Canada · 1 Days · 10 Moments · May 2017

Emma's adventure in United States of America

24 May 2017

Oh and btw I didn't post any of these till I got home lol
I am at home know and u could not right anymore I'm sorry but the rest of the trip was fun so yeah byeeee
Day 7 We went to lego land today it was fun we went on a bunch of ride and did s bunch of stuff I have to go soon and u can't really type anymore cuz my mom doesn't want me to use her tablet anymore so yeah Update Ok I can tell u a little bite about what we did we went into a water park and went down a lazy river I also went on a bunch of rides gtg and I can't right anymore byeee
Day six I am useing my moms tablet again So it's the end of the day right know but today I met a friend her name is lette but call her latte she is like the best and she's British an awesome so today we went to the big pool and went swimming and then we went in the lazy river we got like this bracelet and I went down a huge like blowup slide and it was super fun and now we're at the pool that's closest to us so yeah Update We are going to bed know I just eat soup for diner it was good
Day 5 I am useing my moms tablet for a sec so I just wanted to say today was a great day it was fun and cool and the food was great byee
Day 5 So I have some bad news I broke my charger and my tablet is about to die so this is going to be my last blog for this trip sorry but today we are at the big pool already my friend is coming over and we are going out so yeah my tablet is at one percent byeeee
Day four I just finished eating and we are about to go to a huge pool so that will be fun we are staying there till lunch comeing back eating then going to a different pool Update I am about to have lunch and the other pool was amazing it's had water slides and a bunch of other stuff like a lazy river Update I just finished dinner and we are about to eat ha movie then go to bed so good night
Day three So we left two hours ago and I had a nap but I am okay and up and ready to get to Florida yahhhhh so we are going to drive for a little then stop and eat lunch Update We are at subway and we are about to have lunch then we are going to go and see a friend so yeah Update We just seen are friend and it was fun know we have to drive a hour then we are there so I am going to have a snake know Update we are here yeahhhhhh I am about to go swimming we just unpacked and out the groceries away and now we're going to head to the pool where I can swim and then after we're going to go to bed. Update About to go to bed just eat a snake and watched a movie and swimming was fun tomorrow more fun and swimming and water parks
Second day We just left about a hour ago and I am tired I just got up from a nap so today we are going to drive for the hole day then tomorrow we will only have a 5 hour drive. Oh and for break fast we made a buffet it was good Update We are stuck in traffic tang have been for a hour we have barely moved and I am bored all I have been doing is drawing and idk what to do my dad said tomorrow we will have to drive for longer cuz he's tierd Update We are out of traffic we were in traffic for 3 hours and u know why cuz a truck broke down while waiting in the traffic and another transport truck caught on fire. But we are going to drive for a little then stop eat then go to bed Update We just finished eating and know we see going to go to bed we eat at ummm I don't remember lol well bye night
Are first day We are on are way to Florida I just got picked up from school and know we are going on a 8 hour drive into the united stats I'll check in later Update we didn't make it to the place we wonted to go but we're about half way there right know we are in a hotel and about to go get Taco Bell Update we are about to go to sleep it's really early but we have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow bye