New Zealand · 11 Days · 7 Moments · September 2017

Emma's tour through New Zealand

3 October 2017

Tuesday - Georgia came over. We bujo’d and listened to Christmas music. We then went to st helliers and met up with Sam and Jojo at ladies bay. Then came back to mine and watched soul surfer. Then Katy came round for gossip chats. Wednesday - Got new things for my room with mum. Then I went to karaka bay with Sam and Deanna. Then I came home and caught up with Ella, we went to Churchill and had a chat with me Higgins.

1 October 2017

Last aerial class of term 3. Aerial spiral is my favourite, I did it despite 1 hour of sleep the night before. Here is me on it by myself & me and Gemma doing duo spiral. At the dust palace.
On the first Saturday - Sunday of the holidays, we had the lock in at GPC. We played mafia, cutthroat mafia and board games and ate lollies. Then me, Georgia, Sam, Deanna, Sophie, Pochen and Katy went into the chapel and plugged in our phones and danced and sang songs. We then watched Moana and The Blind Side and all cuddled. Then we talked till 4:30 when we had to go to bed. We woke up around 6 and saw the sunrise outside which was nice to look at.

26 September 2017

Throughout this week during art history we have been making clay sculptures and plaster moulds. On the last Friday of term, Georgia, Deanna, Harry, Sam, Sophie, Pochen and Katy came round for hangs we had pizza, went to Churchill park at night and danced jive, did the Cha Cha slide and jump jam. We then went to the playground and played cheat for like half an hour in the dark and wet. We then went the long way home and listened to worship music. Then De, G, Sam and I sat together outside and prayed for our friends and eachother.

24 September 2017

Today I had the fun run with Georgia & Katie, we also met up with Emily and Eve. Lukey came and we had fun with him and got some food from the bake stall. I then had aerials that afternoon and perfected my skills I already know like seatbelt, and learned duo trapeze. Then I had youth from 7-9 and we played a chair game as well as speed dating and Nooma.

23 September 2017

I went shopping with Georgia and we went around doing mischief in the warehouse😂 I then got Mexicali for dinner

22 September 2017

Today I made sculptures in art history. Then I went down to St Helliers beach with Katie and got chips/ food from the bistro. Then we headed to the college to watch junior dance night. 🎉