Spain, Switzerland · 7 Days · 8 Moments · November 2016

Erika's Abenteuer in Barcelona, Spanien

18 November 2016

La casa Milà or La Pedreda: One of the amazing buildings of Barcelonas pervasively Architect Antoni Gaudí. The sample appartement gives an impression over the bourgeoisie of art nouveau.
The always unfinished Cathedral La sagrada familia: An explosion of colours, light and magic✨

12 November 2016

House fronts and balconies
The roof: All things, which inevitable the outer roof, were transformed by Gaudí into art: Chimneys, Ventilation shafts, elevator pits .....
Casa Milà-more then a building: The special style inside, outside and under the roof. A stunning work of art. To consider: Gaudís furnitures.

11 November 2016

I realy love food markets.
The Parc Güell: A commissioned work at Gaudí. I feel as in a backdrop of a Fantasy film.