Europe · 4 Days · 12 Moments · June 2015

Maxim's Roadtrip

3 July 2015

Day 4. Chill on the Hill So today we spent most of our day looking for WiFi - some of us still had some stuff to take care of. And the weather suddenly became incredibly hot - over 30 degrees. So when we came to visit our uncle (whom i've never known of), some cold beers were just perfect. Combine it with a fresh forest air and some grilled meat - ain't that a perfect day-off? Anyway after the meal we went to see amazing local views from the hills (the town of Lennenstadt is positioned in a bowl of hills, so you can imagine what it's like - and we ended up having a 8-10km walk around the hill and through the forest. Good stuff!)

2 July 2015

Finally reached our destination for tonight. It's a small town of Lennestadt. The view is simply breathtaking. Oh and I tried some cherries right from the tree while enjoying the view. Let's call it a day.
First time driving on the Autobahn and we managed to get into a traffic jam. And for those who just like me imagine autobahns to be full of speeding supercars.. Well, they're not.
..until we reached Bremen. We found s statue of the "Bremen Musicians" - characters of one classic russian cartoon. A quick snack and we hit the road again.
Day 3. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Early in the morning we left the hotel and took yet another ship (or ferry?), which took us to Germany.

1 July 2015

Day 2. Vilkommst til Danmark. Morning, we arrive to Sweden and start our long route towards Denmark. Basically we spent the whole day driving through of the beautiful Sweden untill we finally reached the western border and took the ship to cross the Danish border.
Day 1. Ship to Sweden. The trip started with introducing to the new model of Mercedes-Benz V-Class - the car we'll be driving all the way to Milano (and a bit further). I don't really like vans and such type of cars, but hey - this one is actually pretty neat and cool. Anyhow, the first night is spent on the ship. We had a nice supper (I actually ate untill I could barely move - student life, you know), which was followed by a glass of cold beer to chill off the evening. The rest of the night was spent writing and planning stuff.

30 June 2015

Mercedes-Benz V-Classe