Azerbaijan · 3 Days · 16 Moments · April 2017

Emily's voyage in Azerbaijan

16 April 2017

A must stop on your Baku list :) Kefli Local Wine & Snacks
Afternoon wine stop at Kefli, close to Old town. All local wines and snacks. The wine everyone "loves" is Vedibasar and it indeed was perfect. Great by itself or with food. We also tried some Shore Pie served cold and made from cheese, eggplant, and tomatoes. It was great!
The Child Arts section!!!!
Stopped by the Modern Art museum this morning (opened at 11am). Only 5 meant entrance fee and there is A LOT of art work to see. A small space with mostly local artists but a small section of Dali and Picasso. :) Best part was the kid's art featuring works by 7, 9, and 10 year olds. How great is that!!!
Breakfast at Cafe City shows the highlights of the Baku skyline (make sure to tap and open the panos). We enjoyed traditional Azerbaijani breakfast this morning with Ryan ordering the Kuku (good for body our waiter yesterday said) and I ordered the tomatoes and eggs. Delicious!

15 April 2017

Local wines at the Port Baku Bazar. We had the Chardonnay with dinner last night. Yum yum!
Headed to The Brewery for some local ales which were not bad at all. The food however is nothing to write home about. Don't come hungry if you are visiting this drinking establishment.
More pics from the Cultural Museum!
Checking out the Cultural center. The buildings was designed without a single straight line!
Went across the street to Mari Vanna for a Russian breakfast and so glad we did. One of the coolest restaurants I have ever been in. A chain actually with 2 locations in the US, one here, and 2 in Russia. Let the pictures show just a bit of the delightful atmosphere. I had the Russian pancakes and Ryan had the Kuku, a traditional Azerbaijani breakfast. And of course when you have a Russian breakfast expect a bill in Russian. :) If visiting Baku this is a must!!!!

14 April 2017

The old city Baths at night - still trying to find out if they are actually working baths.
Had dinner at The Sultan Inn's Garden Terrace last night. We tried the local cheese plate (The cheeses on both ends were quite salty). The one in the middle was spreadable and very delicious, however in Azerbaijani they do not call this cheese. Since it isn't hard and can be spread it has a different name. I also attempted to try the local Caspian salmon which wasn't so tasty luckily there was a saffron sauce to have with the risotto and spinach!
We have done some research and have decided Baku is a bit like Turkey light. Many aspects of this city have a Turkish influence as well as a Russian twist.
Old Baku City Streets
Tasting the local and imported Russian beers :)
Flying in to the airport over the Caspian Sea