Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania · 46 Days · 49 Moments · July 2017

Erin and Tom's Voyage in Australia

31 August 2017

Back to reality...lesson planning whilst I wait for my flight! English this week- talking about holidays, making maps and itineraries and talking about how much fun Miss Doody had 😂 even art has an aboriginal theme to it....i may be slightly obsessed 😂

30 August 2017

Best faces ever 😂😂😂
Ahhhhhh I did it!! 15,000ft!
Josephine Falls 💧

29 August 2017

Daintree Rainforest 🌴

28 August 2017

Ahhhhhhh!! What a way to spend my last day! 😁😁😁
Daintree Rainforest 🌴

27 August 2017

Rainforest Walk in Cairns yesterday afternoon, I did the first section of a trail that takes you right through the national park. I'll be going back early tomorrow morning to try and have a go at doing all of it :)

26 August 2017

The Whitsundays, Snorkelling and Whales 🐳 Such an amazing day!

24 August 2017

Cedar Creek Falls 💧 Except there is no waterfall as it has been such a mild winter, they have not had much rain at all! This place was so peaceful we could have stayed for hours. Until I noticed all the spiders and Mosquitoes biting tom 😂 Hopefully will be back one day to see this place with the waterfall but still one of the most beautiful places we have been to.
Airlie Beach the ❤️ of the reef! Finally had two days to get some sun, not that you can tell on my pasty skin though! It's been nice to have a couple of nights to relax after the drive and camping, we have a boat trip in the morning to take us out into the reef and to the Hamilton beach and other look out points 👀

23 August 2017

What a weirdo 🙈😂
Seventeen Seventy/Agnes Water Today we got to explore the shoreline that Captain James Cook found and landed on in 1770 (hence the town name) The town itself is tiny and nothing is near the beach or front, there's a handful of shops and even less bars! The atmosphere is nonetheless friendly and welcoming but we were happy to have only booked the one night and head to the Whitsundays!

22 August 2017

I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Another stunning beach for a morning walk after coffee and tiramisu for breakfast (it's allowed I'm on holiday) We said goodbye today to our friends Arne and Lotta and began our trip to Seventeen Seventy

20 August 2017

Champagne Pools on Fraser 💧
Maheno Shipwreck - this was an old World War Two ship used as a hospital ship that ended up on the shores after a cyclone.
Lake McKenzie ❤️

19 August 2017

Sunset on Lake Birrabeen. We arrived to Fraser and began the journey inland as we hit the island too close to high tide. One of our rules with the hire was that we couldn't drive after dark so we ended up staying at this lake for the night. We met a lovely Australian couple from Melbourne whom gave us some great tips and advise for the rest of the weekend. We sat on the beach and watch the stars it was perfect!
Well this was the start to our weekend away in Fraser, we ended up with a broken clutch and something else 🤦🏼‍♀️ I ended up hiring a car to get us from Gympie to Rainbow beach to pick up our 4X4 hire! It's never straightforward with us 🙈😂

17 August 2017

Noosa Everglades Wow! What a day! My body is in bits after the kayak but definitely worth it. Would just suggest to others don't go when there's a strong wind or with a beginner that you have to tow 😂 Such a beautiful place! Can't wait to go back :)

16 August 2017

The Australian Zoo. What a place!! The best zoo I have ever been to!

15 August 2017

The Glass Mountains. The three largest used to be volcanoes 🌋 We were stood at the top of a lookout tower that is used to spot the bush fires, the tower had a 360' view and two towers worked together to find the exact location of any fire over the region.

13 August 2017

He's special 🤦🏼‍♀️🙈
Brisbane Botanical Gardens. What a calm and peaceful place! Finally started to see wildlife other than road kill 😂 although jumped out of my skin with the size of the lizard 🦎 Definitely worth going back to!

11 August 2017

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary! I think the pictures speak for themselves! What an amazing day!!!

