Germany · 3 Days · 10 Moments · July 2017

Josh and Emma's adventure in Germany

17 July 2017

Waiting for a train in Berlin Central station
Beers before train to Kraków
Ampelman - the little man on the street light.. apparently so famous in Berlin he gets his own souvenir store and restaurant

16 July 2017

Emma downloaded a new game on her iPad, and played until her eyes stopped working one night
Berlin Wall
Route of a successful escape tunnel dug under the Berlin Wall, memorial of the wall found all around the city

15 July 2017

Checkpoint Charlie, markings of Berlin Wall throughout the city, big needle visible all over the city
Mango curry and beef with vermicelli noodles 😍
Walking tour - Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe

14 July 2017

Urek, friendliest doggy at our Airbnb 🐶😍