Iceland · 41 Days · 5 Moments · April 2017

Twistidson's adventure in Iceland

20 May 2017

Glacier Lagoon was an amazing experience. Quite a long day, 14 hour bus ride from Reykjavik. You travel through the active volcanic landscape of iceland, visiting water falls and mountainsides over miles and miles of lava fields. You realise the devistation the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 caused and the risk people take living here. The icelantic folk tales are a window into the beliefs of the moutains and beautiful landscape.

12 April 2017

10 April 2017

We were subject to so many natural beauty's while in Iceland. By far my favourite was the glacier lagoon......not the Northern lights I hear you ask? We came at the very end of the session for the northern lights (they stopped tours the day we left iceland) which ment the tours where much later at night to avoid the daylight hours. So a 9pm pick up from your hotel ment a 1am drop off and after a day of touring this was exhausting. The first tour we saw nothing....sitting out in minus 3 for 2 hours hoping and wishing but nothing. Reykjavik tours were amazing company to deal with....didnt see the northern lights? Come out again tomorrow night....for free. We were a little hesitant to give up another night but luckily for us we got a 1 minute glimps on our second tour which my incredibly talented husband managed to photograph. This then resulted in 3 Asian tourist on our bus insisting he email the images to them as they didn't capture anything...rather funny.

9 April 2017

Reykjavik doesnt have a lot to offer in relation to beautiful buildings, however the church Hallgrímskirkja is worth a visit to go to the top and look out over the city. In comparision to everything else the church is relatively affordable. There is enough to fill your day with the church, Vikings sculpture on the water front, walking the length of the main drag and visiting the famous Reykjavik fish and chip restaurant.