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Emma-Jane does London, baby

17 July 2015

Started the morning with yummy breakfast and Buck's Fizz. One last kick a ball, and one last airplane watching. Went to the shops to stock up on some chocolate gifts. Then off to the airport. Meh.

16 July 2015

Took the train to Brighton by the sea for the day... Horrible fish and chips. Bought some Rock. Raced home to heat up The Last Supper... With champagne of course.

15 July 2015

We had a Wimbledon/Southfields day ... Had Five Guys, and bought some clothes from Oxfam charity store. Went home for a little nap, before watching aero planes with Nathan and then meeting Jennifer at the New London Theatre to watch War Horse. Wow. Amazing. Could have cried the whole time, but managed to get through with just some leakage. Then we went to the M&M store at Leister Square and had Ben & Jerry's. Mmm yum. Got home home late, and without keys 😂 thankfully my mom woke up to let us in. Oops.

14 July 2015

My mom and I headed out for the day... We got off at Tower Hill station and walked to Fenchurch Street. We went up to the Sky Garden (35th floor) to see the view of London. It was a grey day, but still lovely to see it all. We then walked along and crossed at the Skywark Bridge, along the Southbank and then back over Blackfriars Bridge and on to out HMS President ship for afternoon tea. #groupon. Was an interesting time. We then walked to Temple Station. I slept on the train and my mom woke me when at Southfields. I slept for the rest of the afternoon. So exhausted.

13 July 2015

On Monday we went to The Science Museum, and then to the Hummingbird cake shop.. Then we popped up at Piccadilly Circus... We caught a bus up to Oxford Street and looked around Selfridges. I bought a scarf, and gifts for Lily and Beth from Gap. We went for lunch and had yummy (wraps). Then we walked to Hamley's and went home. Train was busy. Fun, long day out.

12 July 2015

We walked toward Waterloo, to get to GBK for a burger and a beer. Then we got onto the train to Wimbledon and then the underground to Southfields. I slept while everyone else watched the Wimbledon final.
Sunday morning came... Walked over the bridge (again) and to Piccadilly... Saw some runners get on the train. From there I walked faaaar to the start. They let us go in stages so I waited about 30 minutes for my turn to start the race. The fan club was waiting at Piccadilly Circus for me. My throat was so sore so I took my throat spray to go. I didn't do as badly as I was expecting. I was actually able to run 😂

11 July 2015

After a little nap we headed over the bridge again to make our way to Westminster. We walked over the bridge to the Southbank and found a Mc Donald's for dinner. Hooray! I love Westminster at night.
On Saturday morning we went down to watch airplanes with Nathan, and to the library. Then my mom and I headed off for Hammersmith, to stay at Helen and Paul's for the night . We then went to Harrods where I got a few things and the we went for Starbucks for a frappaccino to drink at Hyde Park. Tired legs by the end of the day.

10 July 2015

Today I stayed at home while my mom and Jennifer, and Nathan went to Ikea. I wasn't feeling up for a full day of action. Then I headed out to the National Gallery to meet Wally and Kim. Yay! At Trafalgar Square. I didn't go in because they had been there for ages waiting for me. We walked down the Southbank , and then got onto the underground at London Bridge, and made our way for Camden Town. I was starving but they didn't stop to eat so neither did I. Rookie mistake. I'm now on the train back to Wimbledon. Looking forward to food and something yummy to eat. Feet are sore.

9 July 2015

Slept most of Thursday. Went out to play with Nathan, and then for a bit of shopping in Wimbledon. Bought some dresses and a pair of shorts.

8 July 2015

Went to Five Guys for dinner. Yummy burgers.
Made it onto the plane in time. Hooray. Landed safely in a much colder London. Brr.
Time for pasta at our bridge, and one last gelato, before the walk back to the station... Only, we decided to get the Vapareto back to the station, as we were running late and couldn't walk too fast. Was a little stressful, I won't lie. We didn't manage to fit in a gondola ride. Meh. Next time.
Again. Beautiful. Could spent the whole day walking around looking at the buildings and the ocean.
In the morning, we had breakfast then left the house around 10am to get onto the Vapareto to take our luggage to the holding area near the busses. Was so hot on the boat. Then back to St Marks Square on the water bus.