10 August 2017

We walked down Moung Coot-tha and then back up! Originally we went to watch the sunset at the top but once getting there it was the other side of the mountain. We drove along and spotted an area to pull into. The trees covered it all so we walked along waiting for a clearing... which never came 🙈 We followed posts thinking this will lead us to a clearing but after a very very steep walk down (in flipflops) we were at the bottom of the mountain and not too fair from Uncle Arthur's house! It was too late to call by and the sun had nearly set, we began our walk back up on a different path pushing to reach the top before it was pitch black and before I panicked about what was in the trees even more! I jumped out of my skin at a bush turkey not much earlier and every time Thomas stood on a twig or similar I jumped a mile looking for snakes 😂 It was a beautiful walk and a really nice way to finish the day :)

8 August 2017

We spent the afternoon walking around the Southbank, mum and dad had told us we had to go and Tom was keen to show me some of the restaurants. I fell in love and could very easily see myself sitting there with friends after work! :) It was a really nice walk and we were able to go around the peace temple. I loved the temple and the water feature surrounding it. The building itself was impressive and beautiful! It took two years to hand carve the building with 260 skilled men from Nepal. All of the wood uses was imported from Kathmandu and it is one of 70 peace temples in the world.
Day one in Brisbane, Tom drove us up to the top of Mount Coot-tha. The views were breathtaking over the city and the weather even still was lovely at the top! We sat and had lunch as a treat before heading back to the city.

6 August 2017

I apologise for failing to keep up to date with our shenanigans for a few days! After a very very long car trip which was a result of us having to drive back to Sydney, I also ended up with tonsillitis again! These pictures are from Byron Bay and our trip down there. We managed a beautiful walk along the coastline to the lighthouse and back to the car just in time to avoid a ticket! Byron was very much the hipster scene and I loved the clothes!! I could have very easily spent the rest of our holiday money on things 😂 Next Stop - Brisbane

4 August 2017

Beach Days in Bondi 🌊

3 August 2017

Great night catching up with this lovely lady at Cruise bar, we aimed to watch the lights on the opera house bought our wine and settled only to find out they were on the other side of the house where we couldn't see 🙈 Amazing night and so much fun!
Learning Spanish whilst having a coffee ☕️
He might pretend they are for children and laugh it off but he just spent 10mins learning how to create a skull 💀 @thepowerhousemuseam

1 August 2017

Down at the harbour 🥂
Bondi Beach 👌🌊

31 July 2017

The Australian Museum. We went to the museum as it was forecast rain and had decided to hold off some of the walks for better weather. I loved going to the museum, reading and re reading about the aboriginals and happily spent four hours on just two floors 😂 The pictures of the crab and whale are made from Ghost nets, these nets are often left in the ocean and wreak havoc on the coral and the ecosystem so 'mobs' collect and fashion these amazing pieces of art to raise awareness to people all along the coast line about the devastation our ways are leading. The aboriginal people only believed in taking what you needed and not wasting anything, they only ate certain foods sometimes to leave for others for upstream. They took care of the land and in turn it took care of them. I only have so many characters 🤦🏼‍♀️so luckily you can read the next. Unfortunately when she died, her body was put on display. It took 100 years of campaigns to finally allow her body to be put to rest at
Brekkie in Bondi 🌸 @preachcafe

30 July 2017

Drinks in Darling Harbour 🥂🍹

29 July 2017

Wollongong After leaving Canberra we headed to Wollongong to meet some family friends and stay with them for a few days. I was lucky enough to meet my grandfathers best friend and his family, especially after hearing so much about them from Gran. They emigrated over 50 years ago and really made a life for themselves, but I do think they miss the UK. It was amazing to hear how much has changed and to learn more about my grandad, he reminded me of him in ways and he hadn't lost the Cumbrian accent at all! We went to the Buddhist Temple and the Little Blow Hole whilst we were there before going out for food and drinks.

