Italy · 46 Days · 31 Moments · May 2017

Erik's tour through Italy

1 July 2017

Part two of two... the sunset last night was particularly beautiful, fitting for my last night in Italy. I also had the best meal so far in Venice here... first I had a mussles soup, followed by linguini with shrimp and Lobster, and finally a tiramisu. Fantastic meal that I just stumbled into ass first. All in all Italy has been even more beautiful than I thought it could be. I'm so thankful to have been able to take this trip! Norway is up next, ill snap a few pics but probably not as many as I have been so far. In any event thanks everyone for following!

29 June 2017

Part one of two.... the first seven of these photos are from my first day in Venice. It really was a beautiful city! I was telling my mom, it's not exactly spotless, but there's almost a sort of character in that. The second photo of me in it is San Marco's basilica from the outside. I completely forgot that I can't wear ahorts inside there so I came back the next day to see the inside.

26 June 2017

The first two photos are from dinner on Monday. I had a pappardelle with a wild boar ragu which was very good, followed by a very good tiramisu. Then yesterday I visited a sandwich shop which came highly recommended by my friend Sean. Really great sandwich as I strolled over to the Duomo which was really amazing. Before dinner I caught this beautiful sunset. And last night I went to this restaurant that Sean's girlfriend recommended for me where I got a burrata (mozzarella where the inside is mixed with cream to make it very soft) and tomato salad, and for the main course I got a 4 cheese gnocchi which was also amazing.

25 June 2017

The first photo is a picture of my breakfast pizza which was very good! Then last night I walked up to Giancolo Hill which had some amazing views over the city. The sunset was also very pretty. And finally I had fried Zucchini flowers and rigatoni Carbonara for dinner last night which was amazing. Now I'm waiting for the train to take me up to Florence.

24 June 2017

Yesterday I visited the Spanish steps and the Pantheon. Both were amazing! Last night I had an amazing meal, linguini with a truffle butter sauce and a veal scallopini. Absolutely amazing. Then I went to visit the Trevi Fountain. For reference, you can see how jam packed some of these places can be. And finally last night I stopped by this outdoor jazz concert and had a couple beers. Very good night last night!

22 June 2017

The first three photos are from my first night in Rome. Beautiful during sunset hours. The last 4 were from yesterday. I visited the Vatican yesterday which was beautiful. I also had Ox tail stew which was very tasty.

21 June 2017

Just a few photos from yesterday including Capri and one of the best pizzas I've ever had. It was a place in Naples that is known for amazing pizza, and I met some guy and his daughter from Jersey City. Today I just got to Rome where I will be until Sunday. More photos to come.

19 June 2017

First is the group photo we took at the end of our Cagliari portion. Then last night's pizza which had olives and sardines (really good altho accidental order). Then the rest are from today. I had an early margarita pizza then made a trek up to the big castle which overlooks everything. There was also a cool church inside. Then for dinner today I had a great Ragu and pasta meal with a little bit of wine. Very good day, going to try to make my way to Capri tomorrow.

15 June 2017

Just a few photos from the last few days.... tomorrow I head for Naples. It has been amazing the past month here and I definitly see myself coming back to Sardinia, but now I'm excited to move on to the next portion of my trip.

12 June 2017

Tons of great food over the last couple days. I walked into a restaurant and asked the chef "what do you like" he responded by cooking me something off the menu which was amazing. That is the photo of the guy behind the stove. The last 6 are photos of food I've had since yesterday (I've been eating quite well). The ravioli was the best I've ever eaten, and the dish with tuna and pork was also absolutely amazing. The black dish was a risotto with mussels and tomato.

10 June 2017

The first two pictures are from the hotel on Saturday night. Then yesterday we went on a hike into this canyon (which if I'm not mistaken is one of the biggest in Europe). It was a really cool and super exhausting experience!

7 June 2017

Quite a bit packed in here. First two pictures are from a town called Nora. Beautiful beach with ancient ruins. Next two were just from strolling around Cagliari two nights ago. Third two are from today, were in the mountains in a little village filled with murals all around. We were with the shepherds for lunch and we had super fresh lamb and pork! And finally was the sushi I got last night. Super fresh tuna!

6 June 2017

Just a couple photos of some food from the past couple days. Horse meat ragu and linguini (very tasty), and pizza with everything but the kitchen sink. Both very good!

4 June 2017

Today we visited a small town (about 1000 people) and their yearly summer festival. They put on a small parade with some real characters. After we went to dinner at the restaurant of the woman pictured. She was a little cookey, a little drunk, but very funny!

31 May 2017

First are a couple pictures from around. And today we took land rovers over a mountain and to the beach which was beautiful! The driver was really cool too! We listened to good music the whole time he was giving me restaurant suggestions around the city! Very good day!

