United States of America · 5 Days · 47 Moments · July 2017

Los Angeles Last Summer get away !

5 August 2017

Last Beach lead us to a large beach volleyball tournament on Manhattan Beach! Great way to end our vacation! We looked up house values and decided we would buy one after we Won the lottery πŸ‘πŸ»All we need is $15M....
Squeezing in just a little more beach time At Manhattan Beach for breakfast and a little Walk!
Aloft at the airport did the trick but location wasn't great for all the things we wanted to see !
We worked out every morning. Boom!! This was our playground...

4 August 2017

Almost to the restaurant and look what we found ! The area certainly reminds me of the cars movie!!
Pit stop along the way! The Grove farmers market was pretty cool and nick got himself a coupe of sweet treats !
Welcome to LA traffic ... like none one ever seen ! On our way to meet Nick's uncle Kelly, Aunt Diane, and cousin Kristin. Well worth the drive !
So we met Kelly Dianne and Kristin for dinner. And totally forgot to take a pic. It was so great to catch up!! This was our drive...and it was totally worth it!!
Highlight of the trip for me was this Bike ride With electric bikes along the beach !! So Much fun !
Quite possibly one of my favorite things we did on this trip. Rented electric bikes, and took them up and down "The Strand" for about 20 to 25 miles. The strand of runs up and down the coast, from the top of Santa Monica beach, all the way down to Redondo Beach. We had so much fun cruising at a fast speed without having to work that hard. Funny some of the looks we got has resumed by other people.
Venice Beach is definitely the place of free Spirits ! So much to see!

3 August 2017

After dinner walk ! Big waves!!
Had an amazing dinner at The Geoffrey (to be said with an accent that makes it sound like it's for rich snooty people). Amazing dinner and view.
Dinner at Geoffrey's overlooking the ocean 🌊! Delish and beautiful!
Ocean 2...Nick 0
Zuma Beach In Malibu
Nick is going to try surfing with a short board
Breakfast was delicious! Yelp again for the win!
Made it to Malibu ! Lots of traffic on the way

2 August 2017

Beautiful sunset at Huntington Beach! So far our favorite place!!
Ola for dinner . Great view and great food !
Stumbled upon the US Open of surfing at Huntington Beach! Pretty cool to watch !
Long Beach was less than impressive . We did find the dog beach though 😜
We have to go in now to see if the mean girls are in the house ! Update ... no mean girls - actually quite Nice . Clearly cannot believe all you read !
Breakfast at 11? Why not :) and desert of course!
Drive to Long Beach ! Interesting shipyard

1 August 2017

Yes standstill traffic at 9:20..LA for u
Yummy homemade Italian food! Delicious and huge portions !!
Nick got selected for the show to play the part of a rich white guy- and was name mini John Cena. Lol he had to dance and everything !
Sun is setting
Santa Monica pier
So far nick is resisting but every 10th car is a Tesla it seems so not sure how long he can hold Off !!
Fancy car !
Special stop at Ice cream place for Salted Caramel... he can't stop talking about it !πŸ˜‹
Interesting place along Hollywood Blvd
Snack because you had to buy something to use the rr. Turned out to be good!
More from Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood Boulevard is less than exciting so far unless you are into tattoos and adult novelty stores then it would be for you . See the Hollywood sign in the distance ?!?
It's Tuesday and you know what that means ...banana peanut butter cupcake day !!
Cool tall palm trees!
We will see what we can afford here😜 bunch of walking and looking !
Breakfast at Sweet Beverly in Beverly Hills. Yelp find by Nick ! It was delicious and relaxing atmosphere !
Nice car!! I'm sure we will see many more !!

31 July 2017

Aloft hotel for the win ! Check out the shoes ?!? Like 3 times my size !!
Dinner before hotel - maybe just a tad late in the evening
We have arrived
Headed to the airport! LA here we come. Erin is the driver For a quick drive to the airport while I finish up some work!