United States of America · 3 Days · 12 Moments · May 2017

Colorado 2017

28 May 2017

We are so grateful for these amazing accommodations. When we walk out our front door, we are greeted with the Welcome to Cuchara sign.

27 May 2017

The Clutter family home in Holcomb, Kansas. It's privately owned and occupied. Imagining Truman Capote and Harper Lee wandering around this tiny town introducing themselves as they researched "In Cold Blood."
Travel trivia: La Crosse, Kansas, is the barbed wire capital of the world. One sign pointed to the "Barbed Wire Museums." Plural.

26 May 2017

We ended our 10-hour drive with take-out from Al's Chickenette. They closed at 9. We called ahead and arrived at 8:46.
Passing through Kansas City...
Passing through central Missouri, John convinced me to wait until Columbia for a pit stop. "Can you make it 27 more minutes? I mean, do we really want to stop at a place called Kingdom City?" Once we passed the exit, I regretted it because we could have stopped at Ozarkland which was right off the interstate. Alas, we waited until this QT near Columbia and were rewarded with this impressive setup.
Wishing we were further along, but we had to hit a laundromat this morning. We had a new a/c unit and furnace installed yesterday. The workers thought they were removing an unused gas line. We found out around 9 p.m. that the line they removed was the line to the dryer. The laundromats were all closed and we had two loads of laundry that needed drying. So, they had to wait until this morning. Grateful that we are finally packed and on our way.
JA jumped in the car as I was loading the luggage and refused to get out. He hopped from the front to the back while I called him. Once we were back in the house, he refused to take his chewy, scolded me, then laid down to pout. I'm really going to miss him.