30 May 2017

First here are a couple photos of me (there ya go ma). I know it looks like I'm packing the pounds on but trust me it's just some bad lighting 😳. Also last night was the birthday of the girl holding the American flag. It was at the €10 all you can drink beer place we went to last week. Now we're on our way to a landfill (I'll spare you all the photos from there).

29 May 2017

Today we took a boat out to the coast north of Alghero. This was some of the clearest water I've ever seen! We took the scenic route up the coast past a bunch of these rock formations and finally anchored in a little bay and just hung out in/around the boat. They made some pasta with shrimp (sorry no photos) and had a bunch of white wine for everyone. We were jumping off the boat into the water and laying up on the top of the boat. After that we went into one of the caves on the coast. They said that each square centimeter of stalactite/stalagmite takes 7 years to grow and this was MASSIVE. It was a great Memorial Day spend abroad!

28 May 2017

Yesterday we took a bus ride to Alghero and this is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen! Here are a bunch of photos from around the city (also some from Bosa which is somewhat close by) and one of the plates we had for lunch yesterday.

27 May 2017

This is a quick one, but last nights dinner was amazing! Pancetta wrapped piglet with a raspberry sauce (not too sweet) and a creamy, almost ricotta, sauce. Suuuper tasty! Now we are on our way up to the northern part of Sardinia, more pictures coming tonight or tomorrow!
Today we had a day off from classes and I took a little stroll through the city. I landed on this place for lunch where I had mussels and a seafood risotto which were great. Also snapped a couple photos from around the city.

26 May 2017

We took a hike to "devils saddle" today and it had some amazing views.

25 May 2017

So we didn't do much yesterday except visit a waste treatment plant. But I figured it's been a couple days since you've all heard from me so I'll share this photo!

24 May 2017

Ma asked for more pictures with me in them so here we are. We all went to a place called Fog Horns last night and their Tuesday night special is €10 all you can drink beer. Also my lunch spot today was cool! I asked the waiter what he likes and he came out with a horse meat and tomato sandwich (actually quite good). And the last photo is just one of the views from the TA's apartment (where a couple of us came to make dinner).

23 May 2017

Not a whole lot to show you from yesterday.... my breakfast in the morning, lunch, and a view over the city.

22 May 2017

Today we woke up at the farm house and got some breakfast (all super fresh food there). We then started making our gnocchetti made fresh before we woke up. After that we made a sort of ravioli for desert with cheese and lemon zest inside that they deep fry and put honey on top. We had both of them for lunch and then took off for the beach. We spent a couple hours at the beach before heading back to the dorms. The places we went this weekend were truly amazing and beautiful (and my camera skills don't do it justice). Tomorrow will be another day of classes but hopefully I'll have the time and energy to explore Cagliari a little more.

20 May 2017

There's a lot packed into this post! First is a couple odds and ends from exploring a bit yesterday. Then there's a bunch of pictures of the Porta Flavia we visited today. The "big rock" you see was perfect for this to be a port because it shielded the big ships from the "Mistral" or a strong wind off the Mediterranean Sea. The mine looking tunnel connects to the cliff like drop off where the ships come in to pick up minerals mined in the area. We then went down to the beach which was gorgeous! Then we went to have an amazing meal (of which I have no pictures sorry!) with octopus, mussels, tuna, ravioli, a bunch of other stuff and tons of wine. From there we went to an "Agrotourismo" house, which is basically a farm hotel where tomorrow we will make fresh pasta! Until then...
This morning we went to the covered market in Cagliari that is very popular on Friday and Saturday... tons of fresh fish, cheese, veggies, pasta etc. A couple of us bought some cheese, bread pasta pancetta, Sardinian Pepperoni and fresh tortellini to make dinner later tonight. Also depicted is a crazy looking (asparagus??) plant that is around here and there, and a cool lit up building from last night!

19 May 2017

This morning I walked into this little cafe and asked what the waitress liked there... she pointed out the most amazing looking cheesecake for breakfast, so my morning meal consisted of "uno cappuccino e New York Cheesecake". The rest of the day was mostly classroom stuff but I took the scenic route home and came across this old amphitheater (under construction) and an amazing view. More to come tomorrow on my day off.

18 May 2017

These were just three of the twelve courses we had for dinner tonight. All 20 of us were sitting across a huge table. We had a ton of stuff, mussels, escargot, ravioli, octopus, shrimp, clams, tuna, smoked meats, a ton of wine and more! If it wasn't for the long walk up a big hill to get to class, I'd be getting fat already!
Today we took a small walking tour of Cagliari. We walked up through a nice part of the city (which is extremely hilly). We also visited an old library which holds one of the three originally written "Dante's Inferno". More pictures are to come, especially of the food. I've just been over eager to dig in before I have a chance to take a picture.

17 May 2017

View from the group hotel. (Not my room unfortunately)