United States of America · 350 Days · 24 Moments · May 2016

Emma's journi at the beach

5 May 2017

Going for a walk!♥️ It is beautiful outside.

4 May 2017

Going to see family in Orlando today!♥️
The sunrise is beautiful today😍

3 May 2017

Sunrise is beautiful this morning😱 I wish i woke up to that where i live!

1 May 2017

We are here!! Cant believe it
We are at Florida!! Almost to the condo!

30 April 2017

Beautiful car scenery🌳

29 April 2017

Another hotel
About to leave for the beach!! The hotel was great.
Breakfast! About to leave on our first driving day!
Breakfast! About to leave on our first driving day!

28 April 2017

Hotel! On the first leg of our journi!
Leaving for the beach!!! So excited!!

27 April 2017

Leaving tomorrow afternoon! Going to bed and when i wake up a lot of packing is going to happen😜
Less than 24 hours before we leave!!!

26 April 2017

Oh my goodness!! I have two more nights before we leave!!!!!! It is so exciting. I can't wait to show pictures of the beach and condo.

8 April 2017

I love books so much... i have to make sure i have enough novels for the month😬😬 (This is so many novels!!)
The vacation is so close!! We are so excited!! 😜😜💕💕😉😉😀😀❤️❤️💕

20 March 2017

We are super excited! We are going on a summer trip to Daytona beach FL! We are not taking a plane we are going to drive there. A three day drive. We are leaving April 28. And we are staying there for a month or so. I hope you enjoy my journi!

21 May 2016

We are going on vacation to FL!! Some photos from last years trip. We have so much fun in florida we just cant miss our annual vacation. Daytona is definitely worth seeing.