China · 19 Days · 40 Moments · June 2017

Erika's journi to China

23 June 2017

Each city has its own brand image. Beijing, the first city that we visited., is the capital city of China. It has a lot of history and great places to visit such as the Great Wall. It's not a modern city, has a lot of traffic. Xi'an: It was my favorite city. Out of the city there were a lot of high buildings, inside the history a lot of history. It has a nice landscaping. Dumplings was my favorite food. Hangzhou: Also a lot of history, house are really unique. The roof is a combination of Asian and European style. Suzhou: The first that will come to my mind is boat. Riding on the boat is something that tourist should do if they visit that city. Is a city with a lot of traditions as well as history. Is also well know because of the silk. Shanghai: Modern and business city. It's a city with a lot of western influence. Sky building, nice view at night with all the lights, heavy traffic. I think that the food in Shanghai is more oily. Most of the food was fried.
We finally visited Disneyland Shanghai. I had a lot of fun, sharing this day with the group was an awesome experience. After doing long lines for getting fastpass and riding the attractions we had a long late lunch. I ate tomatoes and mozzarella pizza. Why I ate pizza? Because I was really hungry, so I actually went to the closest place to buy my lunch. In that tavern, I had two options: pizza or udon. I didn't feel that I wanted to eat udon. The pizza was good, I did like it. The taste made me feel to be at home. The other thing I tried is caramel popcorn. I did not buy the popcorn, Demi bought it and she shared it. I ate popcorn around 7 30 since I was really hungry because I didn't buy something for lunch. The popcorn was good since I like to eat sweet things. In the afternoon I was planning to buy it, but we were on a rush to get in the rides. I was attracted by the smell of the caramel popcorn After eating the popcorn, I feel better since I was really.

22 June 2017

Tourism can caused a huge impact on a tourist destination. As for local people of that area, they are responsable to keep and preserve their culture. China is a country that received millions of tourists each year, people are attracted by their history, traditions, culture and cuisine. There still some local people that are working hard to preserve their traditions, they want to shared their knowledge and as tourism we need to learn to appreciated their hard word. However, is also hard not to get influenced by others culture. When we buy a souvenir or a traditional snack, we sometimes do not appreciate the hard work they put into. We just focus on the final product. I didn't know the long and hard process to get a silk product. When I went to the fabric and learn the process, I realized how much work it takes. Sometimes we even bargain for a better price , we are not considering the labor and that these people also have a family to support.
Today we had the opportunity to visited Fudan University. We had a really nice lecture delivered by Professor Guo. From that lecture I learned about destination marketing on the east and western part of China. China is well known as a modern and finance place; however, there are some parts of China that has not be develop. As we all know the east part of China has been growing rapidly that when visitors come, they are really surprised of the changes. The east part of China does not lack of technology, transportation, good infrastructure and the economy is good. The tourism is pretty high. On the contrary, the western part is facing some challenges that does not it to grow. The western part is underdeveloped, some areas lack of basic needs, getting in that areas is hard because there is not accessibility, IT can't be installed. As a result, people can not reach those areas. However by doing some analysis, it's possible to develop a plan to start growing and promote tourism.

21 June 2017

China is an awesome tourism destination, each city has its uniqueness. However, there are some aspects that destination stakeholders should work to improve tourist behavior. At some places people can be rude and not courteous. Because they see you are a foreigner, people might gossips about you and give you a bad face. The day that we were at the Oriental Pearl Tower, I saw how people trespass the fence. They didn't respect, they just do whatever they want. Moreover, people might not be that patient when you are trying to ask about something. I think that stakeholders should start a campaign of educating people, specially how to behave at public places. That will not only help to themselves, but also to give a better concept to tourism. Tourist should leave with the best experience so they can come back and bring more people. That will allow China to keep growing as a better country and tourism destination.
Yesterday, our tour guide Jeff explained to us about the ping pong diplomacy. United States and China started to have a better relationship in 1971. In 1971, the World Tennis Table Championship was held in Japan, one of the player from United States got into the bus of the Chinese delegation. The Chinese delegation did not make him to step away, it was the opposite. They even got an translator because of language barrier. They treated him very nice. After this situation happened, both countries have a better relationship. After that, President Nixon signed a country friendship agreement where this give opportunities to commerce, business, and among others. It's impressive how s person can changed things and make a big difference. A person can make a huge impact in society, just like this ping pong player. This kind of interaction brought a country' friendship.

