Morocco · 6 Days · 3 Moments · May 2016

Emma's trip to Morocco

24 May 2016

5 days in Morocco flew by in a mix of sun, sweat, sand and wonderful people & experiences. Morocco was never on my agenda but was booked spontaneously to meet up with Jaden - it was well well worth the slightly more expensive flights! I will return here!

20 May 2016

Day two ( day one of three day Sahara excursion ) started with some beautiful scenery which didn't stop the entire three days. There was 9 of us on this tour - two Korean girls with limited English, two

19 May 2016

Day one was spent looking around the medina in marrakesh with Jaden and his friend Tim Harker. What a crazy place!! You can't make eye contact with anyone or next moment you are hauled into there shop to bye for "good price good price". Jadens friend Zac also arrived today so I spent the day in the company of three boys which meant I went from feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed when I got off the airport bus to find the hostel alone (one of the most scary experiences I've had - the culture shock was huge for me having never travelled to a developing country and no sense of direction without the aid of google maps) to feeling fairly confident navigating the hustle and bustle of the square flanked by three others. For dinner we braved entering the dragons den - where once again you are seduced/harassed to eat at. Zac ate a Lamb head :/ The orange juice was simply to die for. We had an early night at the purple camel hostel pre camel excursion the next day into the Sahara!