United States of America · 98 Days · 5 Moments · September 2017

California Adventures 2017-2018

30 December 2017

Closing out the year of 2017 with some sightseeing. Attempted to go to see mirrors exhibit and stood in line for about 45 mins before we called it quits. Then we wandered into Grand Street market for breakfast and then off to Bradbury building (DTLA) which was awesome! Crazy iron work and exposed staircases. Then off to a church devang found with beautiful stained glass and Gregory peck's tomb. A full day with lots to see.

29 December 2017

First morning walk on beach. Venice Beach pier

9 October 2017

Today we tried to go to Charlie Brown farm in Little Rock but the wind tried to pick the truck up on the way! We rerouted to the Tapia Farm in Encino for some pumpkin picking and a large corn maze. We we're not successful with finding all of our clues and eventually gave up due to hunger and itchiness.

30 September 2017

Today we picked the city of Pasadena and ventured to the farmers market. It took about an hour to get there and we bought some fruit and some bread from the angry sourdough man who had signs saying "the more you eat the quicker you die". We then took a trip to Nothingness cafe per suggestion of j. Gold. We ordered some hot and spicy chicken and Devang was very sweaty. I was bad at taking pics that day and drank too much pomegrante juice

24 September 2017

Saturday, Sept 23. Went to rancho Palos Verdes, about an hour drive and 18 miles away (close but long of course). Stopped for some Mexican and watched CNN while we ate about new earthquake. Became paranoid and got back in car. Drove through active landslide area (still.paranoid from earthquake!) and arrived at abalone cove national.park. Dressed in flats, we hiked the "beginner" trail down to the beach (lots.of.rocks and watching for rattlesnakes). Made it to the beach and more rocks. We waded out and saw anemones and lots of hermit crabs. The tide pools were awesome as was the weather. Great day.