United States of America · 130 Days · 28 Moments · May 2016

New England, Spring and Summer 2016

17 September 2016

Newport boat show
Greenvale vineyard
International beach clean up day
International Beach Clean Up Day! Nice folks!

10 September 2016

Water is still warm
Newport drive thru

27 August 2016

We went over to the coast of Plymouth, mainly to visit Charlie's Cupcakes. I guess their gourmet. Found a gluten free one to try, Ceara got the Oreo one. Bringing them home for an evening treat.
Needed a beer
An island in the middle of the 'sea'
First time kayaking. Very relaxing. Nice little workout. Saw a turtle, some ducks...learned a little history about the place we were kayaking. It's called Billington Sea. Not a sea at all, a pilgrim came over a hill from Plymouth, which apparently was Native American farm land, now fully wooded. The man thought it was part of the harbor so someone made fun of him by calling it the Billington Sea. The deepest spot was 11' 😂

25 August 2016

Encountering native species on a lunch walk

14 August 2016

Hampton Beach NH full day of hot sun cold water and trying to live on island time. -that day I actually went in the ocean in New England.
Plum Island, gorgeous, quiet. No trash 🤗 and people there were respectful and respectable. Definitely a place to go back to.

8 August 2016

Picnic lunch after our walk along the rail trail and river
Rail trail lunch date

27 June 2016

Day at Hampton Beach NH. It was only for a few hours but it is amazing how the ocean and salty air makes me feel.

22 May 2016

I haven't seen a lady slipper since I was little! A real treat

15 May 2016

New England Aquarium

14 May 2016

Live it up
Enjoying where I am living now, I plan to be out of NE by the end of fall at the latest.

12 May 2016

Swift River fun
Hiking with the boys and kiddo

10 May 2016

Trying a new fishing spot, caught many pumpkin seeds and a single small trout today. Enjoying New England for the summer before I move on.