Around The World · 25 Days · 32 Moments · July 2018

My outlander and history tour of the UK.

21 August 2018

Trip to Dublin from Tramore today. Weaving mill. Book of Kells and book library at Trinity.
Photos for today. Lighthouses, scenery, Waterford crystal company and our entertainment last night

20 August 2018

Images from yesterday
To Killarney. Some bee hive hills but still very misty today
Medieval castle night event

19 August 2018

Journey to Sligo and a few things on the way. The cliffs of moher amongst others
Journey up to the giants causeway etc
Belfast sites

17 August 2018

A few of my images from Birmingham

16 August 2018

From our outlander convention before we came to Ireland (I did not take these images but they are very good)

15 August 2018

A little bit of Dublin

14 August 2018

Our entertainment today was awesome. The dinner was great too

12 August 2018

Our outfits
Some of our costumes at the event

11 August 2018

The Q&As were awesome! Autograph lines were not. Met some great people and had some fun. Event over now off to Ireland tomorrow!
Tobias, Lauren, Nell and Annette. Most of the day waiting in line

10 August 2018

Images from the highlanders 3. The cast members from last night. A couple of extras today. Getting my poster signed this afternoon

9 August 2018

In Warwick today. Did the castle with jousting and a war of the rises re-enactment, bird of prey display, and war machine.awesome building covered in history. Then we took a paddle boat on a small ride. My legs may be sore tomorrow!

7 August 2018

Saw this huge tomb. It’s in what looks like a airplane hanger on the island of Rousay. One of the biggest build. They call it the boat of the dead as it is in a shape of a boat (maybe an stone version of the boat burials) the top is off and there are two kist burial vaults in the top. With what look like standing stones down the length

6 August 2018

Images for today. Visited my first Scottish birch and Viking settlements. Small church and graveyard. Also found a church for sale. Beautiful little building, but the name is unfortunate

5 August 2018

More from my day. Skara brae and the stones of Stenness
Orphir Kirk and the stones of Brodgar. Awesome day. Learning about Orkney history and climbing inside a few ancient tombs.

4 August 2018

Orkney is beautiful, remote and full of history. I walked to the village today and found some ruins on the way, and a huge cathedral (St Magus) After having a few issues this morning in getting here from Edinburgh, it was all worth it. Cannot wait to start my tour tomorrow

2 August 2018

Went to the British natural history museum and the Victoria and Albert museum. Both were awesome. Love the architecture of both and the history inside!

31 July 2018

Wow manatees . Awesome time at the zoo and river safari park. The orangutans were awesome and the spider monkeys were fun to watch. Highlight was the manatees. Everything was very clean and natural. A modern zoo who cared for the animals. There polar bear and ambassador for the zoo (an orangutan) recently died, and memorials to them were around. Apparently 40 thousand people from around the world came to the orangutans funeral.

30 July 2018

High humidity and thunderstorms! But ok if you can dodge the rain. Beautiful place, green and simply amazing with indoor waterfalls and high walks.
Garden on the bay! I think this is going to be awesome!

29 July 2018

Off to Singapore!!! Awesome! Hot in terminal cannot wait to get into the air conditioning on the plane.
Cannot wait time get started. A long day today with two flights. (Something I try to avoid) Arriving in Singapore tonight (their time)
So it begins. Finally on my way

28 July 2018

Packed and ready to go. Mori the morepork is coming too as my mascot!