North America, Europe · 7 Days · 29 Moments · May 2016

Le trip de dudes en France

31 May 2016

Owen got an Amsterdam stamp in his passport! :)
Coming home! We had to get up at 3:30 this morning... tired.

30 May 2016

Last gratuitous metro shot: Owen's collection of 77 metro tickets from his (and my) time here!
Second round of shopping this afternoon at Galeries Lafayette. It had a super ornate center dome with shops like Harrods up six stories around it. Then the seventh floor was a terrace with views around the entire city. Must be amazing in the summertime!
Owen: We're gonna walk off the plane tomorrow tired but stylish.
Gratuitous metro shot.
Oh man. This is the last morning and I switched my crepe to ham and cheese. Fourteen pounds of cheese later... and we're ready to walk. Last day is a shopping and eating day!

29 May 2016

Timing was perfect and horrible - today was the centennial of the "hell of Verdun" from the Great War. The president of France and Germany were in Verdun to commemorate. Which meant that when we got there, we were turned away... after our three hour drive. While we couldn't get anywhere near the battlefields or forts, there was a cemetery from the war down the road, so we walked around a bit before getting back in the car and heading back.
Road trip to Verdun! We were going to be bombing around in a BMW x1, but they gave us a Mini instead. Because that's not what we reserved. We are learning that part of traveling is rolling with things as they come, and keeping a positive outlook. In our Mini.

28 May 2016

Trying to find a movie theater, and got caught in a thunderstorm. So... we took a much needed charcuterie break instead. We did end up seeing Captain America later in the night. In French. So... "seeing," but in my case, not understanding any of it.
It's my third time to the Louvre, but only my first time to actually go inside. Excited!
Back to the set of the second scene of Ninjas in Paris. There's a film covering one of the sides of the pyramid right now. It's really funky and cool.
Gratuitous metro shot.

27 May 2016

We stopped on two different stretches of Omaha beach at Saint Laurent Sur Mer. There were families there having a day at the beach, like any other. For Owen and I, it was very moving. Owen wrote in the sand - We honor you and your bravery that night. Thank you.
Point du Hoc, where the Rangers climbed the cliffs on the far west end of the American line on D-day. The area was bombed and shelled heavily and the craters that were left behind were never filled. Owen appreciated the size of the blasts by running through the craters. Some of them are too immense, pictures don't do justice to the scale.
Next stop was the Longues-sur-Mer battery. Two of the four gun placements are still intact. We climbed up on one of the bunkers this time and saw a trail down to the cliff where there was another placement we hadn't seen before. Awe inducing.
Picked up a car in Caen and jumped on the road. First stop: Arromanches, where the floating docks were set up, but sunk in a storm shortly after D-day. Fog rolled in right as we arrived, so not as great a view as we would have liked.
Hey Owen, what time is it? Turns out we're doing alright to get to the train station this morning, Paris time. Seattle time, we're running about 9 hours late.

26 May 2016

Never climbed Notre Dame before. Those were some stairs...
Finished off the day with a great meal at the place we tried to get into last night - Fraîche. Dessert fav was the cheese plate.
Next up was Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees, where we stopped for "un peu de nouriture." That sounds pretentious - I thought to myself as I sipped my glass of rosé.
Stroll through Luxembourg park, where Owen got to play with sail boats. Just Owen.
Top of the Dame.
Going back to the location of the first scene of Ninjas in Paris. Glad to see they haven't torn down the set yet.
Been waiting for this a long time. Owen's old favorite crepe stand. My favorite Nutella crepe.
The day begins. Gratuitous metro shot.

25 May 2016

The place we wanted to eat was booked solid for the night so we grabbed Thai/Vietnamese for dinner. Owen had a splash zone that extended to the tables on each side of us.
I got him!

24 May 2016

And away I go! Next stop, Owen!!