United Kingdom · 2 Days · 12 Moments · August 2017

Summer Holidays Trip to Dollar & Edinburgh

15 August 2017

Day 2 Wrap up 'A family who do balance TOGETHER stays TOGETHER' My holiday mantra.
Day 2 Afternoon More famalam shots I miss seeing these guys grow up. We were missing the twins and louise but there's always next time x
Day 2 Afternoon We had our famalam come over and it was a blast x
Lily - 'mummy my hair is getting wet with the rain' Me - 'Lily you have had wet hair for 3 and half hours in the hot tub' 💧💦💧💦💧
The rain stops not one by of our fun! Well Lily's anyway 🌸
Day 2 It's so peaceful and beautiful outside this morning. The sun is shining then slipping behind the clouds. The river is running by the veranda at super speed and it's raised by 3 feet from yesterday. We had breakfast and now it's hot tub time ;)
Day 2 It's breakfast time! Loving this trip already. Lie in till 9.30am. Little beauties!

14 August 2017

Day 1- Food time we ordered in as treat for day one and honestly there is a tun of food for me and kyle to have seconds tomorrow. I got aloo, kyle got korma and the babies got a kebab to share. I had my vegan/veggie guard down with the kids tonight. I physically couldn't eat meat it just has no appeal to me at all.
Day 1 Survival Items we never travel without. Unpacked by dinner. Is all our usual item. No 1 - is the diffuser and on guard by the front door. It's important that in different environments we boost the reduction of environmental factors for tj especially. On the whole Scotland produces some of the lowest itovi scores I've ever seen. Don't know what itovi is just ask. But no matter where we go this is a must as it give his immune system a boost and keeps the airs toxic load dealt with. No 2 - Believe it or not is serenity and balance. These kids were ALIVE tonight and as one point I made them All line up & placed 4 drops of balance on each foot this was around 8pm just before our late supper arrived. They also each got 1 drop in the palm of there hands to cup around over noses & mouths, together we took several deep breaths. Think what you may and I'm Sure it was a few things like the travel & hot tub but they were in bed by 9pm & sleeping. The rest I will will cover over the trip
End of day 1 All chilled out after balance applied to feet and breathing exercise. Plus balance is in 3 of our 4 diffusers along with serenity. Tj found the leaflet drawer and never have you seen a child so happy until I said he could take them home. Fast asleep, sleeping angels. Rain is falling heavy.... but that won't stop our adventure. It's 01:03am and lack of sleep night tho. Good night all X
Day 1- Family hot tub fun. No more too add the photos say it all. X
Day 1 - We arrived safely in Dollar after our 4 hour drive. The children were let's say colourful on the way up! Either that or I'm used to driving on my own too much lol. As we entered the Scottish boarders down came the rain and as I write this at 00.30+ hours it's still raining. The scot in me can totally accept this as part of the fun and experience (ask me how I feel about the rain tomorrow night or even better Friday l) As soon as we arrived Kyle, Tj and Lily-mae were stripped and in the hot tub with 10 minutes flat. In the pouring rain we had a sneaky ice cream I'm sure no food is allowed but it was all consumed and none missed the kids mouths, you know how it is with kids and ice cream. After around 30 minutes I got out so did kyle and Tj. Lily-mae is hard core and literarily didn't want to get out no Matter how hard the rain came down.