Italy · 3 Days · 9 Moments · October 2016

Erika's Journi nach Venice, Venedig, Italien

14 October 2016

On the last day the water was very high. So we wasn't sure as the boat taxi will have enough space under the little bridge to pick us up at the hotel. But it worked😅

13 October 2016

This bar was great. The waitress with her rough charme served the special Parma fresh cutted on a "Berkel".

12 October 2016

It was a hard way to find this wonderful little and always fully booked Restaurant in Dorsoduro. But at the end we enjoyed a great dinner, friendly people and an easy going mood. We'll come back🍷🍷
Some of the countless cultural treasures. I love to light a candle thinking of my family and friends everywhere💛💛💛
Some bling bling under old and brittle walls.
If you need more space, have a drink in one of the expensiv places (there's always a free table;-) and enjoy the hustle and bustle around you. Some time later I realized, feeding the doves is punishable😳🤓😜
A certaine time, we follow the touristic paths: St. Marcus, Dogenpalais, Rialto.....
Some small canals away from tourist crowds. And: Commissario Brunetti? 😎
Our little friendly hotel in Venice. The room was maybe a little too red? 😜