United States of America · 8 Days · 11 Moments · November 2017

Emma and Helens Orlando trip

19 November 2017

18/11/2017 and 19/11/2017 cont. The food on the plane was really nice for once. We landed around 0630am collected cases and made our way to the car. As I was putting luggage in boot I strained/dislocated my thumb. Felt a pop. Really hurts. Hel scrapped all the ice off my windows. It was freezing. Then as we went to start the car it wouldn’t start. Stephen from the AA came to our rescue and jump started it. We made it home at around 1215pm after several stops at services. Had a fantastic holiday with Hel. Cant wait to return and also looking forward to the next break. Thanks for the memories Hel! Diet starts now! Steps 12507(combined 18th and 19th) distance 6miles
18/11/17. Day to go home :( we woke up and decided to walk to city walk and have a Starbucks rather than go to the gym since we were going to be cooped up on a Tim can for 8 hours. We got back to the hotel around 945am, finished packing and checked out at 11am. Headed to Denny’s for our last in healthy meal for a while. Seem to have piled on the pounds whilst being here. Diet defiantly starts when we are home. After food we headed to Sanford airport. We had paid to return the car empty on fuel and that we did. The red light came in around 10 mins before arriving. We dropped the car off and checked in. As per norm my bag was over weight 22kg. Hels was bang on at 20kg. I had to take 2kg out and put it in my hand luggage. I pulled a packing cube out and it was exactly 2kg. Full of dirty wangers 😂The airport is tiny with not much to do. hel walked around the seating area to get her steps in. We took off around 6pm. The flight was in eventful with a little bit of turbulence....

17 November 2017

17/11/17. Today was a lazy ish day. We went into the gym for 45 mins followed by nipping to the outlets and Hurley clearance store. Went back to the hotel and had an hour around the pool before showering packing and going to play crazy golf. Helen won. We then went to Bahama Breeze for tea. He food was really nice. Headed to Walmart to get some last bits before heading back to the hotel. Steps walked 12099. 5.94 miles

16 November 2017

16/11/2017 woke up and headed to Volcano bay for it opening for the extra hour at 9am. Rode everything twice then left around 1015am. I lost my tapu tapu in the lazy river. Was a good job we linked hels to the locker. Headed back to the hotel. Bought 3 biscuits from he restaurant to take to the room to go with our scrambled egg breakfast. They were delicious. We then played bowling in the hotel. $8.99 each for 45 mins. Headed then to City walk. Had a cocktail sat in the sun at lone park (margaritaville) before heading into Universal. Stayed there till 630pm then walked to Applebee’s on international drive. Took around 24 mins. Had dinner there (steak and veg. We were craving veg) $51 including a massive cocktail for hel. We got an Uber back $7. Redeemed our free drinks voucher at the bar. The drink was awful but they came in a cute reusable cup. Headed to the room and called it a night. Walked 14393 steps. 7.29 miles.

15 November 2017

15/11/2017. Woke up and we couldn’t get the coffee machine to work so I headed to Starbucks which is in the lobby. $10.60 for two venti coffees. We headed out to some shops for them opening at 10am. Went into TJ Max. I bought two festive coffees (pumpkin and ginger man) hel bought a top. Headed to Nike and Levi’s. I bought a top for $15 hel bought some shorts for $9 yes $9. Amazing. We headed back to the hotel and got changed. Had a few drinks. Then got an Uber to top golf $8. Had an hour at top golf. Was brill. We got a bucket of 6 beers. I also got forced discount. It came to $65 including tax. We walked to Millers ale house played pool with a drink, we continued to walk back down International Drive stopping at Hooters (had fried pickles and sliders), tin roof, twin peaks. We called into Walgreens to get some tooth paste and dental picks. Before walking to universal to get the bus to the hotel then called it a night Total steps. 16563. 8.47 miles.
14/11/2017. We woke up and checked the website for Busch Gardens and I noticed that if you pre book tickets online you save $15 each so we did that. Was $190 for both of us including tax. We set off around 820am. It took around an hour and half to get there. Parked up ($20) and made our way into the park. The park was open 10-5. I wanted to do the Serengeti safari where you go out and feed the giraffes. It was $29 each so we booked onto the 11am tour. We did the cheetah chance ride whilst waiting. It was brill. There was only 8 of us on the tour. We saw loads of animals including an 8 week old rhino. We got to the giraffes and we met one called Cupid who was pregnant. We fed her lettuce. After the tour we went on the rest of the rides. I whimped out of falcons fury. The park was empty. The rides were just walk on which was great. We had done all of the rides by 4pm so we left and drove back. We went straight to the outlets. Pretty much spent every dollar we had on us.

14 November 2017

14/112017 cont..... we grabbed a McDonald’s and made our way to the hotel. We were both shattered and pretty much fell asleep straight away. Walked 15546 steps 7.76 miles
13/11/2107 - We woke up slightly later than the previous day. Around 5am. Well I did helen was awake at 3am again. We both have cramp in our calf’s do to the amount of walking yesterday and climbing the 7000 steps to each water slide so we decided to give the gym a miss. We had breakfast in our room and then left to walk to islands of adventure. The walk takes around 15-20 minutes and is a really nice walk. As we are staying in a universal hotel we get to enter the park an hour early. We were there for 8am and headed to Harry Potter. The rides were just walk on. Even when the park opened to the public the most we queued was 10 minutes for the rides. We went on all the rides except the water rides. We rode hulk twice. We had a Starbucks and Cinnabon before catching the train from hogwarts to diagon alley in Universal Studios. We rode some of the rides there then headed into city walk around 130pm for a cold stone creamery ice cream. This ice cream is beautiful.

13 November 2017

13/11/2017 cont... we walked back to the hotel and freshened up before driving to old Vineland road shops. They are even more discounted than the clearance shops. Hurley had 30% off everything in the shop which was already reduced. We bought loads of tops and shorts for $70. Hel got a nice shirt it was $8!! We went into Tommy Hilfiger. Hel picked a gorgeous dress. It was marked as $120. But it was reduced to $20! I bought baby foths a polo shirt and jeans for $20. Bargains!! We were both flagging by this point. We headed to Disney springs (will always be downtown Disney in my head) looked in the Christmas shop for a tree decoration for my mum but they didn’t have any. We decided to buy a bath bomb from the basin shop there. Headed back to the hotel. Grabbed a pizza on the way. Had a bath and chilled out for the night. We walked 20,582 steps 10.22 miles.

12 November 2017

12/11/17 cont ... we had a chill out in the room for a while and then we walked to City walk. Took around 30 minutes to walk there. Once at city walk we exchanged our blue man group e ticket then we went into Universal studios. We rode RIP ride rock it, jimmy fallon ride and the mummy before we decided to go grab some dinner at Panda Express. Orange chicken is to die for. First time Helen had tried it and she loved it. We walked around city walk before making our way to blue man group. We bought a bottle of water each $4.50 each!! Wow!! The show was amazing but the theatre was freezing. We walked back to the hotel and as soon as our heads hit the pillows we were asleep. We walked 14262 steps 7miles (didn’t have watch on in water park)

11 November 2017

Cont.. cheeks moments later they realised that we had. We made our way to the basic car hire section. We chose a chevolet out of them. Only problem was that we realised that there was no fuel in it. We only liked this car out of them. The others looked a bit tacky. We told them and they filled it up within minutes. Drove the 45 minutes to the hotel and checked in at around 7pm. Hotel is the Cabana Bay at universal. It seems to be a nice hotel. We dumped our stuff and went to Walmart to get the essentials. Called it a night around 10pm as we were shattered