7 July 2015

Ridiculously hot. Tried to sleep but just couldn't . Drank loads of water and ate watermelon at midnight. Had lots of showers.
My mom and I went for another walk after dinner. I had another gelato... Messed on my white top and skirt :( bummer. Didn't get lost this time though. Hooray!
We went out for pizza at a nice restaurant. I wore my Venice outfit. Yay.
My mom and I went for some gelato. On a stick. We sat on the water for a while. Beautiful evening.
On the way home we got lost at our side of the Rialto bridge. We went right instead of left. Spent a while trying to make our way without the map... But then brought it out. We weren't that far off, but spent a long time being lost. Finally made it to Nathan's fountain. Boy does he love the running water.
Beautiful! Wow. Loved it there.
Tuesday morning we headed to the market. Got some flat peaches and other things. We had coffee and something sweet. Sidney knocked Jennifer's caffe latte over. Oops. Then we continued walking to St Marks Square...

6 July 2015

After a long nap... My mom and I went out for a walk. We got lost. It felt like forever, and we walked around for ages. Eventually found Hotel Iris, and I asked to use the phone. He tried calling the number but wouldn't work- then he said I could use the wifi. FaceTimed Sidney and he helped us home. Was really hot. And dark.
Went for a walk in search of pasta, and gelato (Nutella flavored). That ended up being our dinner , and then found a water fountain to drink from and play in.
So hot. So so hot. Having windows open didn't help a bit.
Made it onto the Vapereto after a bus ride from the airport. Beautiful. Then we got off and walked around with luggage for a long time. Was exhausting. Eventually made it to our apartment. Yay!
Airport: got there a little late. Had to rush through. Border control was a little manic. Had to put liquids in one little sealed bag. Then I had to have body scan and pat down... Then my bag still had liquids in, so had to wait and go through that. Jennifer's bag was stopped for a random swab test. 😂😅✈️ we made it through border control after a while... Now to our gate. Rushed through, only to wait a long time for the plane to leave. We couldn't sit where we were supposed to because of a man, from Northern Africa who wasn't allowed into the UK, so had to be taken back to Venice. He was making such a noise, and was eventually sedated. Shame. Felt for him.

5 July 2015

Started packing for Venice. Sorry what? And then Nathan came home and was full of beans. Man. Love him.
Once in Brixton, we went for lunch at Brixton Market, their treat. Super bleak I didn't take any photos. :( then we went to a park and chatted, and I crocheted a bit. Was lovely hanging out. I'm glad I made contact with them. Then we all headed out, and they got of at South Kensington for church.
It was pretty chilly this morning. we went to church - enjoyed it. Tina, James, Peter, my mom and myself were all in one row. #fishhoekunite. I loved their visuals - a screen display for each announcement. Also loved their "break" with chocolates . Very cool. Where was the communion though? After church, I made my way to Brixton to meet Ash and Emily. I took the district line to Earl's Court, changed trains to get to Victoria, and then change lines to the Victoria line to Brixton. Was fun. My mom headed for Wimbledon on her own.
We stayed at a lady from church's house in Littlecote street. In the morning we woke up early, and kim took a train to fetch her dad from Heathrow, and I came home to rest before church.

4 July 2015

I met Kim at Westminster station, right in front of Big Ben. We walked the whole of Westminster. Over the bridge, and to south bank. Watched the skaters skate and looked at books. Then we walked over Waterloo bridge , and back to Big Ben... Then we walked down Downing Street, and took a bus closer to Buckingham Palace. Then we walked through the park and onto Green Park Underground... We got off and changed lines at Earl's Court. Back to Southfields in time for dinner with Sam , and Brandon.
We went to Richmond Park... Had a picnic in the Isabella Plantation. Nathan loved the little stream of water. He fed the ducks some bread. Another beautiful day.

3 July 2015

Today we went to Wimbledon Park to feed the ducks (and swans) and to play in the water foundation. Then we came home to have lunch, and I had a very long nap. Much needed.

2 July 2015

We went to Morden Hall Park and kicked ball in rose garden, then we had frozen suckers on the way out.
This morning we took Nathan to his Twiglets playgroup, and then mom and I got croissants and sat in the gardens again. It drizzled a bit today. Time to use my 6 pound umbrella.

