Thailand · 4 Days · 16 Moments · January 2019

Emily's voyage in Thailand

5 January 2019

Breakfast @ The Larder Cafe and Bar A great start to our last day here. I read about this place on a blog just this morning. It is located on a tree-lined side street very close to our Air BNB. The coffee was the best we had all week and the open faced sandwiches were overflowing with goodness.

4 January 2019

Tapas dinner @ Bar Fry Jagajee I had read about this place on the Culture Trip app and was excited to try some Thai tapas. This adorable little establishment is not to be missed! They have equal amounts of vegetarian and no vegetarian tapas. Warning they are certainly Thai spicy. All of the food was delicious however I was unable to eat the Mac and Cheese. It was just too spicy for me to take. Ryan on the other hand was in heaven and declared it that best Mac and Cheese he has ever had. It’s a good thing we didn’t discover this place the first day or we would have eaten here plenty! Located in Nimman - a MUST visit in Chiang Mai. Each tapas is only 50 Baht and we got one free with our glass of wine. Our entire food bill was only 250 Baht. What a deal! (The wine portion was not the same, but still an economical dinner).
Street Market pics - we tried the green coconut macaroons and the pandan pancakes (small cakes in photo 2)
Lunch @ Salsa Kitchen Man the portions are large at this Mexican restaurant. We could have easily shared a taco plate. We were very full all afternoon but the food was super tasty! Sad fact: prior to this we decided to get massages and I shopped a bit. We didn’t get to the restaurant until 2:10pm. Thailand has a weird rule where they won’t serve alcohol between 2-5pm so we were unable to enjoy margaritas with our meal. :(

3 January 2019

Chiang Mai Caberet Show (ladyboy) For 350 Baht this could easily be the best show in town. There are two performances a night and we got tickets to the early 9:30pm show. The house was packed and the ladies rocked it. Your ticket includes one free drink and there was playfulness with the audience throughout the show. Ryan got a few kisses on the cheek but sadly did not get pulled onto the stage. Although he perhaps was relieved... If here for a longer time I would totally go again! A MUST in Chiang Mai 😍
Anusaran Market This covered market was right outside the Ladyboy Caberet show. There were the same usual stalls but also some more local booths. It wasn’t crowded and no hassling which was really great! There is a trendy food area with about 8 stalls and a couple of beers serving a bit higher end street food. Think - served on banana leaves not in plastic bags. I was stoked to find veggie gyozas and was able to try tofu Khao Soi. (Incredibly hard due to the massive amounts of meats normally in this dish and the broth.) A nice find with all the market choices one has here in Chiang Mai.
Craft Beer @ My Beer Friend Stopped here for a quick beer flight of Thai craft beers. All are brewed in neighboring countries and imported to the country due to the high taxes of brewing in Thailand.
A quick dim sum snack and a few Leo beers were perfect as we arrived back home from the elephant nature park activity. Just around the corner from our place in Nimman. Just choose what you want from to fridge and voila!
Obviously these elephants could not be released back into the wild after what they have gone through. One of the elephants even still had a patch on her back of worn away skin from carrying a riding harness for so many years. :(
Rice ball ingredients and corn 🌾 munching!
Elephant Nature Park Itinerary 8:30 am pickup from Air BNB & drive to farm 10:00 am arrive at farm and prepare the melons and banana snacks for the elephants *one did not have teeth so we cut of the harder rind 10:30am feed the elephants and pack our bags with bananas 11:00am walk with elephants to river (about 1,000-2,000 meters) feeding them bananas along the way - so they will come of course 11:20am help bathe them in the river (nature park property) Walk back to the farm 12:15pm veggie lunch 12:45pm prepare the special rice balls for elephants with corn, bananas, rice, oats, vitamins. Also prepare more melons and bananas. 1:00 walk down to the elephants to watch them play in the mud hole. Ours didn’t really want to play and that was okay. We feed them some corn instead. 1:30 bring them up the hill for treats :) 2:15 sadly say goodbye to our 3 female elephants
Elephant Nature Park - Camp Outreach Project Throughout Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand elephants are being exploited for performances, rides, logging, or becoming injured due to landmines. We ourselves weren’t educated about the treatment of elephants and went on a ride 4 years ago. Now we know and can make more ethical decisions. Elephant Nature Park works to rescue or take in retired elephants from these areas. They, and many other ethical elephant companies here in Chiang Mai, have a number of elephant walks and excursions you can go on to help support the worthwhile cause. Some are half day and others are full day. We choose a full day activity where the park is working with neighboring farms that once rented out elephants for entertainment. They are teaching those involved a new way of making a living while respecting these beautiful creatures.

2 January 2019

Wat Chedi Luang We grabbed a tuk tuk to the old city to visit this temple. The grounds are decorated with colorful zodiac flags (most temples are) to celebrate the new year. There is a small entrance fee and we paid 20 baht for two sheets of gold leaf paper. It is considered good luck to add the gold leaf unto the mini stupa of your zodiac year. This is the year of the pig, same as the year I was born.
Brunch @ Rustic and Blue With an extensive menu and outdoor seating this place looks like a lovely brunch place. The food was good however the service was not. I think they were just too busy. By the time we had arrived they had run out of iced coffee. I’d be willing to go back and try it again. Pictured: my avocado toast and dirty chai
Street Art of Chiang Mai

1 January 2019

Day 1 Our flight landed around 2:30pm however 45 minute in the immigration line and another 30 minutes in a taxi queue, meant we didn’t arrive to our AirBNB in the Nimman area until close to 5pm. There is no longer Uber in Chiang Mai which made for one way for us to leave the airport. We walked to a close by rooftop craft beer bar Ryan had found last time, grabbed a much needed veggie burger at Beast Burger, and then took a tuk tuk to North Gate jazz club. We grabbed seats around 7:45 but the house band didn’t start until 8:40ish. The place was packed, spilling out onto the street. We left around 10pm but it was an open jam night with plenty more action to be seen. Craft beer place: Parallel Universe Of Lunar 2 On The Hidden Moon-Nimmanahaeminda Road