Australia · 10 Days · 15 Moments · September 2016

Emily's Week in Broome! Sep. 19-24, 2016.

28 September 2016

This week was life changing. To see a whole other world out here was incredibly impactful, I know it'll follow me in the future. Memories that I'll cherish and a longing to always come back to Broome. Living by their simple, timeless, spontaneous, and joyful daily lives was the best aspect of everything we experienced. Tent life rocked, bushpee for the win, and baby Alby stealing our hearts. #tikitiki

24 September 2016

Painting with Becca! She's an amazing artist, her work shown on the last picture.
The beaches here are unbelievable. It's as if they haven't been touched by humans. No one anywhere, spectacular white sands, clear waters with beautiful blue waves. Unreal
Just having a ball on the dune rides πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰
THE BEST DRIVES. Crazy rides, better than Six Flags
Our camp with the Morgan family! Chile Creek, deep in the outback. Their Aboriginal land, very spiritual place here

22 September 2016

I know this picture sucks, but the stars were CRAZY. Like billions of little lights surrounding the whole sky. Because we were so deep in the outback, lights never hindered our view. They were so clear and stretched the ends of the sky. Shooting stars every half hour, I even saw a comet on the last night β˜„οΈ
Once in a lifetime experience...MUD CRABBING. Caught a few crabs! Sooo sweet to be reckless and just allow ourselves to be covered in mud. Only sank in it a couple times😬

21 September 2016

We watched boomerangs be made! He makes it look easy with the hatchet, it was pretty wicked.

20 September 2016

The Catholic Church in Beagle Bay. Quite a story behind it with the community, nevertheless it was an amazing church! The altar is made with hundreds of sea shells. The indoors really speckled with ocean flare & serenity of God's glory. Humbling place, and a beauty for sure

19 September 2016

We totally rode camels, on the beach, at sunset, like badasses. Such a fun experience!🐫πŸͺ
Red rocks. Seriously, my jaw dropped the entire walk into this place. The colors & scenery were UNREAL. Simply amazing
4am wake up for a flight up to Broome! We made it to the Notre Dame Campus in Broome, where we stayed for the first night. Then our adventures begin...