20 June 2017

Suzhou and Shanghai has a interesting historical relationship. Suzhou used to be the metropolitan city, while Shanghai was consider a village. It is amazing how these role has changed. Now Shanghai is consider a business center. In the past, Chinese commerce was based on canals. This canal system was openly to operated internationally allowing Shanghai to be the main port. Many people from Suzhou moved to Shanghai. Moreover, this historial relationship keeps influencing in present day. People from Suzhou works in Shanghai, but they lived in Suzhou. Why do they work in one city and live in another one? Because the life standards in Shanghai are higher than Suzhou. Shanghai is an expensive city, people can't afford to buy a house. As the city keeps growing, become more modern and diverse, everything is becoming more expensive.
Shanghai is a really modern city. I've always heard that is a modern place with a lot of sky building, many people considered it as a the New York of China. Today I had the great opportunity of visiting this city. One thing is to heard a experience and another to lived it. My first impression of Shanghai was different from the others cities we have visited. As soon as we entered to the city, I saw all these tall building, one next to another one. The view from the highway was really nice. I was so happy and excited. The best part of the day was visiting the Oriental Pearl Tower. I could see all the city from there, walking at the transparent floor was the best part of my day! I had a lot of fun. On the other hand, we visited a museum. Something really curious that I realized today is that people do not respect the rules. People were touching and even get in the car at the museum. I didn't expect to see that ; however, this is something common in Shanghai.

19 June 2017

Suzhou is a really good destination to visit especially for people how are looking a place to learn about a traditions, to relax, and to get away of noise. In my opinion, Suzhou comparing to Beijing, is a calm city. It has a lot of traditional and tourists places to visit. Riding a boat at the Great Canal was really calm and relaxing. It was nice to watch the old structure of the buildings in that community, also I could observe the lifestyle and daily duties of the people in that community. Moreover, Suzhou has a beautiful garden that separates you from all the noise, a place where people can relax and have a peaceful time. For people who enjoys shopping, there is a street, which it's really traditional. There are a lot of small shops where people can find handcrafts, souvenirs, and other unique things. To make it better, there are coffee shops were people meet, read a book and enjoy the view. Suzhou is a city with all types of activities, even if it's raining you can have a nice time
Throughout my trip in China I have seen many impressionable art. I have noticed that Chinese people have a lot of creativity , patience, and pulse to do handcrafts. I have had the opportunity to watch these talented people doing embroidery, Chinese calligraphy, appreciate how they prepare the food, shaping Jade, and among others. The most interesting part of these is that people do not only do it as their job, but also it help them to relax, meditate, or even as a hobby. Today, I was really impressed when we went to the Chinese embroidery workshop. I was watching how people were stitching, it requieres a lot practice, experience and patient. It was interesting when the person giving us the tour said that it requires at least 20 years to become a master and that there are only 12 masters in all China. I realized how much work it is. By watching the process of doing a product, I started appreciating things more. I learned how much work requieres to get to a final product.

18 June 2017

Tourism can impact our society in many ways.Personally, it has help me to gather more knowledge of a new culture. To learn new habits that will benefit myself to be s better person. Educationally, I learn to be more about China, it's culture and cuisine. Not only that but also they way Chinese people thoughts and perspective towards something. It's really interesting how visiting a country can change help you to see things in a different way. Moreover, tourism can also impact to the community. Sometimes a community wants to keep their tradition, but when they are facing with tourists that can be hard. People can bring new ideas or habits from other places that might influence community. On the other hand, tourism can help economically to the community. Tourist spend money on souvenirs shop that can generate income to a household. Tourism can generated impact in society, sometimes can be good or bad.
Visiting China has definitely help me to be more open mind and learn a lot of new things, especially culture. It's really nice how people have their relaxing time. Chinese people usually have their afternoon tea, the environment is awesome. The place is really quiet and have a lot of green areas. They go to restaurants or visit places as a group. The more people they have, the better it is. I really like how Chinese people relax and spend their time. They have more communication and interaction which each other. Until now I haven't seen any Chinese people using the cellphone while they are in the table which is really good because that doesn't happened in western culture . The way western culture relax is different . We even don't have the habit of drinking tea. I always argue with my friends when we go out together. I actually enjoy chatting while drinking tea, but my friends will prefer drinking an alcoholic beverage. Moreover, we don't have this awesome peaceful and awesome areas.

