Canada · 15 Days · 13 Moments · July 2015

Emma's adventure in Canada

3 August 2015

On route to Wells Grey

1 August 2015

Just sat on the swing in the camp site in Golden listening to the wolves howling to the blue moon! Bliss!

28 July 2015

Day one in the Rockies. Met with my tour group. Everyone seems lovely. Poor Rachel had lost her luggage and Stefan had missed his flight. First stop of the day was to my favourite place in Calgary...Village Ice Cream!!!! Headed into the Rockies and visited the three sisters and drove through Banff to Bow Falls. The water was so blue even though it was raining and the sky was gray. Banff looks like village in the Swiss Alps. It's like a post card. Set up camp and I offered to stay alone as Natacha didn't look happy about being alone. Had pasta for tea which was nice followed by smoars (is that how you spell it) around a camp fire. The mountains are spectacular and I keep looking at them and thinking - I can't believe I'm here!!! I'm a bit freaked out about the wildlife but hopefully I'll get used to it. Oh and the trains are sooooo noisy and they don't seem to stop during the night! Earplugs please!!!

24 July 2015

The beautiful Black Beauty at the Royal Tyrell Museum.
The Last Chance Saloon in Wayne, Alberta population 33. The bar was full so most of the 33 inhabitants must have been in the bar! Really eclectic mix of stuff. I particularly enjoyed the bullet holes in the walls.

23 July 2015

Tried my hand at being a Mountie today at Calgary Fort
Thank you forever trip advisor!! Just eaten the most amazing spare rib sub from china town and washed it down with a salted caramel ice cream! Nom nom nom!
Damn you jet lag!!

22 July 2015

Good flight despite the grumpy unhelpful people I was sat with. Met a nice couple on the bus to downtown and we traded info and advice. Checked into HI Calgary. Most of my bunk mates seem nice. I've been awake for 24 hours so time for some sleep!
Some brekkie before the flight

21 July 2015

Last night with my own room for a while. Best make the most of it and catch some z's.
On the train on my way to Manchester. The folks were trying to be helpful and get me and all my luggage on the train and ended up travelling with me as far as Newport. Dad was not happy but I couldn't stop laughing 😂

20 July 2015

Last night in my own bed tonight. Still got loads to do. I'm not sure where to start!!