Thailand · 11 Days · 68 Moments · July 2017

The Close's Trip to Koh Samui 2017

13 July 2017

Pretty sad it’s time to go😣 Hopefully... we can return to Poppies in 2 years. Thankyou Poppies for having us, we had a great time! ❀️
Scariest ride ever! The seat ride started off calm and a little bit bumpy but then we started to speed up and we felt like we were going to die! I was holding on for dear life and every wave we went over, we flew up in the air and almost off the inflatable- I was also a bit scared because I was sitting on my GoPro which was getting absolutely belted. It was pretty scary but also an experience, I guess?😜
Breakfast at Poppies: Erin- tropical fruit, pineapple juice, French toast, chocolate croissant and a cinnamon roll. Ava- chocolate milk, bowl of Koco crunch, French toast, orange juice and a chocolate croissant. Susan- Poached eggs with bacon, orange juice, tea, cornflakes and a cinnamon roll. Jason- Pad Thai, pineapple juice, cappuccino, toast, fruit and yogurt.

12 July 2017

Had dinner at Noi tonight with our Norwegian friends including a yummy dessert of icecream. Erin- Pad Thai and a banana split + mixed fruit shake. Ava- Yellow noodles and Nutella pancakes + chocolate milk Susan- Red curry with shrimp, icecream sundae and chicken ginger stirfry + mango shake Jason- Red curry with shrimp, chicken ginger stirfry and a tonic water.
Arrived back at Poppies just in time for our second cocktail night on the beach.
Song-Pee-Nong Beach 🌊
Sleepy people on the boat on the way to our buffet lunch at Koh Phaluai- the only inhabited island in the national park and only 40 people live on it!
Snorkelling time at Koh Wao ( the best shallow water coral reef in the national park )
Emerald Lake! So pretty 😍
Kayaking around
After a bumpy boat ride we get to our kayaking destination- Koh Sam Sao. We kayaked around rock formations and even through them!
Early start this morning to go on our tour to the Angthong national park. Erin- French toast, pineapple juice, chocolate croissant and a cinnamon roll. Ava- nothing! Susan- a bowl of cornflakes, cinnamon roll, toast, tea and orange juice. Jason- Fruit, muesli, cereal, toast, cinnamon roll, pineapple juice and a cappuccino.

11 July 2017

Dinner at the restaurant with no name and Dad gets mango sticky rice.
Happy Hour and bingo with our new friends!
Day at the beach with our new friends from Norway: Yurgen, Tuna, Synne and Ane. Kayaking or Triyaking around and learning Norwegian words.
Breakfast at Poppies: Erin- French Toast, pineapple juice, chocolate croissant and a cinnamon roll. Ava- bowl of Koco crunch, chocolate milk, French toast and a chocolate croissant. Susan- scrambled eggs, cornflakes, chocolate croissant, orange juice and tea. Jason- fruit, muesli, cereal, noodles, toast cinnamon roll, pineapple juice and a cappuccino.

10 July 2017

Thunderstorm fun β›ˆ even spotted some drag queens sheltering from the rain in style. ( third photo )
Dinner at Montin House with our Australian friends. After walking down Chaweng beach we decided to go to Montin House. Then having to rush inside because of a big tropical storm- sounds like a lot of fun! Erin- Hawaiin pizza + sprite Ava- Pasta carbonara + apple juice Susan- Sea bass with tamarind and lime sauce, prawns with red curry + singah beer Jason- Sea bass with tamarind and lime sauce, prawns with red curry + singha beer
Happy Hour at Poppies includes - bingo games - Drinks - complimentary chips and snacks - more drinks - lots of photo opportunities according to Jason
BANANA BOAT RIDE: We went on a banana boat ride with our Austrian friends, the banana started off slow and then started going at a medium pace. Then we started going so fast that we were bouncing up and down and almost falling off when we turned sharp corners. Water started going in our faces and eyes so we couldn't see and then that's when the boat flipped over 😜 We had so much salt in our eyes we didn't know when the big flip was coming so it was really scary hitting the water all of a sudden but it was really fun.
Another lazy day at the beach!
Breakfast a Poppies! Erin- pineapple juice, French toast and two chocolate croissants ( they had run out of cinnamon scrolls-too popular ) Ava- chocolate milk, bowl of Koco crunch, a chocolate croissant and French toast. Susan- tea, orange juice, cornflakes, breakfast salad and a chocolate croissant. Jason- cappuccino, pineapple juice, toast, fruit and yogurt, prawns and noodles and a custard pastry