17 June 2017

#CC My experience visiting the three university have been really interesting. Exchanging knowledge and thoughts with other students and having interesting lectures were a nice experience. From what I noticed, all three university greet us from the entrance of the campus, they guided and took us to the meeting room. That is a way to show long term orientation, because it means they care about you and want to build a good orientation. After talking to the students from the different universities, they asked for our WeChat and other social media. I was kind of surprised because as soon I walked out from the meeting room, one of the student send me a text message. She expressed how happy she was of meeting us and look a forward visit. In that moment, I realized how they keep a long term orientation. Moreover, Zhejiang University invite us to a meeting that was originally delivered in Chinese but they translate it for us. Those are ways to show a long term orientation.
To enhance tourist experience and memories, tourism offer tangible and intangible products. My intangible experience today at WuZhen was nice especially when we rode the boat. Riding the boat makes me feel so peaceful. It gave me a really nice moment, we were separated of the crowd and the noise. The scenery was really nice, from the boat I could appreciate better the scenery. After that I enjoyed watching the puppet show. Although there was a lot of people, I really had a nice time. It was the first time that I watched a puppet show and I like it. That show made me feel like I was trapped in an old Asian movie. Moreover, I went to a small shop. I was trying to communicate with the lady of the store. Although of the language barrier, she was really nice, she was so patient. The way she treat us, they service that she delivered was good. Intangible products increase the level of satisfaction of a travelers or consumers.

16 June 2017

Attending to the meeting at Zhejiang University gave me the opportunity to experience some cultural protocol. At the meeting I saw many protocols that Chinese people followed. The first one was the assigned seats. Special guests were seating in the first rows, each seat had a name tag and if I'm not mistaken they were seated on a specific order, depending on the rank. Another example is when we were taking a picture. People with more authority will be standing in the middle and in the front of the group. Then the rest of the person, depending on the rank they stand of seat next to the person of high rank. Another protocol that I noticed is when people give their business card, they will handed with two hands and bow. Another thing that I realized m, when the ceremony started they started to introduce people.The person will stand up and bow or wave their hand. Some people bow, I think that is to show respect or to thanks.
Today we have the great honor to attended to a lecture on innovation in smart hotel technology at Zhejiang University.The lecture was really interesting, it's about integrating devices that will collect data about the behavior of guest at a hotel room. This project is planned to be introduce in first in China and then to New Zealand and UK. I think it's a really good project because by merging this technology to hotels,hotels can give a better service by customizing it. The collection of data will record guest preferences, so anytime that guest return to the hotel the service will be better. Moreover, this will also benefit hotels' installations. It will give a report of the facilities if they are working properly or not, they can fix it before a guest report it. In my opinion, this is a huge improvement in hospitality. This field requieres to be in constant renovation and to be updated. Each day guest are asking for better services and hotels need to meet and exceed their expectations

