North America, Europe · 11 Days · 25 Moments · May 2017

Emily's voyage in France

19 May 2017

Was forced out of line at TSA for an invasive pat down and I mean seriously invasive. I had a meltdown after. A little one. The lady was patting me down everywhere, arms to side, hands everywhere, tears of humiliation were burning in my eyes. I did not enjoy Texas airport. 1 hour and a half from my dogs!!!! So excited to see them! I miss them so much! Peanut I love you so much. Buddy you're my girl too. I can't wait to let you try Carrefour dog treats! I am 84 percent a good traveler. I love my parents and my sister. I hate airports though . The plane has been so rocky with turbulence...the flight attendants couldn't serve water till the end. I feel bad they have to serve us at all. So rocky no sleep for me. But my dogs will make everything so worth it

18 May 2017

I can't decide on my favorite part of Paris? Paul's, Carrefour, the doggies walking normally on the street? I adore them all!!!
Been on the airplane for 6 and a half of nine hours. Got served the pasta, hated it, ate the chicken and rice after requesting it instead. I loved it. Airplane dessert was meh. I miss the baguettes of France already. The soft crunchy texture of the outside of the bread that led to the softest middle I've ever tasted. Slather a little butter and perfection. Now watching Devil Wears Prada! I also took a nap. I love Anne Hathaway. I love my daddy too. And my mom. I miss my dogs/ they are a constant pang on my heart. Just thinking bout them. Oh mon petite xian (s). So excited to see them tomorrow. Oh darling dogs of my heart.
Left our apartment in an Uber. $80 but we got there in 35 minutes. Drank my last YOP (strawberry), rubbed sleep from my eyes, crashed with my head on dads lap in the van. Went through a stressful experience in CDG airport. Took a long time to get through baggage claim but luckily the lady I got was so nice and pushed our bags through, even though one was 3 pounds over. Saved us a hundred bucks there. How lucky! The lady asking me questions to verify who I am was very strange. She asked me do you have a job, where do you work. Why do you work. What are your hobbies. What book have you read? I was embarrassed to tell her American Assassin by Vince Flynn because in an airport that's never a good idea. She asked who is in the movie, who starred in it, the plot and the date it comes out. Then we had to go in the slowest line for passports. The man was rather grumpy, thorough. People behind us got in faster. The airport was awesome. Almost bought something at Euro Disney but Trey expensive.
The Eiffel Tower ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

17 May 2017

The catacombs were so near! We walked in a long line down a tunnel with minimal light, the floor damp and wet, a faint chill in the air as it was 11 degrees, freezing. I was in awe of tiny ceilings, high ceilings, mounds of bones all artfully placed...I wanted so badly to explore the forbidden side....Adventure and fantastic. Dad gave me the camera I was so lucky to be able to take all pictures. The Eiffel Tower has been my dream for so long and even in the rain it felt amazing to finally see and be there. So beautiful. Even when shivering the Iron Lady is magical. I am so blessed as a human to be able to witness France and Paris and it's beauty. Completely overwhelmed. So lucky .
Final day in Paris! Almost over! So sad but this trip has been so worthwhile. I have seen so many amazing things I never dreamed of! I made friends with strangers and toured the catacombs today and ate at Le Pauls! And went to the Carrefour twice! I love the Carrefour! Went to monoprix! Got two cute shirts at monoprix! Found darling apron in France with Mom, we each got one for $35 EA. And two nice dish towels. So lucky! I had such a great time with Ashley too! We got along so well!!!

16 May 2017

2nd to last day in Paris! Having so much fun! Woke late ate at my favorite cafe Paul's! Had hot chocolste and a pastry. Toured Musee D'Orsay for bout an hour and a half, saw all the great impressionists. Now, we walked for lunch to great little pattiserie and had odd but good sandwiches. And flan like dessert. Then just enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!!!! So blue today the sky!
More of musee d or say the best museum as it was air conditioned
Went to Franprix today too! Got two milka bars for a $1.64! Not bad not bad at all! Had a great time trying to go into every single grocery store I laid eyes on! Better get to bed soon for rest!!! Wish me luck! Making my last days in Paris for 2017 count!

