Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania · 21 Days · 37 Moments · December 2015

The big trip to the other side of the world

19 January 2016

Waiting to board my final flight to Heathrow! But finally got some German news to keep me company

17 January 2016

Bye Bye NZ 😢 it was absolutely awesome! I am sure we will be back 😍

16 January 2016

Final hey of our trip! Wedding of Mr & Mrs West :)

15 January 2016

Beach time today in Kaiteriteri

14 January 2016

And another pretty amazing Roadtrip stop from Lake Brunner to Motueka...the Pancake Rocks

13 January 2016

Andreas winning the Pink Slipper Award for hiking the Te Kinga all 22km to the top and back in only 5hrs Soo proud - he won us a glass of champagne at the B&B with that And what did I do? Reading a book in the sun and swimming in the lake...bliss 😇
Beautiful Waterfall at Lake Brunner - a bit hard to find but definitely worth it!

12 January 2016

Road trip today from Queenstown to Lake Brunner with a pretty decent view

11 January 2016

It was a day full of adventure :)! First my brother decided to jump of a worries I didn't push him... then of to a jet boat tour with 800 PS - awesome!!! And finally white water rafting down the shot over river, where I decided to go over board in a way that even worried the

10 January 2016

Pretty Queenstown in the sun

9 January 2016

Ok guys...hold onto your seats...I saw penguins tonight 😍😍😍🐧🐧🐧 Yellow eyed penguins to boot - they are the only solitary penguins and live on their own and not with other penguins and are the most endangered penguins ever...anyone can tell I was excited to see one of them
Late Lunch with a view!
Morning stroll through pretty Dunedin
Lanarch Castle...only castle in NZ and built by an Australian ;)

8 January 2016

Moreaki Boulders near Dunedin are pretty impressive! And so is the view from our home the next couple of days :)

7 January 2016

Evening stroll through Christchurch
Went to Akaora today...only ever French settlement in New Zealand. As everybody does whale watching...we did some dolphin watching!! And I even got to see my first penguins 🐧🎊😊😍🐬

6 January 2016

Hello South Island!!! Now - where are those penguins??? 🐧🐧🐧🐧
Spot the seal :)
Would have loved to stay here for a couple of yards as far as you can see and drive in the Marlborough area

5 January 2016

It looks a lot like summer today :) final day on the north island before heading south tomorrow morning! Spend the morning black water rafting down in the caves with loads of glow worms...unfortunately no pics :(
Before heading to hobbiton in the afternoon...pretty amazing even for not Lord of the rings fans ;) Some crazy tales to tell about this one when I am back...but did you know that hobbiton has an official New Zealand post code???? Well all of the hobbit coves do have letter boxes :)

4 January 2016

That's what I call a room with a view Air BnB at Lake Taupo
I got up today at 6am!!!!! And then we went hiking at the Tongariro Mountain Crossing - with amazing views to Mount Doom and a pretty amazing rainbow...just soo windy that I needed to turn around halfway but my brother continued the 20km crossing!!! It was so cold his hair froze :)

3 January 2016

You just need to love a waterfall @ Huka Falls
And more hiking....with Vulcans and geysers
Hiking in the volcanic valley...somehow this trip turns out to be quite the active one

2 January 2016

A buried village and another waterfall is the last stop for today! I am completely soaked and just want to have a shower
What a shame you cannot capture smell with pics....hells gate really smelled like the entry to hell! But so worth it
Pretty amazing...waterfall and jungle but no animal in sight

1 January 2016

Rotorua downtown :) and the rain seems to follow us!!!
Hot Water Beach....the deeper you dig - the hotter the water gets in your own little beach pool. Ah well we had cold water from above ;)
Welcome 2016!!! New Years Eve in Auckland with fireworks from the sky tower...

31 December 2015

Beautiful Harbour in Auckland with skyline
Oh yeah putting my sunglasses on in December!!!

30 December 2015

Where is a bed??? Only 12 more hours to Auckland!!
Hey ho - lets go!!! Frankfurt - Hong Kong - Auckland