15 June 2017

China is a well known country because it is trying to keep all traditions and preserving their historical places. The Great Wall as well as The Museum of Terra-cotta Army are places that really amazed me. It's impressive of they preserved it. The government works on keeping on these places safe. Destinations are really important for increasing tourism in a place. Today, we visited the West Lake. There are not words to describe how beautiful is that place, we rode that boat for an hour. The green environment with old Asian architecture makes that place awesome. China is a diverse country that has attractions for all taste. Even if you are interested in traditional Chinese medicine or tea, you can visited hospital and the plantations. For people that enjoy biking or walking they have the option of visiting the City Walk. This place has a mixture of ancient and modern. Inside the City Walk, you will have the feeling of ancient time, but when you walk out will feel the modern part.
Traditional Chinese Medicine was and is really popular in China. Old generation prefer to consume this product; however, young generation relies more on western medicine. Another example is the City Wall, it is located inside the city. The City Wall has an ancient structure. Went we were biking, I could see the others building which are really modern, but in the City Walk I feel like ancient time because the environment is different. Inside the city, Xi'an is really modern, but as drive out of the city the environment changes, is more green. As we visit more places, I realized how technology have influenced our society, museums used it as a tool for education. Moreover, West Lake is an amazing place. The fact that you can see the mountains and the city at the same time is awesome. In West Lake, there are old structure and flowers, having a Starbucks is a good strategy to attract and capture people. The merged of modern and ancient China creates a nice culture.

14 June 2017

Technology is a one of many ways to improve destination marketing. Technology can enhanced and facilitated many things. Has technology influenced our lives? Yes, it has influenced. Today, we visited the fan's museum. In that museum, I saw a 3D video, it was a hologram which really captured my attention. This is an interesting way to improve tourism. Language can sometimes be a problem to communicate and learn, but through this images people can understand. Moreover, in Xi'an there was some post cards that are also 3D. By scanning the barcode people can learn more about an specific things. Another big influenced is our cellphones, our cellphones can be a powerful tool. People now used Apple Pay, Android Pay, or even WeChat as a wallet. Through these app, people can pay in convenient stores or any store working with this app. These technology avoid robberies and give more safety to people, specially when they are traveling. As time passes, technology will also improve.
China as any other country has its own superstitions. Foreigners should me aware of these social beliefs in order to avoid any offenses. Sometimes we buy souvenirs or gifts with the best intentions, but without knowing we can offend people because of their beliefs. Not only beliefs, but also behaviors.Today our tour guide told us some Chinese social beliefs. Chinese people beliefs that they should not give fan as a gift. The fan is consider separation. Pears is also consider as separation and they will feel you are wishing them something bad. Clock is not consider a good gift, specially for adults because it means death, time is running and that person does not have much time. When using chopsticks, people should not stick the chopsticks in the rice. It's belief that sticking the chopsticks in the rice means death. A good present. will be tea. Tea is consider as longevity. It is important to be aware of these, we as foreigners might not consider important, but they do think it is.

13 June 2017

Food has been really good in any place we have been. I can't complain about it. Before coming I didn't know how much variety of food China has. It's so impressive. What is makes it more interesting is that the two cities that I have already visited have different type of food. I feel that Beijing has more dishes with meat. I remembered that even dishes of vegetables have meat. In Beijing we ate beef, pork, chicken, and duck. The duck was delicious. However, I feel that Xi'an cuisine is based more on vegetables. There were a lot of types of vegetable. Not only that but also dumplings. I think that every meal we have dumplings. Dumplings can either be fried or steamed, there are really good. I also think that people on Xi'an eat more noodles, there were cold noodles or in soup. I realized that in Beijing, people eat more rice. There was fried rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The way food is serve is the same. We first have appetizers, then the different dishes and then fruits.
Each city has its own attractions and culture. Beijing and Xian are nice cities, they are unique in their own way. Hangzhou seems to have more green areas and landscapes. As we were driving on way to the hotel, I saw that the design of the house were different. I was quite interesting is a mixture of European and Asian style. Buildings weren't that close to each other. I think that traffic in Hangzhou is much better; however, the weather didn't give me a first good impression, it was raining. According to our tour guide, during this month it usually rains. I personally do not like rainy days, but I just hope that the rain will not affect our tour. The hotel is amazing,I like it. The service really surprised me, out of all the hotel we have been. This is the first one where the a staff is waiting for us out of the bus and greet us. He even carries an umbrella and tried to help us to get down from the bus. I can see the different type of service. So far, I have been enjoying Hangzhou.

