Netherlands · 44 Days · 15 Moments · August 2014

Emma's au pair year in the Netherlands

28 September 2014

Groninger museum and a stroll through the city

26 September 2014

No school today so decorated sugar cookies and made play doh animals :)

19 September 2014

Helped out in school- giving little children manicures 💅

14 September 2014

Trip to the Dick Bruna Huis and Universiteitmuseum in Utrecht

13 September 2014

and a little sunny cycle around the town
Visited TETEM in Enschede, a modern art museum place.. Very interesting

5 September 2014

First time over night with the kids - they decided to be dogs and made a kennel

4 September 2014

Sunny day in the garden after the kids did the ice bucket challenge

2 September 2014

I seem to have more and more kids everyday

31 August 2014

Julian's 7th Birthday Party

30 August 2014

Day trip to Groningen - saw some churches, the university, a delightful student flat, subway multiple times and dawn of the planet of the apes. What a lovely day it was 🚆☀️🏤☺️

28 August 2014

Saw Guardians of the Galaxy with Jeroen♥️
Making the "worlds longest loom band chain"

27 August 2014

Outshone the kids with my amazing scissor skills

15 August 2014

Arrived at "home"