Canada · 11 Days · 38 Moments · June 2017

Eric and Stacey's adventure to Labrador

28 June 2017

Home. Journi over.
Last stop for the trip

27 June 2017

Saw this guy in Red Bay Labrador!!!!!
So last night went to get some groceries and when I left the store the check engine light came on.. boo.. so went back to campsite. Checked oil. Google a few things.... checked the gas cap. And on the way today it went off.. thankfully.. on our way home now

26 June 2017

Horseback riding

25 June 2017

Roxy and Milo are enjoying not sleeping in the car or bouncing down a gravel highway
2 nights here. Hopefully someone else books a horseback ride so Stacey can go. It's a minimum of 2 for a tour.
Campsite for the night. Most likely 2. Hopefully Stacey can go horseback riding. Camping Ranch Du Fjord
Ferry ride

24 June 2017

Night view
Manic 5 Hydro Dam. And our campsite for the night.
Yikes! But not surprising, they can charge whatever they want here. Lol
Leaving Labrador
Back in Labrador City

23 June 2017

And now it's raining again. Just can't get a win in this province
Campsite for tonite. Grande hermies park
Cache brook

22 June 2017

Back in Goose
So cold

19 June 2017

Churchill Falls
Coffee and iced cap to start the day
This is where we stayed last night
Shit just got real
Campsite for the night. Road side special.

18 June 2017

Stretch and drink break
Timmies coffee and iced capp
Here is our campsite for Saturday night. Super big and private sites with very few people. Just how we like it

17 June 2017

Made it to Voyageur Provincial Park today. So many fire flies here tonight. Video or pictures aren't showing up very well. Off to sleep shortly
Gotta get the timmies. No Canadian road trip can start without it.
Just leaving on the epic adventure