12 June 2017

#CC Today, we had the opportunity to visit Xi'an International Studies University. It was a nice experienced to share this time with Chinese students. At the beginning to the conversation they were a little bit shy, but after talking a lot they feel more confident. I was surprised when they told me that they have 38 hours of class per week, they take 16 classes. After hearing that I thought I should stop complaining about my classes. Moreover, when I asked them where they want to be in the future, if they want to work out of the country, they told me that they want to stay in Xi'an. They are more traditional and conservative. It's nice how they love their city and feel proud where they are from. Me, as an international student, I'm also proud where I'm from, but I have to be honest that there not opportunities in my city, and if I want to succeed I need to move to another place. Moreover, I could see their hospitality by telling us what should we do and eat while being in Xi'an.
Visiting the Muslim street remembered me when I was in Taiwan because there was street food, souvenirs and many local things. I think foreigners and domestic visitor should visit this place because they can learn more not only about Xi'an but also about China. As I mentioned before, this street sells Xi'an's local snacks and souvenirs of tourists' places. If foreigners want to try Xi'an snacks, this is the perfect place;moreover, tourists are able to find souvenir at a cheaper price. I feel that the Muslim street is a street with fully Chinese environment. Foreigners can have a full experience of trying food, interact with local people, learn how local people have to work. The Great Mosque is located close to the Muslim street. It is a nice place to relax and have contact with the environment. It's an amazing place that not that much tourist go. In my opinion, u think that area is a mixture between traditional and modern. Traditional because how the street looks.

11 June 2017

Culture and cuisine can be really challenging when visiting a country. However, I think that with time you can get used to it. I have been experiencing some cultural challenges like when someone approaches wants pictures or sell something. Chinese people speak really loud and it's not because they are angry, it just their tone of their voice. Moreover, I think I do not have any challenge with the cuisine. Actually I love any Asian cuisine, I grew up eating Asian food, so some of the flavor of the food are really familiar to me. However, if I'm eating something new and it's already in my platen and I don't like it, I eat it. That's how I do to overcome this challenge. Why do I do that? Because I was taught that even If I don't like it, i have to eat it without making any bad face expression and thanks for the food. This also help me to makes my tongue to get used to any type of food.
DM Xian is an amazing city, I love it. If I have to decide which if Beijing or Xi'an, I will say Xi'an is better. There are s lot of things that I like from here, but I think that the most memorable experience until now is the when we went to the recreational resort. That place is really nice, but beside of being nice is the service that had. As we arrived, people were waiting for us to greet us, then they guided us to the dinning room. There was a lot of food, it was really special dishes. The food that we ate in Beijing or other days, I have already try it. But the food that we ate at the recreational resort no. So some dishes were new to me, which makes me feel happy because I like to try new things. Food is a good tourism product. People not just only come to visit a destination, but also to try their food. Food also creates memories. When I was eating the soup at the show, that soup remembered me my grandma, she always cooked that soup and it brought me memories.

10 June 2017

After today's experience of visiting the recreational resort and the Sofitel Legend Peoples Grand Hotel how important is giving a good face. Now that I've been interacting with a lot of Chinese people I've learn a lot of things. It's is important to smile, always greet and thanks people with big smile. I've noticed that saying hi, thank you or bye in mandarin has been helping. Personally, I think it does not really matter what clothes we are wearing, but most important is how we behave. To know how to behavior is a certain time can impact on the impression that you are trying to give. For example, when we are at lunch or dinner we try to each as much as possible to show them that we appreciate and like the food. Today at the recreational resort, we did a toast, we didn't show any bad expression if we don't like the food, we keep smiling and thanking for everything. Same for the Sofitel hotel, we appreciate for their time.
DM :Now that I have been a week in China and experienced a lot of things I can describe Chinese hospitality. Every single place that we have visited, I have experienced an amazing time. People are so nice, the service is the best. They will great you with a smile and aware of you need something. Even if there is a barrier language, they will try the best you understand and make sure you are ok. Chinese hospitality is totally different from the US. After visiting the recreational resort, I can say that Chinese people does know how to treat their guest. They will do anything to make sure the guest is comfortable. The service was really neat, they had the patience to take us around and show us the property. The food was amazing, there are no words to describe is experience. They make an space of their time to welcome us and explain everything about the property. The aspect that o really like from Chinese people is that they are always smiling. A smile can makes someone's mood and day.