9 July 2017

We caught a tuk tuk to Lamai market ( a terrifying ride ) and walked around the stalls. We went to a shop selling really cool arty things and bought. Two platters ( last photo ), a wooden surfboard saying Samui for Phillip island and a Buddha tea light. We also bought multiple soap carvings and a few things for friends.
No photos were taking at the beach yesterday- very surprising but we just lazed around and drank smoothies. We had dinner at a restaurant called 'Noi'- very tasty. Erin- yellow noodles + sprite Ava- spring rolls + apple juice Susan- Pad Thai + water Jason- Chicken Green curry + tonic water
Breakfast at Poppies: Erin- pineapple juice, fruit and yogurt, a cinnamon roll and French toast. Ava- chocolate milk, crunchy muesli, French toast and a chocolate croissant. Susan- orange juice, tea, cornflakes, breakfast salad and a cinnamon roll. Jason- cappuccino, pineapple juice, fruit and yogurt , cinnamon roll and pad Thai.

8 July 2017

Traditional Thai Dancing at Poppies tonight. Music and dancing was still going on as we left. The costumes were very pretty, almost could be a calisthenics costumes! Had a really nice dinner tonight although some dishes were VERY spicy ( Erin's ). It burnt her lips so much she had her lip in water for about 10 minutes. Erin- stir fry with prawns,basil and chilli and spring rolls Ava- Basil Pasta with mushrooms and spring rolls Susan- Red curry with fish and a chicken sartay Jason- Ref curry prawns and a chicken sartay
Full moon πŸŒ•
Happy hour once again at Poppies!
Loved parasailing- adrenaline still going through me when I think about it.
Parasailing. AMAZING!
The view from up in the air!
Just another day at the beach, we bought some delicious spring rolls and mango. We also had many warm swims in the water, the weather was very good today.
Breakfast at Poppies: Erin- 2 orange juices, crunchy muesli with fruit and yogurt, French toast, a cinnamon bun and a chocolate croissant. Ava- Chocolate milk, crunchy muesli, French toast and a chocolate croissant. Susan- crunchy muesli, orange juice, an omelette, tea and a chocolate croissant. Jason- cappuccino, crunchy muesli with fruit and yogurt, breakfast salad, cinnamon roll and toast.

7 July 2017

HAPPY PANCAKES again!: Erin- Nutella Ava- Nutella Susan- Nutella and Banana Jason- Mango and Coconut
Dinner and shopping at Bohput Fishermans Village- one of the best things to do in Koh Samui and one of our highlights. There are so many handmade things for sale in the stalls. We purchased things such as coconut bowls ( decorated in the inside ), carved soap in cute little wooden cups, clothes, handmade elephants, bracelets and so much more. We had a great dinner at the Happy Elephant with our Austrian friends- really liked the food. Although some of the drinks had weird names such as the Virgin Mary and others beginning with the word virgin. Erin- Seafood pesto pasta + oriental beauty (fruit drink) Ava- Carbonara + palm breeze (fruit drink) Susan- Chicken Red Curry Stirfry + singha beer Jason- Prawns and Red Curry + singha beer
Happy Hour at Poppies: Erin- Crazy Fruit Smoothie ( my favourite ) Ava- Vanilla Shake Susan- Blue Hawaii Jason- Expresso Martini and a tonic water
Not as many photos today because we were busy at the beach but Ava and her friend Mimi play a game of Austrian monopoly. Susan and Ava also get a coconut oil massage. Today we bought donuts and spring rolls for lunch also Erin and Ava enjoyed a plate of chips.

