Peru · 60 Days · 30 Moments · May 2017

Emmalisa's adventure in Peru

16 July 2017

A couple day ago I had said that I would play for the band at a concert. So today my abuela and I got on to a bus with the rest of the band and headed off. When we got to the place it didn't look like a church or a place that you would usually have a concert...when we all got out of the bus, we entered into this place that looked like a warehouse with tarps as a roof. The announcer said. "Y Colegio Union!!" Apparently, we were in a competition against other schools in our area AND we where supposed to have a routine ready and start playing to present our school. But we hadn't practiced for it and we didn't have our instruments ready! To make a long story short we paraded through the city for 2 miles playing our songs...I had to carry my euphonium without a harness while playing at the same time! As I was walking I was almost hit several times by passing mototaxis!! When we finally made it to the city center we did our final performance in front of the judges. I think we tied for #1

1 July 2017

We went to "La Puerto" today, and for our entire moto taxi ride, we smelt very strange things. For example: -Fish -Gasoline -Rotten stuff -Wet dog -Dog food (everywhere) -Body odor All the smells together make it hard to breath while riding.

22 June 2017

Just a normal day waking up, except that my dad was sleeping in the bed next to me, so we woke him up, and gave him a huge hug and gifts for Father's Day. So then he goes to his suitcase and brings out several gifts for us. From several different people such as my uncle and aunt and my friends. It felt like Christmas for me because it was the first time I got to see stuff from America in a long time. Thank U guys so much!!❤️ I also got "American soil" so I'll never forget.

17 June 2017

Today Kate my friends and I went up the mountain!! And this isn't a little hill like they have in Florida, this was a hard core mountain. When we finally got to the top we could see both sides of the university, the one with our house and the other with our school. It was so cool and we wanted to take a picture but Kate was the only one who brought her phone, and it was dead! So we went down, had some Nutella with bananas, (and btw, my friend Claudia is obsessed with Nutella. I think she ate all that we had left! 😔) then we said goodbye and me and Kate left to do homework!!! Homework is the main reason I love homeschool!!

16 June 2017

There are three types of mototaxis you could get. The low class(no doors or windows). The medium class(a sometimes working door for the passenger but not for the driver). Then finally the high class(working doors for both the customers and the driver). But one thing you can't escape is the rumbling sound and feeling you get when ridding. It's like a really loud and ticklish massage.
When we leave the school campus to go get groceries, we pass by a lot of trees that look like this. And when you pick one leaf of it looks brown. But when you rub your finger on it,it takes off all the dust to show that it's actually green. All this time I thought the trees where all brown.

15 June 2017

So today, because of my new seating arrangement I sit in front of this kid named Diego. I found 5 dollars and a lot of dimes and nickels in my bag so I took them out and started looking at them, then he looked over my shoulder and saw the money and he said. "Qué Hermoso!" And asked if he could look at it, and It was kind of funny to me because he was looking at the money like it was pure gold.

14 June 2017

So yesterday we had choir, but after that is a hour of this lady who comes in and lectures us about what we do wrong. Being tardy, being rude, not having books, and paying attention. Today she was in a bad mood, and some people were talking loud and she said (in Spanish) "THATS IT! You sit here, and you, sit here." She started to move us. Usually we can just sit wherever we want, but not today. And to make it even worse we have to sit in the seats she gave us for the rest of the "bimestre!" So she moved me in the middle of all the boys and I have no one to talk to! 😔

13 June 2017

In Florida there are mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches. Here, there are a lot of large moths, and giant flying locust. They are everywhere!! There was a huge moth in our class today and three girls started screaming when It flew over our heads!

10 June 2017

So today we had to leave the house early because someone had to use the apartment, so we went to go have some pizza and really good "papa la huanciana" Then when to Choco, a chocolate place next to the apartment, the people were really nice and gave us a private tour in English and after let us try a chocolate tea which was amazing!! Then finally we went home and slept.

