Canada · 4 Days · 39 Moments · September 2017

James Bay - Aurora or Bust Tour

27 September 2017

Home sweet home. Although we didn't get to see the lights, it was still an incredible trip! Now just gotta plan the next one... We'll see the lights yet!

26 September 2017

Fuel stop
Fuel stop
Eric, I kinda got it.
Les bluets du Québec!
Ghost town Joutel
Inside the ghost town, nothing is left except broken sidewalks and the remnants of some buildings. The most interesting was what we think was a church with scallop-edged walls.
Took a detour off the beaten trail south of Matagami to tour through a ghost town. Added a aerial shot of the town. First established in 1965 due to the opening of gold, copper and zinc mines in the area, the community was named for early French explorer Henri Joutel, and had a population of several hundred residents at its peak.[1] In the early 1970s, media services were brought to the community, including rebroadcasters of CKRN-TV[2] and CBF-FM.[3] However, the community was abandoned by 1998, when the ore reserves were depleted enough that the mines were no longer profitable.
Moose season is on in Québec.
Day 4: On the road again heading back to Matagami. Trekked all the way up the James Bay Route to Chisasibi and back down in two days. Almost 1400km.

25 September 2017

Back at the same campsite we stopped at on our first night for our last night of the trip. We are able to have a fire, the first of the trip. Unfortunately the night sky isn't clear enough to see any lights.
Rupert River Waterfall. Gorgeous scenery. Couldn't fully understand the info sign because it was only in French and Cree, but this river played a role in forming the Hudson Bay Company.
Cheaper than last trip
No road trip is complete without the sighting of a random shoe on the side of the road.
La Grande-1 Generating Station near Chisasibi. One of the Hydro Québec dams along Rivière La Grande. More pics to come from cameras.
La Grande Dam 1. Posted by Eli
Stopped in Chisasibi for a hot breakfast in what we assume is the Town Centre. Chisasibi means Great River and is the most northern Cree Nation accessible by road. Posted by Krista
Night #2: The location was great... The weather, not so much.
Chisasibi QC, James Bay coast with the tide out. Not the weather we were hoping for. But we got to see part of the Artic Ocean and look across to Nunavut. Posted by Eli

24 September 2017

We are now north of the 52nd parallel. Posted by Krista
It just keeps getting better. Rupert River from the road. It gets a big circle on the map and we'll stop in on the way back. Posted by Krista
Broadback Rest Stop at mile marker 232. Gorgeous view! Posted by Krista
Lac Rodayer, QC Posted by Eli
Rest stop
More views from the road. A close up of the Black Spruce only made possible to grow by the forest fires that heat the seeds up enough to germinate. Posted by Krista
Day 2 and we're off again. Gray start to the day but the sun is trying to peek through. Either way, the views from the road are amazing. Can't go without stopping to admire some of the scenery. A forest fire has left its mark, drastically changing the landscape. Posted by Krista
Our site for the night. Ouescapis Lake Campground in Eeyou Itschee James Bay Region, QC. Rustic accommodations, peaceful and surrounded by nature. Just what we wanted. Posted by Krista
One view from our campsite, about 80km north of Matagami, QC. We are now officially on Hydro Quebec roads.

23 September 2017

Rest stop.
Dans Québec. Posted by Krista
Fuel stop
Fuel stop in Temagami. Absolutely beautiful weather. Posted by Eli
On the road who hoo
Home sweet home for the next five nights. Posted by Eli