Croatia · 1 Days · 5 Moments · October 2016

Erika's Journi nach Split, Kroatien

16 October 2016

I love this Rischkas. You are fast to drive and fast to stop (if you need a photo)😄🚴📷
I don't want loose too much words about the horrible food on our horrible Cruis Ship. So we loved to have a great lunch on nice places on every stations of our trip. Here it was the brunchbuffet in the backyard at the mazzgoon. Good mood, good music, good people and last but not least good food.
The old city of Split is rich in historic buildings. Some are in a bad condition. Nevertheless it' a very impressive place. And who knows, maybe that's exactely the special charm of it?
The Port of Split. Ready to bring you on countless islands or to say welcome to travellers.