Europe · 42 Days · 20 Moments · October 2016

Emily's trip to Austria

21 November 2016

Lumineers concert that we got into last minute

19 November 2016

Sistine chapel and such

18 November 2016

Julia and I went to Rome!

15 November 2016

Tonight I went to the Christmas market with Kennedy, Carly, Rachel, and Baylee. Afterwards we went to cafe hawelka for these sweet rolls that had plum jelly in them. I loved them! They were so good! It was fun to hang out with a group and try new things.
This cute little coffee shop, Vienna school of coffee, is my favorite little place to sit and do homework. Also Carly got her hair done by tom

13 November 2016

Went to mass to hear mozart's music and then went to get a bread bowl of soup at the Christmas market. It was freezing so I ate the soup quickly and carried the bread down to the u-Bahn. It was a good morning. I walked to three different Christmas markets.

11 November 2016

Spending two weeks with mom in Europe was so much fun. I'm really grateful that I got to do it because I don't know when else I would have gotten time alone with her in Europe. It was so much fun to explore. She's always down for anything. I want to be like her when I'm a mom.
Later we went to the mall and then the Christmas markets. It was such a fun day! Mom and I just shopped and ate and it was wonderful.
We ate at cafe little Britain this morning. It was absolutely perfect from the environment to the tea to the food. Mom and I loved it.

10 November 2016

The castle in the cold, wet rain but we did it.
The perfect shop for my throat, pancakes! The banana and Nutella was delicious and the little restaurant was the cutest.
Today we took a train to Bratislava. It turned cold and started raining but it was fun. My mom is one of the most fun people I know and she's always down for anything, even with her bum knee. Such a good sport

9 November 2016

The national library of Austria

8 November 2016

Karlskirche with mom

13 October 2016

This place is quickly becoming my favorite quaint coffee shop. I'll miss the coffee shops when I go back. The shop waitress is very sweet and fun to interact with.

11 October 2016

Woody Sez with Shannon!
This morning I went to Vienna school of coffee. It was lovely. It felt cozy and there was jazz on the background. It just felt like Christmas.