Hungary · 6 Days · 12 Moments · July 2017

Emma and Josh's tour through Hungary

10 July 2017

Not sure who the man on the bridge is, but he's pretty cool looking 0km statue - where they measure everything in Budapest from Parliament Ominous yellow building leading into the Jewish Quarter Szimpla! - ruin bar with so much random stuff inside Budapest eye (can't afford to go on it) View of Buda
Hummusbar lunch! - falafel and chicken with the freshest most delicious bread Hungarian Goulash Soup for dinner (more delicious bread) Elderflower soda water and Josh's beer Gross creepy fatty thing that came with Josh's pork
Saint Stephen's mummified hand in a box, and the Basilica made in his name

9 July 2017

Baby Guinness! Kahlua and Baileys - with some new friends from our Eat and Meet event
Eat &Meet - at a strangers house with 12 other strangers! Salad with all ingredients picked fresh from the garden, chicken stuffed with veggies, potatoes and thyme, small mixed salad/coleslaw type bowl, and chocolate cake. No pictures of the wine because I drank it all

8 July 2017

Pride march, huge indoor central market
Emma rubbing the officers belly for a good meal, and constantly losing and searching for things in her bags...

7 July 2017

Walking tour through Budapest - Parliament, view of Buda, St Stevens basilica, Charles (good meal if you rub his belly),view of Pest, Matthias church (oldest church in Budapest), hot dog lunch and drinks at Vintage Garden
Beautiful roof of church that overlooks Pest

6 July 2017

Walk past parliament to hostel and Hungarian dinner

5 July 2017

Emma was excited for our night train in the private cabin
Night train 9:45 pm➡️6:00 am 4 hour layover in Zagreb Train is broken!? Train to unknown destination 10:00am➡️10:30am Bus to unknown destination 10:30 am➡️11:15 am Train to Budapest 11:15 am ➡️4:40 pm