United Kingdom · 191 Days · 9 Moments · September 2016


19 March 2017

I could live in a little village where you can find all what you need and nothing else. Even today was raining, not estrange thing for England, I've really enjoyed of this little and typical village. You must visit if you are closer. And sorry because I didn't post lots of picture of the village but I've take it with the camera and I will post it the soon it's possible. NEVER STOP EXPLORING.

16 March 2017

Milton Keynes is not a city full of activities to do or museums to visit but if one thing that I'm proud about living in here, are the really beautiful parks and lakes that you can find. Furzton, is not far from my home and I really enjoy to go on Sundays just to walk around and have a coffee to the Inn that there's just next to it. You can really relax and there's nothing better if you come here with a good book.

24 February 2017

Finally. I've been in Oxford. Full of history and stories to remember. But I think nothing is like Cambridge. Anyway, I've been in Hogwarts too. That's was the best part.

1 January 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM LONDON. I just remember waiting three or more to see the fireworks and being so cold. Rest of the night is like ZZZZZ. Hope you all had an amazing beginning.

10 December 2016

I couldn't wait to visit the Christmas lights in London. Oxford Street is amazing, crowd of people, but still amazing. I love to take pictures with these lights.

20 October 2016

AUTUMN IS HERE. This post is just about a normal day in my life here in the UK, but Autumn is my favorite season and now, in the middle of October you can feel it in every part of your body. All the trees are filled with leaves with more than six different colors. Is so beautiful to walk down the streets, with some music while dreaming with all of those colors. They bring me peace. Life.

8 October 2016

I felt in love with every little thing I saw in Cambridge. It reminds me a little my city and it's always a good feeling to feel like at home. Now I just need to visit Oxford and decide which one of this two will have my heart.

2 October 2016

Today we've scape from our town to visit London. Museums, fish & chips, and lots of rains, the normal England in front of us.

9 September 2016

Moving from Barcelona to UK. Travel is to live. NEVER STOP EXPLORING.