Turkey · 4 Days · 8 Moments · March 2017

Eric's journi to Turkey

28 March 2017

Craving BK. Most attractive servers we have seen thus far in turkey. Nicer than bon qui qui.
Hot air ballon ride. Attempt on day number 2 success!! Picked up at 5:15 am and driven to the center of the national park. Even though the wind conditions were not right, since they had canceled flights the previous 3 days, the pilots made a go at it. We flew 15 km in 45 min. Apparently a little higher than average. In the summer when there is no wind, they might only move 500 m. The experience Reaffirmed my fear of heights. The pilot estimated approx 90-100 balloons flying today. The landing was a little bump, but not scary. The morning ended with a champagne toast.

27 March 2017

Since balloons were canceled on our first day, we had the morning free to sleep in, then went on a hike through the national park. The landscape is made of multiple layers of volcanic material which has different properties and erodes at different rates. This leads to some very peculiar landscapes. The rock is mostly very soft, like you can pull off chunks of sand with your bare hands. For hundreds of years, people have been carving out homes into the "chimneys" and cliffs. Some were made into churches like the one we found with an intact fresco from the 10th century.

26 March 2017

After our tourist time and shopping for clothes at the bazaar, we had some beers, whiskey and then admired McDonald's cafe selections. Including macaroons.
The following morning after 11 hours of sleep went to the cistern of the citadel. Huge underground pillars that could hold water for the ancient roman city.

25 March 2017

Starving after no lunch and site seeing til 5 pm. So we got some kebab after the topkopi palace museum. Ordered way too much food. Delicious.
Next we walked across the street to hagia Sofia. Now a museum. Originally a Christian church now turned mosque and the model for many other mosques in the region.
Arrived in Istanbul around noon after leaving Tel Aviv for a quick survey of the cities sites. Immediately headed to the blue mosque.