France · 5 Days · 19 Moments · June 2016

13 June 2016

Waiting for the train in Paris, jolly Irish everywhere!

12 June 2016

Newly opened Cite de Vin, designed to represent the swirl of wine in a glass. Definitely going to help sooth our sore throats after all the singing yesterday!
A fun visit to the wine museum
Unnecessarily large Macarons!

11 June 2016

River of red flows through Bordeaux, but for a change it's the Welsh and not wine
Hannah gets a little excited after Wales go 2-1 up!
The opening ceremony. Lots of slightly odd hopping up and down!
Watching the game!
Welsh people as far as the eyes could see!
Hannah preparing flag for the game!
Quick visit to a vineyard before the game!

10 June 2016

Found the fan zone - not much atmosphere yet, but plenty of Welsh people wandering about
10/10 for this pub!
Lazy morning, brunch and a womble around Bordeaux :-)

9 June 2016

Cheeky bit of dinner in Paris, as you do!
Hannah takes a moment to gather herself in Paris before the next leg
Lunch on the train - including wine (obvs) and an appropriately themed cheesecake!
On the train to Paris - first leg of the journey!
On our way!