United States of America · 1 Days · 4 Moments · January 2018

Ap HUGE Field Trip 2018

23 January 2018

1. Sikh’s migrated from India to California and came to Milwaukee about 50 years ago. 2. They are primarily Indian however they accept all races and are very open to anyone who would like to join. They have about 500-1000 people who go there for worship but they have no membership because it is open to anyone. 3. It was interesting to learn that the men and women never cut their hair and wear turbans to contain it. After every service they all have a meal together from food they buy and cook together in the kitchen. Sikh people have lots of celebrations and traditional dances they preform. 4. Sikh people are very accepting and non judgmental and find it important to have respect and understanding of other religions. They can choose when they want to get baptized and are very self driven. Men and women are treated equal and it’s important to them that they can chose their path and when they are ready to make certain commitments.
1. The Polish migrated to Milwaukee and wanted to build one of the first Basilicas in the United States. The Basilica is the Pope’s Church 2. The perishers include people of Polish descent and a rise in Hispanic population has given them more members of the Church. 3. It was interesting how the Basilica was rebuilt three times. It was covered with white paper materials to tone it down making it more simple with less art and paintings. It was also the first steel dome in the United States. 4. The religion focused on depictions and paintings of important people in their religion. They take pride in the beautiful architecture and stain glass widows. Saints are always painted with a symbol that represents their life.
1. There is an organization that placed Jewish Synagogues all around the World. 2. There is no one ethnicity and they are all descendants from tribes which makes them all related. On a day to day basis there are about ten people who come in to pray. However on the Sabbath there can be up to 100. 3. He pointed out that there is no evidence that Jesus Christ existed. There are seven commandments that apply to everyone but the Jewish people have 613 that they try their hardest to follow. It was also very interesting that he believes that God only speaks in Hebrew. 4. We found out that Judaism and Christianity are actually quite different in their beliefs. Most people would group them together because they both believe in the Old Testament. They are also very traditional in their practices.
1. There is a high number of immigrants that come to Milwaukee from Muslim countries. 2. There are 1,500 to 2,000 members. Many members are from Pakistan or Indonesian descent. They are very diverse and have no particular ethnicity. 3. It was interesting how they viewed other Muslim countries that have corrupted governments. They aren’t associated with Muslim stereotypes that are only related to a particular country and not the entirety of religion. 4. They we very open and unashamed of their religion. They were very knowledgeable of other religions and work together with them in their community. They work toward human rights even if it contradicts their religious views.