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5 August 2017

Heading to the J.W Marriot!

5 May 2017

1 May 2017

25 April 2017

21 April 2017

Lol this was so randomπŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

20 April 2017

17 April 2017


15 April 2017

Enjoying great America with my bff!!!

11 April 2017

Yes!! Thank you so much for inviting meπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š I am really excited to post things to
Hey every one! Just wanted you all to know, I now added my best friend as a collaborator, so she can post things too!!!! I hope you enjoy both our stuff!!!

10 April 2017

Live in the sunshine! Please follow my food for the soul journi!

8 April 2017

Moving is so hard😬 but that is life! Glad i have a friend to go through it with me😌😊

6 April 2017

What is your passion? Your passion is something pressing on your heart and pulling you like a magnet towards it. My passion is words. Words are the source of life. Please comment and say, what is your passion? Where should you be, and where do you want to be.
Words of the week::: Scrumptious Energy Dance Hope and Love

5 April 2017

The beauty in a simple photo, the light and energy in a smile, and the really true love in a dream. Reach up. Don't be afraid to say yes. That's all. Say yes to what your heart is calling. Adventure isn't danger, it's a risk of loving it so much, your heart may never return to where you belong, it's worth it, all of you just say ... YES

28 March 2017

Hanging with my bestie!!!!!

22 March 2017

Some places I would love to visit! Spain, Portugal, and Sweden!

20 March 2017


21 February 2017

Something's about myself... what I like- -Cats -Photography -Words -Music -Dance -Spanish -Love

18 February 2017

Some more of my beautiful photography!

16 February 2017

This is a sugar bear, I call them sugar babies! They are $500 each, easy to care for and love. Hey cost about $9 a month, including everything they need, and want. They are often called pocket pets, and get along good with cats dogs and babies. Just not snakes 😯!!! Hey are not rodents, but marsupials, and they make great companions. When you buy one he or she, comes with a little drawstring bag to carry it in, two months supply of food, and daily emails with instructions from the seller. So furry!

9 February 2017


31 January 2017

The loyal companionship of mans best friend, the loveable dog. A gentle guardian plodding along on four feet by your side... a playful wag of the tale, and a friendship that will never end

28 January 2017

Going crazy over these adorable animals!!!!!!!!!

8 January 2017

American girl tea πŸŽ‰ party

7 January 2017

24 November 2016

Yes food for the soul is awesome!! Totally should check that out!!

15 September 2016

This is a sample of some of my photography! I take a class and I am hoping to post more photos of my photography soon. I hope you like these!

18 August 2016

Horseshoe island, and strawberry island from the wooden eagle tower in Door County! I love the bright blue sky!

17 August 2016

My favorite coffee shop in Wisconsin! I am glad to show you some more photography of Leroys Water Street Coffee in Door County Wisconsin! Me and my family go there every year and camp, and this is a great place to start the day!!!!!
Beautiful trees!!!

16 August 2016

Some more marvelous views from Door county Wisconsin!!!! Enjoying the view from the hotel window!!! The goat ice cream is the BEST!!!!!

13 August 2016

28 June 2016

Enjoyed the trip to Florida to visit my BFF!!!! I loved st Augustine! Define toy a must-see for Florida!

25 June 2016

View from the airplane and clouds. This is the plane I took when I went to Florida! Skimming through the clouds...

12 February 2016

My sisters puppy party

27 October 2015

A beautiful autumn walk in Door county once more!

6 June 2015

Early morning view of a Floridian beach! I love Florida. One of my friends is moving there and I can't wait to get out and go visit her again! Salty dog, here I come!!!