6 July 2017

HAPPY PANCAKES! Erin- Nutella and Banana Ava- Nutella Susan- Nutella and Banana Jason- Nutella and Banana
Dinner at Stone Fish and Ava gets a chopstick lesson. Erin- Seafood Pad Thai + Grape juice Ava- carbonara + apple juice Susan- Pork and Noodle dish + singah beer Jason- Sweet and Sour Chicken + singah beer
A relaxing afternoon at the beach. Erin gets a oil massage- very nice. Susan and Jason get a sartay chicken.
Mummified Monk- Not sure who he is or what is so special about him because all the information was written in Thai! He still had hair though 😬
Waterfall! Very refreshing after our tour which had no fans/air-conditioning - they had them but didn't turn them on! Just teasing us...
Crystal Bay- spot David Beckham's boat
A temple we passed.
Had the fright of our lives at the crocodile show. The man had been attacked by crocodiles in the past and had scars all over his face, arms and head- he was also missing a finger! It got off to a bad start when he was dragging a crocodile around by its tail and the croc was growling. Then he says he wants to find out if the crocodile is in a good or bad mood, he bangs his sticks around the crocodile and then closer to its mouth, the crocodile snaps its mouth shuts almost blighting of the guy's hand and scaring everyone in the room. Things just got worse after he sticks his hand inside the crocodile, kisses it and sticks his head inside of the croc. The crocodile was so close to chomping of all parts of him during the show.
We saw a monkey show and the monkeys stood up whenever the man said their names, collected coconuts from trees and from obstacles.
Today we did Elephant Trekking through the jungle, the elephant Erin and Susan rode was 15 years old but elephants can live till 80- similar to humans. We played and took photos with the baby and mum elephant who later put on a show for us doing hula hoop tricks, standing on two feet, sitting down, giving massages ( the big elephant gave dad one on his private parts ), kicking soccer balls and dancing!
Breakfast at Poppies: Erin- Pineapple juice, Pancakes with fruit and a cinnamon bun. Ava- A bowl of Frosties, chocolate croissant, French toast and chocolate milk. Susan- Omelette, bowl of cornflakes flakes, orange juice and a tea. Jason- muesli with fruit, meat platter, cappuccino and pineapple juice.

5 July 2017

HAPPY PANCAKES! :) Erin- Nutella and banana Ava- Nutella Susan-Nutella and banana Jason- Nutella and banana
Dinner at the 'nameless' restaurant! #2 Erin- spring rolls + sprite Ava- Pad Thai + sprite and some of Erin's spring rolls Susan- Green Curry + Mount Franklin water Jason- Coconut Chicken Curry + Tonic water
Cocktail Night at Poppies and making new friends from Austria πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή
Happy Hour Drinks and Bingo once again !
Braids !
Erin gets her hair braided, Susan gets a deep tissue massage and Ava gets a foot massage on the beach. It took 1 hour and 30 minutes to braid Erin's hair!. Ava might've had a snooze during her massage...
Very warm day at the beach today 32 degrees plus the humidity making it feel even more hot.
Another great breakfast at Poppies: Erin- French toast with bacon, cinnamon bun and pineapple juice (fresh !!). Ava- French toast with bacon, a bowl of Koco crunch, chocolate croissant and an ice chocolate. Susan- Poached egg with avocado and tomato, cinnamon bun, cornflakes and orange juice (also fresh !!). Jason- Muesli, yogurt, fruit, Thai chicken soup and two cappuccinos.

4 July 2017

Funny sights on the Main Street of Koh Samui, pink van cocktail bar, a stall selling guns and other weapons and crazy taxis with benches (as seats) in the ute part of the car- don't forget the loud booming music and ads the cars do.
Dinner at a restaurant that's name we don't really know! It's written in Thai... Erin- spring rolls + sprite Ava- fried rice + sprite Susan- Pad Thai + singha beer Jason- Penang curry + tiger beer Our meal costed 515 baht ($20!!) and the food was delicious!
Bingo and Drinks beach-side
Ava FINALLY gets her hair braided!
Lots of men and women selling things on the Beach such as pool toys, corn on the cob, pineapple on a stick, donuts ( we had a pineapple, coconut and jam ), clothes and icecreams. Also massages, hair braiding and manicures/pedicures beach side are available.
Another day at Chaweng Beach
Breakfast at Poppies: Erin- pineapple, pineapple juice and REALLY good French toast. Ava- bowl of frosty's and Koco Crunch, chocolate croissant and an ice chocolate. Susan- cornflakes, orange juice, poached egg with bacon and a cinnamon bun. Jason- Muslei with fruit and yogurt, cinnamon bun, cappuccino and poached eggs with bacon

3 July 2017

Pedicures and delicious drinks from the beach bar during happy hour 5-7 pm (50% off)
Spent 3 hours in the water today and some of us are already sunburnt (Ava)
Chaweng Beach- our hotel is on the beach!
We arrived in Koh Samui from Kael at 10:00 am and 10 minutes later arrived at our resort 'Poppies'- very beautiful