North America, Europe · 8 Days · 47 Moments · April 2016

Erin's voyage in Ireland, Wales, and London

16 April 2016

45 minutes to EWR:)
High level of appreciation for my bean boots. S/O to L.L. Bean, you rock my socks
goodbye europe😞

15 April 2016

The London eye was BREATHTAKING. We worked on our song for Alec:) Perfect night to end the trip
Last day sorrows. Survived the crash downpour atop our boat-clothes soaking wet. But that cannot stop the wolfpack

14 April 2016

Gooooood afternoon/night London
Shakespeare and Stratford fun

13 April 2016

Love Wales
Unexpected beauty of Wales
We on a boat

12 April 2016

Bridget walked into a pole tonight
Gotta love Dublin
doors, parks, and ice cream in Dublin

11 April 2016

Whatever this was-it was good. Irish night was AMAZIN
Rock of Cashel- apparently RIP Bridget Sweeney
The best chaperone ever-wolfman
Placed my bid
Blarney's castle grounds are beautiful..This most definitely isn't Hudson:) tried to climb that tree but was far from success
Bridget Mary Margaret, the girl who belongs in Ireland. Maybe we should leave her here
Great cardio workout on the stairs heading to the Blarney Stone. How do the elderly accomplish this when I barely can?
Glad to see my business is doing well

10 April 2016

The sheep farm was cool, but there was this one sheep thats "BAHHHHHHH" was a little too much to handle. I think she was evil. Her repetitive BAHHHs went on and on to the point where it became amusing. Sheep r kool
After stating how extremely full I was..Jen and I hit up a cafe with some wifi that wasn't working:( and I could NOT resist getting some ice cream oopsies
The Ring of Kerry was really somethin else. ALSO it snowed today..looks like we brought the NJ snow with us:( buttttttt later in the day the sun was shinin:)
2nd day views

9 April 2016

Perfect ending to the first day
Me and bsween on the horsey
Arrived at another random abandoned castle Oh and here's me in my wellies!
Horse and buggie ride..I LOVE IRELAND
Met this gem of a lad in a random chocolate shop. Felt like Willy Wonka. It is extremely upsetting we don't have fun candy stores like this in the Bay:(
St.Marys church-embodying the gothic style
Adare is beautifullllll We also saw a leprechauns house..suspicious
Here's the #wolfpack. Also, my dear friend Emily Weeks decided to slip and take a small tumble
hangin in Adare
just driving past some pretty stuff. Oh and here's my lovely cousin
We were told to "grab a small snack"..So we grabbed a solid brunch😉
and the first day has begun..Bunratty Caste!
on the blue bus! Blue>red
airplane fun

8 April 2016

my parents are taking me to embark on my journey!!!!!