9 June 2017

Went to some really cool ruins today

7 June 2017

This week is week of prayer so 7th grade and up are meeting for two hours in the church (which right now is a large tent) and talking about different subjects, after us is the little kids. Today we were learning about the importance of children. I got my first tardy yesterday! Usually people aren't exited but it's my first.

31 May 2017

EARTHQUAKE!!!! Today we were just having a normal math class when all of a sudden my water bottle was shaking off my table and all the boys screamed like girls and ran out of the room. The earthquake was just for a couple of seconds, thankfully no damage was done but when we were going down the stairs to get somewhere safe this girl rams me in the back and I fall down the stairs!! It hurt really bad but I didn't say anything, we were all in the center of the school, and they finally gave us the clear to go back to our classes after all the checking they did.
There's a leak!! Last night it rained and when I went into the room to get my pens I slipped and realized water was everywhere.

29 May 2017

No longer able to relax before bed.... HOMEWORK!!! It is the end of me!! Thankfully the teachers allow me to do my homework it English, at least most of them

28 May 2017

Today we took a long, cramped bus ride to get to the zoo! There where really cute animals.
So yesterday, Andrew, my mom and I went on a walk, we visited a place called the "mansion" and we saw a really big iguana, a lot of birds, and goats, which were sadly kept in a very small pen. After, abuela, abuelo, Kate, and Andrew left for a birthday party in Lima so my mom and I got on a "Moto taxi" which took us to "El Puerto, Ñaña" which is the closest town to where we are staying. It was a little scary but we made it home with the stuff we needed.

27 May 2017

I'm sick, and sadly had to miss out on a birthday party, but my mom had other plans for me, now, I have a large respect for washing machines. Me and my mom had to wash all of our clothes by hand! It was very difficult to get all the stains out. But we prevailed!

26 May 2017

So we had another orientation today and after, me and the other people in choir stayed behind,and my friend told me something and what I understood was that we had to go to a church to practice, and we went back stage and before I knew it I was on stage with a bunch of people ready to sing Spanish songs in front of a bunch of people for 30 minuets. 😩 after that me and the other people in my class that went to choir didn't want to disturb the class, so we ran around campus for a little bit and went back in. Just to realize that the next subject was physical Education and 1 hour into it, everyone is begging the teacher to give us a break because the bell rang but little did we know that that was only to tell us that we were half way done!!! Finally it was over and still my legs can barely hold me up and it's been a and Kate are going back to the school at three because that's when all the girls are going to be there and we are going to play soccer!!

25 May 2017

After school is awesome

24 May 2017

My mom packs me granola for a snack but there's this girl who asks me if she can have some,and the first time I said yes, so she took a rather large handful, but I let it go. Then the next day she asked the same question, and I said yes, not remembering that last time she took a lot, but this time she took two handfuls. So I didn't have hardly any granola. Then yesterday she came up to me and asked the same question I gave her a just a little, but then a little bit later she accidentally spills the whole thing on the floor so the whole day I didn't have any snack. So today I was prepared and just told her that I didn't have a lot but still gave her some and then put it away were she wouldn't find it.

23 May 2017

Today I had choir and we were singing a Spanish song and the teacher asked me if I knew it in English and I said yes so the teacher made me stand up and sing it in front of the whole class 😫. after school me and Kate went to go play soccer with Andrew. Then two girls came up to me and Kate and started asking us questions. 10 minuets later three more girls came up and asked us if we wanted to play "chapada" (which is Spanish for tag) so we played for a long time and they were really nice...

22 May 2017

Today when I got to school we had to go in the middle of the school and stand in attention for 30 minuets while we sing the national anthem of Peru, and anthem of the school. It was long

21 May 2017

So many pretty wild flowers

20 May 2017

The beaches waves are huge and beautiful
Pelicans everywhere near the beach
Sea urchin

18 May 2017

Btw, I'm going to seventh grade there and apparently that's high school
Today was my first day of school here in Peru. There was a lot of kids crowding around me asking me a bunch of questions on how to say stuff in English. I am also having lessons for my instrument and tutoring for my Spanish.
Uniform for first day of Spanish school