting us between Prague and Karlovy Vary. Free entertainment, free drinks and comfortable seats!
Sights around Karlovy Vary’s city centre☺️ I really love this quaint little town!
Another row of beautiful cherry blossoms in the city center of Karlovy Vary
Peter’s Height Lookout | Amazing view of Karlovy Vary😍
😍😍😍 View is just breathtaking!
Diana Lookout Tower // Took the Diana Funicular and 150 steps up to Diana Lookout Tower. Awed by the beauty of Karlovy Vary region
Can’t help but take many photos of Karlovy Vary. We tried one of the thermal taps and the water was hot and salty😅😅😅 Plain water is still the best!
Restaurace Staroslovanská Kuchyně // Big plates of juicy oven baked meat😌 chicken x pork x beef kebab
I just love cherry blossoms
Day trip to Karlovy Vary // Supposed to go to Sklipek for lunch but they were closed. Chanced upon this street with a row of cherry blossom trees instead🌸

28 April 2018

Restaurace Mjelnice // BEST CRISPY PORK KNUCKLE EVERRRR!! The crackling was so awesome, great crunch and juiciness. Coupled with smoked salmon salad, grilled trout robed with bacon strips, and meatball soup.
On our way to dinner at Mjelnice
Old Town Bridge Tower // Climbed a few floors up to get a spectacular sunset view of Mala Strana☺️ We spent a great deal of time here just snapping away!
Giant Trdlooooo | Cinnamon rolled bun filled with chocolate sauce and soft serve ice cream🤪 super great!!
Some kind of wonderful😍
Land in Prague, Climb the Wall!
Legs in the air~
Sights around Prague Castle
Sunny day🌝
Mistral Cafe // Great lunch in a quaint cafe - Salmon Tartar, Mixed Salad, Fish and Chips, and Beetroot Risotto with Chicken Breast
Admiring the view of Mala Strana and Charles Bridge from the other side
Chanced upon the farmer’s market // spent a great morning here
Street food // Raclette Gallette, Bailey chocolate, Toasted Garlic on fried bread
Vanilla Latte // Need my morning coffee fix
Lokal U Bile Kuzelky // Tried Pilsner beer which is surprisingly easy to drink, Beef tartar on fried bread which is THE BEST THING, fried cheese with tartar sauce, smoked pork belly with spinach, sausage with mustard, potato dumpling (Nuu) and raspberry soda. Great dinner out!

27 April 2018

Treacherous steps you have to climb to get a bird’s eye view of Prague at Lesser Town Bridge Tower🌚
When in Czech, stay calm and eat Trdlo🤪 It’s cinnamon rolled bun stuffed with soft serve vanilla ice cream. Gonna miss this much!
Sights around beautiful Prague😍
Hanavsky Pavillion // Beautiful bird’s eye view of Prague’s bridges!
Hanavsky Pavillion | Enjoying the view of beautiful Prague~
Say “Familia”!
Lesser Town
On top of Lesser Town Bridge Tower enjoying the view over Charles Bridge
Lesser Town Bridge Tower // When I googled for the best views of Prague, this image struck me the most and I knew that I must make my way to capture this personally!
Red velvet brownies, mousse and a hidden dollop of dark chocolate // Best item on Emirates’ flight menu