Japan · 2 Days · 9 Moments · December 2016

Emily's voyage in Tokyo, Japan

20 December 2016

Exploring Harajuku-the trendy teeny bopper haunt, and going to a cat cafe. Cafe featured Bengal cats in a simulated jungle.

19 December 2016

Nick and Micah getting their video game fix in the manga/video game/ electronics paradise of Akihabara.
Out and about in Asakusa.
More Senso-ji Temple grounds
Senso-Ji Temple getting our fortunes (both of us got bad luck!) and making wishes to be sure the bad luck doesn't come true before entering the main temple.
Market at Senso-Ji Temple.
Arrival at Senso-Ji Temple in old downtown Asakusa.
Breakfast of eel and egg from famed Tsukiji fish market.

18 December 2016

Arrival at the airport-the first Japanese toilet! Micah met us and we took the train to our hotel. When we got off the train we were right in front of our hotel in the Ginza district. We checked in and then explored the neighborhood. Lots of shopping all around and Micah joined us for dinner at a sushi restaurant.