United Kingdom, Thailand · 50 Days · 63 Moments · March 2017

Emma's adventure in Thailand

29 April 2017

The last 7 weeks have been an amazing experience and one I am not likely to forget! I have made some amazing friends, pushed myself to my limits physically and mentally, hand fed a cassowary, learnt some thai, not to mention feeding showering and walking elephants! I will definitely be coming back to WFFT to volunteer when I next get enough money :) Now onto the next adventure!

27 April 2017

What a cute little garden :)

26 April 2017

Pictures from Lay...I miss everyone!

24 April 2017

Loving hotel life :)

23 April 2017

Saying goodbye to Chok Dee
Little elephant and ring from Pon and Toey 💕
My last day saying goodbye to everyone

22 April 2017

My last day working with the elephants :'(

21 April 2017

Cicada market :)
Mama and Luta :)
My harvest top after 3 harvests :) don't think I'll be taking this home

20 April 2017

Feeding the piggies :)
My day team leading the centre :)

19 April 2017

Last harvest :(

18 April 2017

More storm clouds coming over...
Cleaning the peacock enclosure...also home to Simon the 3-legged cow :)

17 April 2017

Team leading at Midlands
Oh Kevin you are so handsome!
Thanks Gram haha

16 April 2017

My day at the hospital with Malai and Chok Dee

15 April 2017

Dave wrote my name in thai :)
Nom and La Ong Dao and me and La Ong Dao :3
Bracelet from Peyang :3

14 April 2017

I will miss these 2 when they go!
Daisy and Kevin :3

13 April 2017

Songkran! Happy new year!

12 April 2017

Scary storm on the way to 7 eleven!

10 April 2017

Elephant info for the elephants who live at the centre
Elephant info for the elephants at Newlands :)
Elephant info for Chok Dee who lives at the hospital
Elephant info for the elephants at Midlands :)
My day team leading with Pin :3

9 April 2017

Team leading with the baby elephant!
Being interviewed by a German TV crew

6 April 2017

Bracelet from Som :)

5 April 2017

Team leading at Midlands :)
Bat caves and Cha Am night market :)
Bracelet from Pon :3

4 April 2017

Henna art done by myself :) it didn't last very long haha

3 April 2017

Look at this tiny gecko!
Second bracelet from Kham :)
One happy family :)
Wassana at Midlands enjoying her daily shower :)

2 April 2017

Kevin, Gram and Rusty :)

1 April 2017

Had a good day at Hua Hin beach with Lovisa :)
The lake outside the centre (shame it wasn't sunny)

29 March 2017

Pink bracelet from Toey (mahout for Pai Lin) :)
One of the adorable puppies!
Working with the 2 centre elephants: Boon Mee and Pai Lin

28 March 2017

Another day on Newlands :)

27 March 2017

Had a good day at the spa despite it raining in the morning :)

26 March 2017

It was a weird couple of days haha
First day on elephants and working at Newlands :)

25 March 2017

New friends :)

23 March 2017

Has been a good couple of weeks on wildlife now looking forward to working with the elephants! 🐘

21 March 2017

Tasty breakfast :)

18 March 2017

Enjoying wildlife so far :)

17 March 2017

One of the cats who likes to sit outside our door :)
Trip to the local temple

13 March 2017

My first few days on wildlife at Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand :)

11 March 2017

Travelling to Thailand...all by myself!