North America, Europe · 2 Days · 8 Moments · August 2014

Emily's voyage in United States of America

2 September 2014

Landed in Munich, Germany but I'm not feeling a brat this early in the morning Wayne!! I fly out in a bit again. This not having a phone thing is going to stink!
Past London and I look out the window and can't tell we're even moving..

1 September 2014

Just about to pass over Dublin and London and Brussels and it's like 5 am here I think or 4. Wish it was lighter out so I could see London!!
Made it to Newark! I wish there was wifi so I could Skype Chance while I wait for my next flight.. Miss him already!!
About halfway through my flight to Newark, NJ. There's been crazy turbulence.
Off to the airport (MCI) we goooo!

31 August 2014

Pit stop at KC for the day!! Leave in the morning.
Leaving Alma!!