27 July 2017

Canberra. We arrived around lunchtime in Canberra and found it very much like all the reviews we had been given so far...grey. For a capital it was really surprising to see so little high rise or attractions around. We drove for ten minutes expecting to get into the city centre but found we had actually already passed through 😂 There didn't seem to be that many people, especially in comparison to Melbourne but those that were around were all office workers for the numerous buildings for parliament and business. After a few circles around parliament square and all the different embassy's we found the War memorial, based in a huge park. It was a lovely walk around but the main building was closed (of course 🤦🏼‍♀️) Rather than staying a night we decided to go meet some family friends and set off later in the afternoon. Ciao for now x
Off to Canberra #take2

26 July 2017

As with Tom and his usual erratic behaviour and whims, whilst I was sleeping mind...Tom decided to take a detour and we ended up driving off the M31 into the middle of nowhere. I woke up to him telling me were heading further into the heart of the Alpine National Park! A few hours later we were on our way up a very narrow, dark and icy path... the summit reaching over 1300m! I met my first Roos which decided at this point it would be perfect to jump out in front of a moving car! Luckily for us all I wasn't going fast and the trio got to the other side of the road. We reached Falls Creek at around 8pm local time, it was pitch black and covered in snow! We didn't have much luck in finding a spot to stay so decided to head back down the mountain before the overnight snow ❄️ Definitely worth the visit and the stars up there were just magical!
Today was our last day in Melbourne before we begin our road trip up the coast. Before leaving the city we luckily got in touch with Vicki Tann, a close friend from high school whom has been living in Australia for the past year. We met at the station, of course us running late after getting stuck in traffic on the way to park the car in the North and get a train back into the city. It was amazing to finally see her and catch up on her adventures and what has been going on for the past year. Looking forward to September when shes back home 🏡 Afterwards we went back to the car and began our journey to Canberra!

25 July 2017

The Great Ocean Road. Victoria. Today we met with some of Toms old friends Brandon and Elizabeth and began our long drive! The friends were lovely, if a little quiet but soon after many of Brandons 'blonde' moments we had a lovely time. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking and my lack of photography skills don't do the area any justice! We had a perfect day for it, only when we reached the twelve apostles did it start to rain! I can see how people take a few days with the stops and walks along the way, we made it with a day but only getting back to Melbourne at 9.30pm it was a long day! Tom is flat out snoring away exhausted! I was lucky enough to see my first wild wallaby! With a baby! It was the cutest thing and hilarious in the attention it attracted especially considering we were overlooking the cliff face at this point! Definitely would love to go back again one day :)

24 July 2017

Day one in Melbourne. Tom and I went for a walk around the city, we found this really cute ally (Degrave Street) with lots of tiny restaurants and amazing food. The places here smell amazing as you walk up the cobbles and you sit below huge parasols with heaters. We stopped here for a bite to eat before heading over to Federation Square. They had sun chairs in front of a huge screen where we could watch tv and take in the view. I'm not sure why I say it like we sunbathed, it's freezing here! Definitely noticed the drop compared to home! Tonight we are heading over to St.Kilda for food and picking up the car for an early start on the Great Ocean Road tomorrow.

23 July 2017

Currently waiting for my connecting flight from Abu Dhabi. Just about made it to the gate with a mad rush after being escorted into a room to be checked over for security! My stomach immediately dropped, I was thinking what had I done, whilst they closed the curtain to the room with two officials! It's like in that moment when you see a police car behind you...your not doing anything wrong but you start to panic and go slower..just incase! It wasn't anything after all, she took a bobby pin from my braid and tutted at me shaking her head 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Just typical... but with 15 mins to go and a 14 hour flight I'm nearly there! Tom has messaged to say he's arrived in Melbourne ready to meet me tomorrow morning!

22 July 2017

Currently waiting for check in to open! Had one too many drinks with some friends last night and feeling rather delicate today, so I've made myself comfortable on the floor of the airport much to dads dismay 😂 It's another half hour before the desk opens and a 4 hour wait before my flight! Not long to go now!

16 July 2017

Less than a week to go! It's time to begin packing and cramming enough to fit in five weeks worth of clothing to suit the south and the north! Thomas is working his last week and saving up what he can before coming out to meet me when I arrive on Sunday morning in Melbourne. The countdown is on! 😁