Malaysia · 3 Days · 4 Moments · June 2017

Estelle's adventure in Malaysia

14 June 2017

CHURCH CAMP DAY 4 SADLY THUS IS THE LAST DAY OF CAMP so i sneaked in a bit if sleep while everyone was swimming and i had breakfast which was awesome KEPT FALLUNG ASLEEP IN SERMON AS I LITERALLY NO SLEEP LMAO aunty muijoo was beside me and i was sosO embarrassed then the youth had kfc and we literally depleted their whole chicken supply lmAO WE TOOK THE BUS B BACK I TALKED TO DOUG AND JAVIER OTW wanted to go visit cookie but ohWell didn go in the end

13 June 2017

CHURCH CAMP DAY 3 this is the HIGHLIGHT OF THE CAMP HAHA honestly this was the most fun day ever okay so i wasnt as enthu about waking up and was so drained hahaha FELIX LOST HIS TOOTH DURING LUNCH LMAO BUT BREAKFAST WAS GOOD SO WAS LUNCH AND DINNER as usual gabe refused to eat anything and we had to buy extra food from 7 eleven for him AT NIGHT WE had prayer thingy which as so moving Tims voice Everyone sobbing The quietness I CRIED A LOT COS I WAS SO OVERWHELMED BY THE ATMOSPHERE AND I COULD REALLY FEEL GOD WORKING IN EVERYONE doug cried too There was the cleansing,healing,empowerment and service station. I went for all but service cos i was ticklish and cold. THEN THE MOST FUN PART THE CELL STAYED UP FOR THE WHOLE NIGHT TIL BREAKFAST basically we played 2 rooms and a boom with al the youth including the Chinese ministry. then we got macs and played games til sunrise We went to see the sunrise at 6.50am and they went to swim but i had to go pack
CHURCH DAY 2 okay so day 2 was pretty uneventful and we basically had a whole day of just random sermons BUT I TALKED TO CRYSTAL DURING ONE OF THE DISCUSSION TALKS Luckily the girls cell were so nice and welcoming or else i would have hated camp haha At 2pm papa gabe felix and me went to swim and we had a blast!! The swimming was nicer than expected THEN WE CRASHED HAHA -sermon interlude- Oh and for dinner we sat with the pastor sng and he and his wife were so welcoming hehe HE KNOWS MY NAME IM HONOURED THEN THE CELL WENT TO WATCH WONDERWOMAN AND I ALMOST CRIED abit sad i didnt tho HAHAHA

11 June 2017

CHURCH CAMP DAY 1 WE left swiftly and arrived at the hotel quite on time luckily we ate waffle in the morning but i had egg tart as the waffle machine was taking too long Then we had bento lunch set by the church Then we took the bus B and we were the second ti leave DOUG AND THE GUYS WERE IN MY CLASS and it was kinda awk but he made small talk with me during the immigration process so i was kinda chill about it We went to our hotel room 1453 and rested for awhile before we ate our dinz GABE ONLY ATE THE RICE LMAO HE WAS SO UNCOMFORTABLE -sermon interlude- so we went to the nearest mall beside it and got macs for him I ALSO GOT THE HOKAIDO CHEESETARTS MHMMHMHM then we went to sleep eARLY FOR THE NEXT DAY HEHE