9 June 2017

As expected, China has things that western are not familiar with and they can like it or not;however, there could be ways to solve it. The good part that have seen is the used of sign in any place. All the signs are in Chinese and under Chinese is the English. The correct used of signs can be really helpful for tourist. Moreover, I don't think food will be a problem for western people, there is a wide variety of food. If you want to eat Chinese food you can eat it, but if you want to eat western food there are also a lot of American restaurants. Something that hotels and tourism places should improve is training their staff. Hotels for sure will have guest that doesn't speak mandarin. At the hotel in Beijing many staff did not speak English, but yesterday I was shocked when a staff at Sofitel was speaking in Spanish. I think some hotels are doing well on that, but others still need to improve.
China is a country with a totally different culture from the US as well as my country. The US is the country with a high percentage of individualism. People just care about themselves, they are more selfish. However, I noticed here in China is totally different. People in the US do not spend that much time with the family, they don't share a lot of time together. It s really rare when the entire family have any meal together. Chinese people love to share time with their family and beloved ones, especially during the lunch and dinner. They like to plan trip and activities altogether. They spend a lot of time together. I noticed it when I when to the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and The Great Wall. I saw many families walking by and taking pictures. Another good example is residents in Hutong, they will communicate with each other when there is an issue and try to solve it as a community. I really like this collectivism culture because you can feel the support and love from people.

8 June 2017

#CC The more time I spend in China the more I get surprised. After being here for some these I noticed a lot of things. The most common one is the fact the many Chinese people stare at the group and take pictures, they sometimes ask for a picture or they just without asking.. Before coming to China, Dr.Mejia and the students panel told us about that, but honestly I didn't thought it will happen since I think that many people like to visit China and Chinese people should be used to see foreigners. It is funny when we are taking a picture as a group and there are at least 5 cameras in front of us. The second cultural behavior that I witnessed is how people pressure for something. I think they approaches to tourists. Usually when someone approaches to me either to sell something or ask for something and if I said no, they will stop insisting. Here in China doesn't happened. People will keep pressuring you.

7 June 2017

Since the firsts meeting that we have in Orlando I knew that my classmates are so friendly . We take care of each one and they are so nice. Breakfast, lunch and dinner have been amazing. I always have a great time while eating. Any place we go, even thought to the convenient store I have a good time. They make me laugh and I enjoy their company. It's a fact that without them, the experience will be different. It was so funny when we were climbing the Great Wall. Those are memories that I'll never forget. Dr. Mejia is like our mom, she have been taking care of us asking if we are ok, if we need a medicine. I'll appreciate it. It's amazing how Dr. Wei is also taking care of us. I really feel comfortable is this trip since I feel that I can trust each other. If I'm having a problem I now that I'm not going to be alone. Co-creation can be affect by people. A service can be influence also by the person.
Today, I finally had the opportunity to visit the Great Wall. It was so amazing. I always see pictures and videos of the Great Wall, but I never imagined that I will actually visit it and have that experience. Now I can say I climbed the Great Wall. It was really tiring to climb it, but it was worthy. It was incredible how many people were there. I enjoyed watching people doing there best to get as far as possible. Personally, I struggle to climbed until then end. It was really tiring, but I made it. The most important part is that I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed watching the scenery, it was beautiful. It was funny to watch how children and adults were making an effort to climb it. I climbed the Great Wall for two hours! At the beginning was really easy, but after 30 minutes I needed to take a rest. I took nice pictures to have it as memories. It is so impressive how long it is. As I was climbing it , I was thinking were does this end.
Souvenir, accommodations, shops, people, attractions and food are some tourism products that I identified after visiting some places. But I think that food and attractions are the main ones. After visiting some places like the Great Wall, I realized why people want to visit China. It is an amazing place. Thousands of thousands of people visit it per day. It was surprising how many people were there. Moreover, I think that people choose a destination because of attractions and food. Attractions are really important for a destination, is a way to create memories and experience. Food is another potential tourism product. Each dish is unique. Each one has a different taste and presentation, there is a variety of dishes. Before coming to this trip, I was wondering why type of food I was going to eat, will I like it or not? And I think I'm not the only one thinking about that. Many people are attracted to a destination by the food. They want to try something different.