1 July 2015

After dinner (around 9:30) we headed into the village for a cocktail. Lots of people and most restaurants were full. Started getting dark around 22:20
We fetched Nathan from school and kicked the ball on the grass.
We had a late start to this morning... Got croissants and sat in the park for breakfast , I crocheted... Then we headed home after grabbing a baguette from the French place for lunch and a long nap.

30 June 2015

We raced home on the 57 bus to Wimbledon and then took the underground to Southfields to fetch Nathan from school, and then to kick ball at the park near their house.
Popped in at Cath Kidston shop and bought a bag for my crochet goodies. #toocoolforschool
Then we sat on some stairs upon the Thames. Some swans and ducks were asking for food
After shopping a little, we had a smoothie effort on a wall in the shade. 29 degrees today
Afternoon Tea at Marks and Spencer's for 6 pounds 50. Sat and rested our feet and filled our stomachs. Yum
We walked Nathan to school, potted around the house and then headed off for a walk to Wimbledon, and then caught the 57 bus to Kingston

29 June 2015

Once in Wimbledon Jen, Sid and Nathan went home, and mom and I stayed in Wimbledon to look at Centre Court. Cute stationery shop and some clothing stores. Love these little houses on the walk home from Southfields station to their house.
Then after a few line changes, we ended up at Waterloo, to have frozen yoghurt and see the London Eye.
We saw The Cutty Sark, and had burgers at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Yum
Then we took the DLR (a train on stilts almost) to Greenwich.
Saw The O2 and crossed the river on the cable car.
Headed out just before ten , for South-East London.

28 June 2015

We got onto the Knightsbridge underground and then at Earl's Court I got off and changed to the district line, and Chantel carried on to Heathrow, Terminal 2. Such a fun, happy and stress free couple of days. So happy she popped over to London, baby.
We then walked to Knightsbridge to see The Royal Albert Hall , Natural History Museum , and Harrods. We did a little bit of 50% off shopping before making our way to the underground ....
We walked around the gardens of Kensington Palace, sat under a tree when it started raining and the for Afternoon Tea at The Orangery.
Over the beautiful bridge ... Was sunny out and too hot for my cardigan.
We left 41 Lonsdale Road, Barnes late morning after having breakfast and a shower. We then walked to Kensington , which was about a 3km walk.

27 June 2015

Met them at a bar called Hop Poles. They treated us to a drink, and then we took a taxi home. Chatted until close to 12. 42 hours of being awake. Not sure how I did it.
Found a tapas restaurant a few streets down. Had a cocktail called "woo woo". Was yummy. Then made our way back to station and to Hammersmith station where Helen and Paul live.
Waked around Covent Gardens, looking for something to eat.
Nathan's birthday party was the cutest thing. They have lovely friends - lots of South African accents. Felt right at home.
We then clocked a number of kilometers to have a look at the courts, and spy on the tennis players. We saw someone famous! Or heard her rather...
Loved being apart of the Wimbledon vibe. Town fare and tennis-fied shop windows. It felt like I was walking in a set of a movie.
We had frappacinos at Starbucks while plotting out route for the day... Yum
Chantel is here! We stayed in for lunch, and a rest before heading out to explore Wimbledon and for Nathan's birthday party.
Just had breakfast at about 4am London time. Not even hungry. The sun was up at like 2am. Confusing. I just want to land. Have not loved this part. Maybe direct flights are worth it? ;)
On the second, horrible flight. There's a girl with a very snotty nose sitting next to me. She keeps sniffing her nose very loudly. I can feel the germs. Praying I keep healthy. #pleaselord.

26 June 2015

Had a few vodka and cokes while on the first flight. Watched Rewrite, and the Paddington bear movie. We were delayed by at least 50 minutes, so getting off the plane and through the next gate was quite stressful. Had to walk fast and it was very hot .
Left school early and headed straight to the airport. All went smoothly and didn't get checked or looked at strangely. Flight was nice. Had a coffee while waiting at the gate , and a bought some perfume at Duty Free. Emirates seems to be a lovely airline. Yay