15 May 2017

Pompidou!!! Super cool and modern and artsy and confusing! But Dad loved it, so I loved it.
Great day today! Started super late because we talked to my brother jon last night! We only get 2 calls a year. I feel decently sad I missed this one, as the next one won't be till Christmas, but I was so tired. so good to see your face. I'm going to buy him a shirt, a keychain. A pen from Somewhere. Some treats. From France. Mail it. Today we ate Raclette for lunch and it was incredible so delicious. So fun to melt... Then we walked the streets of .... mom fill in.... so beautiful! Now we are cabbing it to Sacre Couer and Montmartre. So fun! Wish us luck. Sacre Couer was incredible! So beautiful' and the view was incredible! The gelato even better! I love being with my family and enjoying our time together in this beautiful city. I feel so blessed. We also bought some souvenirs. Some books in Le French. I graffitied my name on a wall in Montmartre. Had a wonderful time walking the streets. Bought a $12 I love Paris sweatshirt in purple. Matching one for Ash. Went to Carrefour!

14 May 2017

Went to Louvre. So crazy!!! And amz🇧🇬I could hardly get through 2 hours of it. Drives me crazy I can't see it all. Crowded to get to Mona Lisa, very crowded. But managed a selfie. Had fun in Louvre gift shop as when in France, purchase. Picnic in Jardin Gardens, ate Paul's baguettes, ham/cheese/butter. Mmmm. Had a delicious apple pastry and pan au chocolate. Then stopped and sat in warm sun on green chairs in front of a fountain (turned off) and ate famous Gelato in the shape of a flower. Wonderful experience. Then found---a beautiful Farris wheel. Walked up to Champs Elysse and shopped. Found a marks and Spencer's and a candy shop. Bought a coke too. No pepsi. :) Then Adidas, then h and m. Did buy $12 in Mark and Spencer's. Had such if only macaroons weren't $2 per macaroon! Id buy 4 dozen

13 May 2017

Went to Flea Market and it was very expensive. But fun. We purchased some adorable shirts and a three pack of socks. Then we went to Gallerie Lafayette and I got a nail polish out of a vending machine. So fun! Number 34! Then we went to a cute Heam store and I purchased some stuff. Then chocolate and caramel for Mother's Day. Then to a burger place for delicious burgers plus &15 euros worth of creamy dessert. Then to a napoleon monument.
Going to the worlds biggest flea market in Paris! Our time is winding down' I'm heartbroken! I love it here! Can't wait to find treasures

12 May 2017

Paris temple
Pit stop at Versailles McDonalds to use the restrooms and get a coke!
Took a train to Versailles.

10 May 2017

Yesterday was a dream come true. I ate a ham and butter sandwich. Had fabulous four cheese pizza. Got asked to dance by a very cute French guy at Trocadero. Watched the Eiffel Tower light up. Saw it for the first time in the day. Overwhelmed by emotion, pure joy. Had an Orangina for first time. Ate the most delicious Carrefour cookies and Milka. Discovered there are hawkers everywhere and to put my head down and avoid. Got to be with my three favorite people! Walked like a local! Got a phone card at Orange.
More pics of our incredible adventure. Hoping for a pattiserie this morning
Made it to Paris. So fun. Cool loft apartment.
30 mins to landing...interesting breakfast. Yogurt, granola, cranberry orange muffin. Now we are going to touchdown in 30 mins...first time in Paris...I am thrilled
6 something hours left till we touch down in CDG airport. I'm a little stiff necked, eyes are sore, I'm weary...but hopefully my sleep meds will kick in soon. I am missing my pups but doing good. Mainly I just can't wait to see the amazing sites sitting next to my 2 favorite people in the world. And ashley too... Eiffel Tower... Arc De Triumph E.g.

9 May 2017

Going to airport as we speak. Super excited! Had a meltdown but made it! We are going to Paris baby!