6 June 2017

#DM After meeting with BISU students I realize the importance of improving destination marketing. We had the chance to exchange ideas and thoughts. Destination marketing gives the opportunity to connect people with different destination and culture. During the discussion, I noticed that people sometimes don't travel, they are stuck in the same place and they do not know about any other place. People doesn't know what is beyond their area. Having a better understanding of marketing and management destination, can create better links with different cultures. I realized that destination marketing class are not offered in BISU. Students expressed the desire of having it. This mean that destination marketing has to be encouraged. People are not being well educated about it.Offering destination marketing classes, creating international conferences and offering more study abroad program are way to improve.
#CC Having a class of Traditional Chinese Medicine and having a discussion with BISO students was a really nice experience. We had a the opportunity to learn about TCM. TCM caused me a big impression, I didn't know that people still used this type of medicines. I thought people prefer the western medicine, but I was wrong. Still younger generations prefer the western medicine. TCM are also used in food. This remains me when I was a child my grandparents used to prepared a soup that has some herbal medicines, the taste was bitter.The second biggest impression is how Chinese students study so hard to get in a university. In China, education is really important. It is very competitive to get admitted in an university. In order have a better path for their life, they have to study hard, have high expectations and get a good job. I partially agree with it because having competition makes you have better goals; however, I also think that we work to live, we don't live to work.

5 June 2017

CC: how were today's Chinese meals different from those youve had in the US? Today I had the opportunity to try some Chinese snacks. During the lunch, I tried dumplings, buns, and vegetables. It was good. I don't think the US have a traditional snack. One thing that I really like is the way the food is serve. All the dishes are serve almost at the same time and are share with the people sitting at the same table. It is a good way to share more time with family, relatives or friends. Everyone gets the chance to try anything. I think that people in the US do not have the same habit.Personally, I love to eat vegetables, so I'm so happy to have in every meal. In the US not all people like to eat vegetables. I don't think vegetables are their first choice. Dinner was great. I got the chance to try a little bit of everything. I was awesome to see how the same type of meat can be prepared in a different style.
1.DM please identify the stakeholders throughout the day's activities, how did they work together? I realized how importance are stakeholders in destination marketing. They are the key of incrementing tourism in an specific area. After being at Hutong and having Victor as a tour guide in that place, I understand more the job of a stakeholder. We also visited the artist Zhang, who lives his entire live in that area. He opened his house to the community and shared with us how local people live there. It is really interesting how he is preserving his area and how much interest he has to keep it. Moreover, he also shared with us his concerns. He is concern about the bars and stores in that area because there is a lot of noise. Mr. Zhang and residents are not comfortable with the noise. Victor Mr. Zhang, and residents are perfect examples of stakeholders. I learned the importance of having stakeholders.

4 June 2017

Any cultural differences /similarities you can pick up on so far. When we were heading to the hotel, I noticed how people in China drive. It was a little bit scary, but funny at the same time. People will change lanes without using the turn lights. It was scary, but why funny? Because that also happen in Ecuador. People in Ecuador also drive crazy. Many people say that if you know how to to drive in Ecuador, you can drive in any country. Before coming to China, my parents told me how people in China drive. Moreover, I did notice that the roads were really clean which it surprised me. This is different from my country. In my country, I will still see some trash on the floor.
First impressions of China as a destination coming from airport. My first impression from China is how fast is immigration. I just wait a couple of minutes. From all of the countries I have visited, this was the fastest. In Ecuador, it usually takes 30 minutes or more. Additionally, people working at the immigration were not rude. They will welcome you with a big smile. It was a nice experience. I wasn't expecting that since immigration usually makes a lot of question and they are really serious.The airport was really organized and clean, there was a sign for everything. It will be really hard to get lost inside the airport. The decoration of the airport is interesting. It makes you feel that you are in China. Before coming I thought that is was going to be a long line to wait. Everything was really fast and nice.