Europe, North America · 34 Days · 25 Moments · December 2016

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22 January 2017

Back, so soon... Magnificent winter light.

16 January 2017

Magnificent portraiture at the Reformation and Renaissance exhibit at LACMA. Dürer, both Cranach, Holbein et al.

31 December 2016

The small, very moving Notre Dame du Salut chapel, atop the highest cliffs in Normandy, above Fécamp. Sailors, especially the Terre Neuvas, came here to look for protection before embarking on their perilous voyages.

29 December 2016

Petites Dalles, falaise d'aval. View or the south toward les Grandes Dalles. Monet, Delacroix and me.
Cliffs to the North East at Les Petites Dalles. By Monet and me.
The photographer photographed.
The Seine at Duclair.
In the heart of Impressionist country. The Seine at Duclair, just downstream of Rouen.
Etretat. Surely a cliché, but still, a powerful one.

27 December 2016

La célèbre Cathédrale de Rouen, vue de la Côte Ste Catherine

25 December 2016

Christmas present to my family. Motion activated. No excuse to miss the target. Someone is complaining that when they sit, their precious equipment gets stuck in the light thingy. Seriously, it's that big? Apparently, the males of my family need bigger bowls...
And it's not just one or two that pee and poop there.
Seagull in the Ville de Paris water tanks 200 km away from the closest sea.
And the seagulls that live in the tanks still in operation.
Abandoned water purification tanks of the Ville de Paris.

23 December 2016

Not all architecture ages well! Good thing this is a hospital for the blind ( Hôpital des Quinze-Vingt). But I like the framing as a flag of the two adjacent, discordant buildings. The hideousness matches the sad history of the hospice - it was created by the Saint Louis ca.1260 who took pity on fellow soldiers from the VIIth cruisade. 12000 were taken prisonners. The King paid a ransom, but the captors gouged the eyes of 15x20 of the hostages before returning them...

22 December 2016

Love cooking stores! Oil in perfume bottles. A hammer for chocolate. A contraption to make square rice balls. An igloo-shaped cake mold. (From du bruit dans la cuisine).
Parisian chimneys
80 avenue Daumesnil, above the police station. 20 male caryatids copies of Michelangelo's Dying Slave (originally designed for the tomb of Pope Jules II, original in the Louvre), by Catalan architect Manila Nunez-Yanowsky (early 1990s).
La Coulée Verte - finally made it to the (original) one in Paris - a couple of years after the copycat New York version!

20 December 2016

Most of the windows pics I posted last week seem to have disappeared. Here they are again.
Windows - 12ème arrondissement. I love old stones. And sculpture.

19 December 2016

Aaaah, French cuisine. A lovely piece of candy!
Bords de Marne - the few rays of light between waking up from jet lag and "sun"set. Click on the photos to view them in the right format.